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  1. Merry Christmas all! Quite the mixed bag today in Kingsbridge today. Was woken just after 6am with some hefty gusts of wind. Culdrose had 63mph gust recorded earlier today, so must have been fairly widespread over the SW? Then we had a lovely settled spell between mid morning and early afternoon. Since about 1.30 though it's been absolutely rubbish! Got totally drenched on a family wander into town
  2. Yep, tomorrow is looking rather grim in the morning. Kingsbridge currently has a top predicted gust of 73mph around 6AM on the Met Office website! Even if it isn't accurate I haven't seen that sort of level for a long, long time. Certainly not a day for an early morning walk on the SW Coastal Path!
  3. Vile day in Kingsbridge. Yellow Met warning well deserved! Hasn't stopped raining all day, moderate to heavy all afternoon. Brisk wind makes it feel pretty grim. Plenty of surface flooding on lanes.
  4. Just had few rumbles of thunder in Kingsbridge. Very sharp burst of rain and wind picked up bit as well, but all over very quickly. I see TORRO has updated its warning for southern areas today, could be a little surprise or two!
  5. We are in Kingsbridge, I was woken about 1.30 by a really booming crack of thunder! Then there was another booming strike before a couple more distant ones. Not bad going, can't remember the last night time storm down here so I'll happily take that (despite feeling knackered now!)
  6. She's back after briefly being killed off! Reformed as a tropical storm and NHC reckon hurricane in next couple of days. May well impact UK weather too but little early to say as yet. https://www.nhc.noaa.gov/graphics_at3.shtml?start#contents
  7. Yep, same here near Modbury Lyn. Miserable day so far, rain alternating between moderate and heavy. Wind has also picked up a bit in the last hour. Looks like a conveyor belt of rain for a good few hours yet. Lovely!
  8. Yes, a pretty wild night down in the South Hams too. Some torrential bursts of rain and really strong winds for few minutes, think roughly between 2 and 3am. Don't quote me though, wasn't really awake. I only noticed one flash of lightning, Blitzortung historical maps seem to back up the fact there wasn't that much going on, beyond the heavy rain and gusty winds. Not much fun for the many campers round here I don't suppose!
  9. Beautiful morning in the South Hams. Interesting to see the Metcheck live temps showing 23/24c round here. Appreciate not 100% accurate but certainly rings true, it feels surprisingly warm and humid out this morning.
  10. Very intrigued to see how it pans out tomorrow. We are camping in Stratford upon Avon, our glamping hut is SO toasty this evening. Tomorrow evening sounds like it'll be even more unbearable, 33deg is the daytime high forecast! Mostly I'm interested to see how the potential storms pan out. It's been a very long time since we were underneath anything special in the Kingsbridge area of the South Hams. Only saving grace not being home is that it looks like storm action will be pretty widespread, so expecting a tough night with the kids if that's the case
  11. Checked into the MOD thread...! Next week looking very interesting. We are away from Devon glamping in a shed (lol) in Stratford upon Avon. The NW 10 day forecast for Stratford has a "feels like" temperature of 44deg for Wednesday, haha! Imagine...
  12. Yes Germany lighting up like a Christmas tree again! https://leixner.de/ This one I linked to a few weeks back, it's Brücken in Rhineland-Palatinate. Looks like it may be in the firing line in the next half hour or so.
  13. Afternoon all! Nice and warm again today. However interesting little development to the north of Modbury/Kingsbridge. Cloud visibly building but not moving fast in any particular direction. Sat24 clearly shows it building up over the past hour or so. Maybe a rogue hefty shower on the way?
  14. 25 degrees here. That line of cloud started encroaching in the distance but hasn't moved for a while. So nice and sunny here in the mighty South Hams!
  15. Very muggy start to the day here in the South Hams. Showers already building up, can't say I'm surprised as skies have been looking pretty unstable all morning. This is the current view looking west.
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