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  1. Really calmed down now here in Whitstable, the sea now has no white horses at all and the conditions are 200% better than 3 hours ago, you could look out the window and not even realise the damage that has been caused in the county. A really fast moving storm. Have a friend in Denmark who said they are on real alert, all bridges are closed already and public transport being stopped they are expecting to be hit bad.

  2. That was a quick and powerful little storm for sure, I have heard on facebook some people thinking it was not much, but that is because it was localized to specific areas really mostly along the south and south east, but areas of Kent I know got battered, and just in my social network over 11 trees are down in peoples gardens and roads and lots of damage from roof tiles, to fences etc... it hit really strong Kent between 6:00am to 07:30am when the gusts caused all the damage, I recorded on handheld 82mph gust but I know there were stronger ones and we had sustained wind in the 40's.

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