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  1. Yeah it seems it was a very active hour or so! Have to say the wind woke my son up around 12.30, Kingsbridge wasn't that bad but I can remember hearing stuff clattering around outside before he shouted for me. I wasn't all that alert 😴💤
  2. Morning all! Very windy in KB about midnight here, though nothing terrible. TORRO FB post this morning asking if there had been any reports of severe weather bit further west. One of the showers around midnight had an interesting signature near to Plymouth. Must have been reasonably bad as the click and collect marquee at Sainsbury's Marsh Mills had taken a bit of a battering! Marquee was out of service this morning 🛑😬
  3. Pretty rubbish day in Kingsbridge. Decidedly autumnal at times! Wind is actually gusting quite strongly tonight, we aren't expected to see the worst of Storm Ellen by any means, but certainly a big change from recent times.
  4. Wow, parts of Mid and W Devon getting an absolutely pasting. Quiet as you like daan saaf in Kingsbridge 🤣
  5. Constant grumbling thunder now to the west, but Kingsbridge has pretty much escaped in the middle! The way it goes I guess!😛 I can imagine some very bad localised flooding in places not far from here though.
  6. Looking east towards the Start Bay storm. Beautiful sky this morning.
  7. Rumble heard in Kingsbridge! Lovely little storm developed off the coast to the SE of here. Lots of people camping down here at the moment, will certainly be fun for them...🙃
  8. Very convective sky all morning in Kingsbridge. Just the briefest of heavy convective rain drops, and maybe a really distant rumble of thunder? Hey, it's more than we've had for a while!😄
  9. Skies finally clearing in Kingsbridge. Few sharp showers formed rapidly in the far west of Cornwall. Worth keeping an eye on.
  10. Well there's something of mild interest approaching the South Devon coast. Might get some heavy rain soon. How exciting...!?
  11. Showers rolling into the South Hams, they've cropped up out of nowhere. Nothing electrical here so far though but we will see how it pans out...
  12. Yep, same in Kingsbridge, first few clouds starting to encroach from the south. Very hot and humid out.
  13. Kingsbridge has finally joined the action! OK, a solitary rumble but huge raindrops for a good 10min or so. Developed out of nowhere in a matter of minutes. Wonder what else today has lined up for us...
  14. We had one solitary rumble of thunder in Kingsbridge just after 8. Accompanied by some really loud hail for about 10 seconds! Lightning further west caused some damage - a house in Plymouth was set on fire after being struck, plus numerous homes in Cornwall were without power earlier on. So much for plumetastic summer storms, all the fun of the fair is in February it seems ???
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