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  1. Sadly won't make much northwards progress as the whole lot seems to be shifting eastwards
  2. All seems to be fizzeling away and pushing quickly eastwards without much inland incursion not really expecting anything now sadly.
  3. Jose"manure" has ruined the squad sadly as he has with every other club he's been at.
  4. Chucking it down at the moment and is sadly set to stay this way over the next week or so.If you are expecting a white x-mas then sorry it ain't happening,hopefully something more favourable as we move into the new year though
  5. Lovely day out there compared to yesterday it feels so much warmer although the sky is now starting to become more hazy,oh well more rain coming by the looks of it.
  6. Quick look round the regionals nothing too noteworthy of reporting .
  7. Absolutely tonking it down now just rain sadly wind is stronger now than has been all day.
  8. Probably still is snow high up but it's at ground level where it's most welcome.Blimey wind has ramped up a few notches now,still raining though.
  9. Wish this warm nose in the atmosphere would clear off and give us all some snow,a few degrees above freezing at ground level and still it rains,oh well that's the British isles for you.
  10. 3c and rain on and off this afternoon,still feels cold in the strong South easterly though.
  11. What is this? About 6" Wingspan and 5" long fell off our parasol yesterday after the rain.Big moth or what never seen anything like it
  12. Glad the really oppressive heat has gone for now at least but come on dont moan its windy and we have rain Summer's dont come around like this too often and heat lovers will only have to wait until next friday until the next instalment of our quite outstanding summer continues by the looks of it next weekend Er ok looks like a slug go catch it mr fisherman
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