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  1. A gusty old night, strong enough to knock the black wheelie bin over! That's your benchmark for a decent bit of wind isn't it?
  2. Early next week looks like it could be quite wild for the far south west with whatever ex-Hurricane Helene has to offer, although plenty of detail still to be ironed out. Met Office obviously happy enough to put an early warning out to raise awareness. Unlikely to be boring though!
  3. Super_Uwe

    Hurricane Florence

    Have to say, it just goes to show the power of nature and the fact that it can surprise you, even with all the technology available at our fingertips. You'd have been given pretty high odds even a day and a half ago for Florence to be anywhere near a high end category 3 hurricane! Let's see what happens...
  4. Super_Uwe

    Tropical Storm Gordon

    I follow the National Hurricane Center on FB, their latest post a couple of mins ago says Gordon "...could be near hurricane strength when it makes landfall along the central Gulf Coast". So I agree one to watch.
  5. Very quiet spell it has to be said! But actually some half decent convection out there today to our north and east, a few showers have begun to develop over the past hour or so which I can see from here.
  6. Turning into a nice warm afternoon, certainly the warmest it's felt for a while with less of a keen breeze. Some pretty heavy showers out towards Newton Abbot way, I can see the dark skies in the distance from here.
  7. My sis in law and fiance have been in Italy on holiday, when they were up Mount Vesuvius earlier this week there were amazing storms in the distance. Got a LOT closer by the time they were on the way down! But all safe...must've been a great experience
  8. If it's any consolation, we had about an hour of mizzly drizzle (technical term) down here in the deepest South Hams about 8.30, now it's brightened up quite nicely. You will hopefully be lucky too!
  9. Grey, murky and very mild and humid at 19c today. Marginal improvement this afternoon, plenty of drizzle and light rain this morning but has dried up a bit. But not enough to drag today into anything remotely special!
  10. Very lucky down in the South Hams this afternoon, plenty of sunshine. Felt humid before the sun came out, when it's been fully out it's felt really nice and warm. Quite breezy up the "top o' town"
  11. Skies just beginning to clear in Salcombe. Not sure what time it was (possibly 4 or 5am), but the rain was thrashing against the windows which woke me up. Looks like a day of sunshine and showers for the remainder
  12. Plenty of sun again today in Salcombe, although much breezier today. Makes a big difference, we went up the outdoor swimming pool this afternoon and the wind whipping around makes you feel cold out of the water very quickly!
  13. Lovely day in Salcombe, much more sun than expected this afternoon. Watched the Spotlight forecast yesterday evening and it did seem to suggest more cloud, but no complaints from me!
  14. Lovely day again in Salcombe, very warm and sunny. Might be the warmest day for a little while but no complaints. Devon Air Ambulance flew over about hour and a half ago, it landed in the rugby club in Salcombe which is an amazing sight. Fair play to them for having the skill to put it down in a residential area with loads of trees - obviously they are trained to do it, but even so! Accompanying sirens on the roads around here about 20min before it landed, fingers crossed it isn't anything serious. Looked like it was flying back out towards Derriford Hospital rather than Exeter or Bristol.
  15. So plenty of support for cooler and more unsettled weather for the vast majority (particularly the SW of England later this week), but to be honest the Met update longer term doesn't look too bad? I can live with high teens/low twenties and mixtures of sunny spells and rain. Chuck in a few thunderstorms over the next few weeks and I'd have nothing to complain about for summer 2018!