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  1. of course will correct now i will undo this mistake forgot what the day was
  2. This is the Latest 850hpa Temperatures GFS run at 06Z 114 hours shows the blast knocking on Eastern England and Scotland Thursday night.
  3. Looks like we in Wales or portions of Wales are under a yellow warning for wind and rain through Wednesday as per metoffice.
  4. 12Z GFS for 21st october 2017 looks to have W & South Wales, Southern England and most of Ireland in a intense wind field but the GFS may be the most aggressive solution that I know of at the moment to the potential of a storm named (Brian)
  5. Latest 00Z GFS Consensus has shifted the system north a bit. If the Euro models agree with the global model/s Wales, S & C England and Southern Ireland may have direct impacts by this current GFS image for 21-10-2017 06Z with MSLP 970mb.
  6. Just looked at the EURO 12Z run and the consensus shows me that the low gradually weakens as it moves into the British Isles 980mb still something to watch out at this range but S England definitely will be in the path of this one.
  7. Interesting looks like another wowser it may not be tropical looks like the disturbance is no longer being contained in the NHC TWO i expect the second named storm (Brian) being used by the met office.
  8. My advice buy a glider and fly off snowdon issue is that the turbulence is pulling you down would not be a pleasant trip down lol but in all seriousness i think we may of broken multiple records
  9. So I take there is a fault somewhere it could be buoy related just really puzzled but I will be watching obs closely because i can see the last data looks dodgy there should be a ridge just ahead of the trough because i know that the pressure is around 1003mb here
  10. watching the BBC Weather now and it did not show a secondary low pressure to the west of me in the irish sea wonder if ben rich is using 12Z model guidances
  11. cheers mate hopefully the secondary low doesn't do anything maybe that would've been the perfect storm type situation for us
  12. wind speeds just went from 60mph straight back to over 80mph again i expect fluctuations both up and down can be expected tn NW Wales. is this the sting jet anomaly if its even formed yet or is this just the cyclone itself? just a little question for you guys
  13. I am seeing what you're seeing this event looks to be bigger than anticipated
  14. I am hanging by the electrical thread here lights been flickering been battering north wales for 2-3 hours all is good here thus far.
  15. Thanks Jo will use that for all local/regional updates on Ophelia
  16. to any Netweather members who live or are stuck in Llanllechid, Gwynedd police say use Tan y Bwlch road as your alternative diversion this is due to a fallen power line near moel ogwen
  17. Road closure Llanllechid, gwynedd due to a falling power line as per North Wales Police.
  18. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-41627442 Hurricane Ophelia: Two people die as storm hits Ireland and yeah chainsaw incident while cutting a tree
  19. Thank you Jo now it's getting interesting if things remain on track
  20. yes 2 dead connected to Ophelia what I heard was correct its on the BBC News Ticker.
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