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  1. Stoxs

    well it was nice to see your back !!!

    then you turned round!!

  2. Evo

    blog 2

    Thanks for that John, a very clear and consise explanation.
  3. Stoxs

    hey fell a good to here ya !!!

    hope you get burn`t in all that sun!!! hehe

    ohh by the way it`s snowing here .hahahaha

  4. Dazza

    Comment, comment, comment, comment, comment, comment, comment, comment, comment, comment, comment, comment, comment!

  5. Thank you for another great summary Kevin. I always reading enjoy your historical explanations.
  6. I definitely didn't receive anything - not to worry!
  7. I'm not sure if this is a problem or not. I decided to archive my PMs rather than sort through what needed to be kept (if anything http://nwstatic.co.uk/forum/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/laugh.gif ). Having gone through the procedure I haven't received the email. The messages have been auto-deleted OK, they just weren't sent to me (or so it would seem). I don't think there's anything imporant in there - just wondered if it's a known problem?
  8. Cheers Paul. I thought the satellite might be tricky as most of the images are skewed to some extent, and then there's the scaling... What I was thinking of for the compass was to be able to click and drag to make a line and get a distance and bearing reading. What you have in planning sounds better anyway. Thanks again
  9. I'm guessing this is a known issue but I'll prattle away anyway On the radar, there seems to be issues with the caching of the images. If you view the radar one day and then view it again the next day, you'll sometimes get the current image and you'll sometimes get the cached image from the day before. If you press the refresh button the latest image will show but then when the page auto-refreshes you get the old cached image again. Also if you try to animate you'll get the cached image, even if you've used the refresh button. Can you send an "content-expires" tag with the page or do something to stop this? P.S. This has happened on several machines, but they are all XP with IE6 so it could be a browser thing... P.P.S. Features that would be nice for the next version (IMO) * Adjustable animation speed, ping-pong option * Satellite overlay option * A drag-able tape measure and compass rose so you can measure rate and direction of a feature (I know what I mean but does this make sense?!?) There are other ideas I've thought of in the past but my mind has gone blank now I've tried to write them down
  10. Hey Beth At the top of this section (Help, support and feedback) there is a guide on how to post pictures. Basically, at the bottom of the post page, there is a "File Attachments" section. Click browse, browse and select the file, click Add Attachment, then "Add into post".
  11. Evo


    That's the problem with decorating isn't it. After a while its so tempting to just cut corners and get it done (LOL I'm not implying you did, though I have in the past...) Hope you enjoyed the show!
  12. Evo

    Official Mini-roo....

    A [totally late] congratulations on the bambino Roo, does she have a Net-Weather login yet? (well kids seem to grasp technology so young these days )
  13. Well after going cold turkey back in March I managed to resist the lures of Net-Weather and the associated procrastination, day dreaming of snow and the other general behaviours that go with Net-Weather addiction for some 8 months. Woohoo! Except that I thought I would drop by earlier and noticed that many of the same familiar folk still hang around here I was especially pleased to see a certain OON still pedalling his individual brand of dry wit and cynicism (and no doubt still total hatred of smilies ) I think I may pull up a chair and stay a while... Oh damn it, here we go again! Having a quick look around it's as if I never left. The site has continued to grow and contatulations have to go to Paul and all of the team. Well, back to the title, it's almost "the most wonderful time of the year" again. No, not Christmas, full blown ramp fever. I, for one, cannot wait
  14. Evo

    Bleedin Lane Discipline

    I try and abide by the rules (even the ones I detest), though sometimes it's tempting not to :lol:
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