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  1. Evening All Every squall that blows in off the sea , Cleethorpes,seems to be ramping up slightly . Flash of Lightning about 20 mins ago towards the outskirts of Grimsby. Still that powdery pellet snow though. Cheers Glenn
  2. Evening, aye a few flakes blowing about in the rain/ sleet here on the coast at Cleethorpes Cheers Glenn
  3. Hi I'm surprised you haven't had any yet this evening as there's plenty of stuff rattling in off the sea at Spurn and it seems to be heading your way? Cheers Glenn
  4. White out currently at Spurn. Came from this saw inbound ! Cheers Glenn
  5. Just about to get hit again at Spurn. Cheers Glenn
  6. Aha direct hit. Only powdery pellets in the strong wind accompanying. Cheers Glenn
  7. North Sea update..... here are some pics I've just taken whilst out and about at Spurn. Dark to the North nor so dark to the East clear to the South East and finally a good shower heading over the Humber towards Immingham/ Killingholme
  8. And another one misses us!!😂
  9. Morning. Nothing here at Spurn Point at all apart from a brief hailshower just now. At least there's a bit of white! Cheers Glenn
  10. Hi all, getting bitterly colder and colder here at Spurn Point with a direct Easterly blowing in of the Nth Sea. Smattering of flurries on and off throughout the day Cheers Glenn
  11. Hi Just a few flakes in Cleethorpes at the moment. Cheers Glenn
  12. Evening Hail, thunder and lightning in Cleethorpes. Lightning towards the Immingham area. Cheers Glenn
  13. Hi. Some good flashes and booming Thunder over the Humber just off Cleethorpes about 5 mins ago. Really heavy rain and gusty wind now. Regards Glenn
  14. Hi. Yes Thunder heard from the storm mentioned. Sky looking dark towards the Lincolnshire wolds. It's looking like it'll miss me in Cleethorpes but will clip parts of Grimsby and the Immingham area's......bugger. had a few flashes and booms at 4am too. Rain just started here as I type and distant rumbles audible. Regards Glenn
  15. Hi all. Interesting clouds around all afternoon here on the East coast but only distant thunder heard out to sea where the sky was very dark. Looking towards Grimsby looks interesting at the moment though. Plus a pic from a few hours ago of something trying to form.... Regards Glenn