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  1. We're losing about 3 minutes a day it seems The shorter days always seem to come around sooner than the longer ones, I dread the really short winter days cos of S.A.D.
  2. Here in Willesborough it's 22C and the NE breeze does have a distinct chill in it, perhaps you are more sheltered from the wind than we are. I'll believe the 30' forecast for tomorrow only when it's actually here!
  3. Local MetO did show rain up to 5pm - so can't say they were wrong. It was just much heavier than I thought it would be. The footpath outside was like a river when I walked home, up over my ankles in places. Luckily it hadn't gone over the doorstep, but it was a close call.
  4. Lovely after lunch yesterday, got some more done on the allotment It's 11C here and has rained heavily since 3am, everything now sodden and puddles everywhere. It's just spitting now but more dark clouds in the distance. so think there's lots more to come An indoors day for me then!
  5. Crane flies? - only a few of them here, come to think of it - they usually drive the cat mad, but not this year. A dreadful, blustery, miserable grey day, here. It's not stopped raining since about 8am. Getting cold as well as it gets toward dark and lights have been on since before lunch, The rain will help replenish the aquifers, if it doesn't all run off, but days like today aren't very nice if you do have to be out and about.
  6. Been grey with mizzle all morning - yuk! and as there's no breeze it isn't going to shift :(
  7. First bright and sunny start to the day for what feels like ages Felt cool earlier though only 10C with everywhere dripping.... Hope the forecast is right for the weekend, warmer and sunny with it.
  8. All I am sure of, is that peoples' belief systems are a matter of their own choice. Everybody has the right to believe as they wish and NOBODY has the right to tell someone they are stupid just because they don't happen to agree.. What works for me may not work for you. All I will say is that most countries made their laws according to one religion or another, I don't think people could have lived as closely together, as we all do, without those rules and regulations being in place, and setting acceptable standards to live by. So religion has been a civilising factor in the modern world. Now the old rules are slowly being changed in most countries to reflect current thought. Have faith/belief or don't - it's all ok IMO - just don't try to make everyone think the same, that never has and never will work.
  9. Reminds me of caravan holidays when I was a child. Mum & Dad saved up all year to go away and then it rained all week so we came home early. I can remember more of those than sunny all week holidays, such a shame after all their hard work
  10. It started raining at 11.30am when I was at the allotment, picking veg for lunch....it had soaked through my jeans and boots by the time I got home YUK! Still raining heavily and 13C - lovely weather for August, I don't think!
  11. Woke up cold in the night, had to get up and get the quilt out! Bit early in the year for that - plus c/heating turned itself on this morning. Overnight low of 7.5 in the greenhouse is a bit of a surprise forecasts are for 'possibly' lower tonight though
  12. Already feeling cooler to me and it is quite breezy this morning, feels like rain is on the way - yup, showing on the local radar now.
  13. Really cloudy this morning, but the forecast for no rain, was right Lovely and sunny by lunchtime but not too hot. Really beginning to notice the days getting shorter though... the cat is asking to be fed when it gets dark, and not wanting to wait until I go to bed
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