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  1. Bright sunlight here and had an impressive amount of snow in Lincoln earlier
  2. I don't think it was real snow must have just came from thousands of people scratching their heads!
  3. 30 mins of heavy dandruff here in Lincoln now small cornflakes.
  4. Best example I've seen of the amazing red colour the sun went. Fantastic Job well done!
  5. Thanks that what I thought as I spotted it. I snapped as quickly as I could as I could see it had a nice shape and then drove for a couple of minutes closer but by then it was weaker and less defined so was not sure if it would show well on my phone and called it a day.
  6. First time I've seen a funnel cloud, view from Scopwick looking towards Raf Digby 1st Sep 19.04 Wish I had got out and got a better shot with my phone but there it is.
  7. A tornado...I mean funnel cloud seenĀ over Raf Digby just after 7pm!




    1. Nick L
    2. Surprised Weather

      Surprised Weather

      Thanks , it was great to be able to grab a snap of it.

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