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  1. Yup, last time I checked Eric Clapton was alive and kicking.
  2. I don't understand this. People who are naturally resilient/indifferent to cold are seen by some ^^ as wilfully projecting a 'hardman' attitude. Yet no one makes the same accusations towards those who want it to be 40c + ???
  3. Is this true?? You'd think everyone would be at it except those who have at least one molecule of decency and self respect. Fortunately that's most of us. The ones I see doing it appear far from desperate as their trolleys are usually filled to the gills with stuff.
  4. How about those who wander around the supermarket necking their nosh before they've even paid for it! I don't know if it's blatant stealing or if they actually hand over the empty, barcode-bearing packaging at the checkout but my! - the brazen brass neckedness of it leaves me speechless.
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    If the virus has reactivated after lying dormant for a while, is there a possibility that it may have mutated in that time? Don't know anything about this sort of thing but if antibodies had defeated the original infection, how can it re-emerge in the same form in the presence of the same antibodies??
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