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  1. Just driven over to Stroud Sainso's via Frocester Hill and Selsley common and it was snow all the way. Nothing much at lower levels but certainly "up on the top" it's settling nicely.
  2. Still plenty of lightning, thunder and rain down in Glawstershire, in fact it just started hammering down. Luckily, not got to be in work until 2pm. Bill
  3. Plenty of lightning just to the south of me, thunder is rumbling a bit too and it's still very warm and sweaty. Moths are a bit of a nuisance too, but you've got to have the windows open. Bill
  4. Started here 10 minutes ago, power gone off briefly and lights keep dimming. Raining hard too.
  5. Bit of rain here but certainly no wind; looks increasingly like a none event up this neck of the woods at least. Anyway, ran out of cider now, so it's off to bed for me, Bill
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