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  1. Hi. Some good flashes and booming Thunder over the Humber just off Cleethorpes about 5 mins ago. Really heavy rain and gusty wind now. Regards Glenn
  2. Hi. Yes Thunder heard from the storm mentioned. Sky looking dark towards the Lincolnshire wolds. It's looking like it'll miss me in Cleethorpes but will clip parts of Grimsby and the Immingham area's......bugger. had a few flashes and booms at 4am too. Rain just started here as I type and distant rumbles audible. Regards Glenn
  3. Hi all. Interesting clouds around all afternoon here on the East coast but only distant thunder heard out to sea where the sky was very dark. Looking towards Grimsby looks interesting at the moment though. Plus a pic from a few hours ago of something trying to form.... Regards Glenn
  4. Hi, yeah there's a storm flashing and rumbling away just off the coast at Spurn currently. Some close strikes in the sea with some loud cracks of Thunder. Light rain as well here Regards Glenn
  5. Wow! That's very dramatic, fantastic pictures. Cheers Glenn
  6. Well I think that's my lot for tonight's activity unless something materialises later on. Distinctively cooler now though. Tried to capture the last few bits of cloudscape in the failing light. There's a cloud trying to bubble up as it heads out to sea but that's about it. Regards Glenn
  7. Hi, of course you can. Regards Glenn
  8. Thanks for the comment sadly a few rumbles and then a monsoon for 10 minutes was all it yielded. Ah well
  9. Thanks, the sky has been very interesting to watch today.
  10. Hi . Another small storm just missed....slightly to the north this time!! Fabulous sky though. Regards Glenn
  11. Constant thunder just off the coast at Spurn now. The odd flicker of lightning seen followed by some deep booms. Must have missed us by at least 1-2 miles. Got some threatening clouds approaching from the west so hopefully a direct hit is imminent Regards Glenn
  12. Hi A couple of rumbles from this as it passed out into the Nth Sea. The way the cloud was growing as it passed over was quite amazing. Cheers Glenn
  13. Hi all. Some decent flashes on here.. https://www.sortedsurfshop.co.uk/webcam_bournemouth Regards Glenn
  14. The one that got away!! Regards Glenn
  15. Looks like Nth Somercoates/ Donna Nook will be getting the wolds storm but constant flickering of lightning seen from my back garden as I look towards that direction. Getting dark so hopefully see more shortly. Very still feeling here still though. Regards Glenn