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  1. Morning, glad you saw plenty of action!! I was the other side of Horncastle and watched alot of the storms growing out if nothing. Driving home I hit a storm near Louth which was epic especially the wind which shook the car as it first blasted through. Saw another storm develop over the wolds which burst into Life as I approached Nth Thoresby and this one more or less followed me home to Cleethorpes and went on for a couple of hours. Best one of the lot was about half 9 ish though as another came up from the south, lots if flashing, flickering, Deep booms and sharp gunshot cracks . Glad you had a good one Cheers Glenn
  2. Being local to those area's I couldn't agree more. Donna Nook is a good spot as it's in between Mablethorpe and Cleethorpes and you can see what's coming for miles. The place always seems to attract storms as they head out to sea, also for a more panoramic view The Wolds roads from Louth to Binbrook seem alright but Louth- Horncastle road is good too. There's a place I go just outside Louth on the A157, just park up and watch em roll in!! Cheers Glenn
  3. Morning Not a sausage in Cleethorpes but very humid. Storm to the east of me been rumbling away in the Nth Sea since about 5am with the dark clouds sat tantalizingly offshore , storm to the NW peppered Killingholme, Barton before clearing off to the Nth Bank of the Humber!!. Sods law I guess but hey ho. Regards Glenn
  4. Hi all. Watched this approach us at Spurn from the west. Constant rumbling and flashing towards Immingham and Hull and I assumed it would pass us by. However the clouds built and approached then let go with a vengeance!! No Thunder and Lightning directly for us unfortunately as the main bit just went to the North West. Regards Glenn
  5. Hi all. Looks pretty awesome on this one too. http://www.camsecure.co.uk/portsmouth_gliding_club.html Cheers Glenn
  6. Evening All Every squall that blows in off the sea , Cleethorpes,seems to be ramping up slightly . Flash of Lightning about 20 mins ago towards the outskirts of Grimsby. Still that powdery pellet snow though. Cheers Glenn
  7. Evening, aye a few flakes blowing about in the rain/ sleet here on the coast at Cleethorpes Cheers Glenn
  8. Hi I'm surprised you haven't had any yet this evening as there's plenty of stuff rattling in off the sea at Spurn and it seems to be heading your way? Cheers Glenn
  9. White out currently at Spurn. Came from this saw inbound ! Cheers Glenn
  10. Just about to get hit again at Spurn. Cheers Glenn
  11. Aha direct hit. Only powdery pellets in the strong wind accompanying. Cheers Glenn
  12. North Sea update..... here are some pics I've just taken whilst out and about at Spurn. Dark to the North nor so dark to the East clear to the South East and finally a good shower heading over the Humber towards Immingham/ Killingholme
  13. And another one misses us!!
  14. Morning. Nothing here at Spurn Point at all apart from a brief hailshower just now. At least there's a bit of white! Cheers Glenn
  15. Hi all, getting bitterly colder and colder here at Spurn Point with a direct Easterly blowing in of the Nth Sea. Smattering of flurries on and off throughout the day Cheers Glenn