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  1. Breezy cloudy Snow flurries and icy Temp -0.8, Barometer 1015mb rising, Wind F4 Rainfall 0.2mm
  2. Unless the front beefs up a lot there won't be much tonight and sat24 doesn't show anything major behind it at the moment.
  3. Click on your name and then profile then edit profile.
  4. Sausage can you put your location in your sig. Some of us have memories like a goldfish so saying a few flakes fell here doesn't mean anything. Anyways looking at the temps I'm going to ignore the gfs as they're already well below what is saying for now.
  5. Too be honest I'm beginning to wonder how much further models can improve at day five and six. Over the year it's still the third best and the pub run has ceased to be the joke it used to be. At one time they were going to work with ECMWF to improve it whether that's been shelved I don't know. Inghams85 can you get me the link to verification for those as I'm interested regardless of what model it is. The ECM is still generally the best with UKMO snapping at it heals.
  6. One way to get a timing is watching the radar. The front in last hour has just started edging back west. This will give a good idea of actual timing.
  7. I wouldn't dismiss the third best model in the world as a pinch of salt model and certainly not within the 12 hr period. It certainly often out performs our local forecast from the met. Yes it's gone back to what it showed two days ago but shouldn't be dismissed so easily.
  8. GFS delays the cold some what so we should see light rain turning to snow by about mid morning. Temps at 6am around 3C to 5C so above normal but rapidly fall away to freezing or just below so could cause problems with ice around mid morning.
  9. Mostly light rain early morning then dry with suinny spells before becoming cloudy right now. Max temp 10.4C now 5.3C low 4.6C, Barometer 1007mb rising, Wind F4 E, rainfall 4.8mm
  10. Sunny Sheffield up to 3.1C -2.1C below normal. Rainfall 74.7mm 117.3% of normal. Another smaller rise temp wise tomorrow and probably back to down to 2.8C by Monday.
  11. Foggy and mild Temp 5.3C, Barometer 998mb rising, Wind F2 ENE, Rainfall 0.2mm
  12. It's a hint but too far out to take seriously at this moment in time.
  13. Got a feeling it won't be the last snow this spring. Interestingly we're unlikely to be as cold as March 2013 which shows how exceptional that month was.