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  1. Just checked the Mount Batten observations (that's the nearest one to here). 56mph gust recorded at midnight, I'd imagine it wasn't far off that here.
  2. Phew! Last night was very windy down in Salcombe, wish I had a proper weather station like some of you guys 😊 Really picked up from about 10.45, just before midnight I had to go and retrieve the standard #wheeliebins which were flying down the road. Always great to be woken up by a crashing and clattering sound...😄 But it was really gusty out there, much more so than it has been for a long time. I see the Met Office has taken the yellow warning away for tomorrow for the SW. Still widely showing 55-60mph gusts around late morning/lunchtime tomorrow for here. Heavy rain expected as well. Localised flooding wouldn't be a huge surprise TBH.
  3. https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/warnings Looks windy overnight tonight, but particularly on Friday. Already showing up 60mph gusts during the afternoon on Friday. Rather not thanks, Friday school run sounds dreadful!😄
  4. Morning all! Any of those showers in the far west of Cornwall falling as snow? Be interested to know 😃
  5. Well done to everyone who's had a bucket load of snow!😀 Didn't work out for us in Salcombe, we had plenty of cold rain all day but not quite the right combo to make it snow (though I have to say it can't have been far off as there is lying snow about 6 miles north of here). Never mind, wasn't expected anyway. I'm still living off the legend of the 2018 Beast from the East (of course that would be the standard thing to say when you have a snow fail!) The cars did have a little teeny weeny covering this morning, so technically I can say it snowed, right?!😋
  6. Absolutely filthy weather in Salcombe! 😀 Very gusty cold winds beginning to blow from more of a SE direction. Rain pepping up as well. Not pleasant out there at all. Cold rain + wind, lovely! We may get a little snow later on this afternoon but not expecting anything significant to be honest.
  7. Thanks David! Those live charts are super helpful. It was an ice rink outside last night, but as you can see from the live temps Salcombe is now just above freezing. Wind has also picked up so no scraping required at all this morning!😁 Good luck to everyone today, other parts of Devon and further north or east should have fun!
  8. I think we may have a few surprises this evening, checking into the Met Office forecast for Salcombe this morning and there is quite an extensive period overnight where snow showers are now showing up. Nothing of note during the day (apart from the moors). So no significant band of snow for this part of Devon, but certainly the possibility of a dusting if you get lucky with the showers. The temperatures are going to be there or thereabouts IMO.
  9. Yep, tonight into the early hours of tomorrow might provide a surprise or two! Widespread ice warnings in place from the Met Office, so clearly the temperature is going to be there or thereabouts. Showers as always will be hard to nail down until nearer the time.
  10. Positives with the weather at the moment? 1. Drier spell has been welcome here, at least the amount of surface flooding on the roads has gone down. 2. Dry and not particularly windy = OK conditions to clean your car in. 3. OK, that's about it!😂 Be interesting to see how it works out later this month, despite the usual dramatic posts in the MOD thread. Personally I'm indifferent to whether we do end up with "proper winter" or not this year - last year was a really special event down here, of course if we get more snow then I won't be disappointed, but I'd trade in snow for a few more thunderstorms this year 😊
  11. Really gusty out there so far this morning, have had a few smashed pot plants to clear up lol. Netweather Live figures suggest pretty widespread gusts of 40+ mph, can well imagine that.
  12. Disgusting out there this morning! Got an absolute drenching in Kingsbridge around 9.00, although thankfully the children got into school before it tipped down.😎 Wind is really gusty today in Salcombe, I think there's also a slight change in direction as it is really whipping up around the sides of the house, combined with more rain of course...
  13. Delightful out there, just had a torrential downpour in Salcombe with very gusty winds. Looking at the radar that will hopefully be on its way pretty soon. On a separate note, seems highly likely to me there are going to be flooding issues over the next week or so, given the apparent lack of any prolonged settled weather.
  14. Sounds quite windy out there, though have to say it doesn't seem all that bad so far. Forecast has been pushing the strongest winds back a little bit, hoping nothing too bad on the school run lol.