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  1. Hi, sat at Spurn Point watching spectacular Lightning to the NW, so still and calm here. Regards, Glenn
  2. Hi, Just had a nasty deluge in Cleethorpes, lots of flashes and bangs and for a while the rain was biblical. Now flashing and rumbling its way out over The Humber. Gone very muggy now. Cheers Glenn
  3. Hi, good little storm just passed over Cleethorpes, constant thunder as it approached then rain which then went to a hailstorm with a few CG's thrown into the mix, heading out over the Humber now and getting muggy again here. Cheers Glenn
  4. Thunder, Lightning and rain/ hail in Cleethorpes at the mo. Rgds
  5. Hi. Really biblical storm crossed the Humber, heavy rain, lightning and strong winds Regards Glenn
  6. Hi all, short clip from Grimsby Town Football Ground. Not mine but was sent it. Storms gone out to sea now yet it's so eerily quiet outside now and so humid still. Cheers. VID-20190827-WA0128.mp4
  7. I live behind the ground and I can see why it's off as the rain is biblical. Feel sorry for some Macclesfield fans though as their bus broke down on the way and they only got here about 25 mins ago. Cheers Glenn
  8. Hi all, constant disco flashing here in Cleethorpes, very heavy rain/ hail at times but the Lightning is so intense. The Humber is lit up!! Cheers Glenn
  9. Evening, Well, from the NW a lump of angry looking cloud approached Cleethorpes at about 2045 developing and growing by the minute ( very eerie to watch) until it was more or less overhead my location and still growing. A bit of rotation was seen and I thought we'd be having a good loud close storm........however......unfortunately it all just drifted over and out into the Humber without as much as a rumble or a drop of rain!! Still, it was amazing to watch it build as it approached. You can just see some towers in the far distance in the last pic no doubt heading for the Hull area.
  10. Hi, just a few from the last hour or so here at Spurn Point. Looked as though we were in for a good storm as it approached from the south west but as usual it seemed to weaken and we just had very heavy rain with a few rumbles heard. Cheers Glenn
  11. Afternoon, very heavy rain showers around Cleethorpes at the minute plus just heard a long rumble of thunder out in the Humber. Cheers, Glenn
  12. So, the one that came up from the South did produce some good Lightning just off the coast. After it passed the sky was very dramatic.
  13. Looks like that storm is coming up from the south, a couple of CG's sighted..........annnd here comes the rain!!
  14. Hi, Thunder heard off the coast of Spurn Point, very dark clouds out to sea. Cheers, Glenn
  15. Evening. Starting to get Lightning out to sea off Spurn Point ? Cheers, Glenn
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