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  1. great pics @Mr Frost however here in the staffs moorlands its been an autumn that i intend to put firmly at the back of my mind. Wall to wall, Wet grey crud.
  2. this time of year i always start the big tidy up in the gardens. NOT A CHANCE the soil is so waterlogged even my garden wellies are hiding.
  3. @BurntFishTrousers yes please keep these coming very retro cool
  4. working nights so just enjoyed a fantastic light show. may get another later as the cell currently over wales may come this way, fingers crossed.
  5. morning all, hope none of you have lost a roof overnight, wont find out till i get home later. had roof cladding come loose in the night and two windows got blown out, very noisy night to say the least
  6. Met and beeb are keeping stum, on what is to come. Wonder why?
  7. thats just fine by me, already have all my cold weather gear packed and ready to go.
  8. got everything i can cross, crossed for this. Finish work on the 15th for 15 days second half of that will be spending time in the lakes.
  9. 4.1C 97mm hope i'm totally wrong and the temp goes south but with the Atlantic firing at blighty who knows
  10. Mine is still set up for last winter, on the odd occasion it's fired up for ten mins or so over the past week or two. However l think the dramatic drop in temps this saturday will have it firing up for much longer periods.
  11. Click bait, the more people click the more advertising revenue they collect,
  12. Rain on and off throughout the night sometimes very heavy indeed. very noisey due to the metal roof. as i'm at work not sure of the temp but felt rather mild.
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