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  1. Windy and cloudy as per normal now after the last couple of days,a few showers earlier but nothing of any significance.Fairly standard offerings coming up in the next week or two.
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  3. All I've got is strato "yawnicumulus" outside,not very technical I know but that's the best way to describe the sky at the moment.
  4. Dont you mean drizzle activity? Nothing doing in my part of the SE atm.
  5. For those in the SE Did you enjoy your 10 mins of drizzle? And for those in the SW And Wales hope you enjoyed the storms,oh wait a minute there wernt any what a surprise.
  6. Half hour of on/off rain in east essex nothing to get too excited about and according to the radar should be gone soon anyway
  7. Heard of the Kent clipper before but not the east coast clipper?
  8. Nothing here apart from strong winds a couple of drops of rain and dark skies
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