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  1. Have I put the curse on things by saying it looks promising? So far this week top two ponds up either action should have produced a reaction from the weather gods. One more to go will that do the trick?
  2. Once the north sea rubbish cleared off a dry day sunny spells and now turning hot. More Humid today Temp 25.5C, Barometer 1013mb steady, Wind F2 NNE, Rainfall Nil
  3. Yeh north sea rubbish beginning to lift. Interesting how warm this air is as the temp has gone up by over a degree despite no sunshine Much more promising today so we may in for some fun later.
  4. Sunny Sheffield at 18.4C +1.8C above normal. Rainfall unchanged.
  5. Good night for the west of the country away from the south west. Lets see what today brings.
  6. North sea rubbish back again cooled the house down nicely. Now it can go away again.
  7. Cloudy, misty and humid Temp 16.6C, low 16.1C, Barometer 1014mb rising slowly, Wind F2 NNE, Rainfall Trace
  8. Anything over brum will move north north westward so won't be any use to us. Tonight I wouldn't mind some north sea rubbish as it'll cool the house down. It could well be an issue again tomorrow morning. No storms tonight so make or break days Tuesday evening and Wednesday.
  9. A hot with sunny spells once the north sea clag had burnt off Max temp 27.7C, now 27C, Barometer 1013mb falling slowly, Wind F2 NNE, Rainfall nil.
  10. Turning into a hot day with the north sea cloud rapidly burnt off Temp 24.8C, Barometer 1014mb falling falling, Wind F3 NNE, Rainfall Nil
  11. Small cell did a semit circle round me the remains are now slowly moving north.
  12. I think it's only fair that we send you some north sea rubbish since we nearly only always brew big stroms for you.
  13. Grey cloud and mist this morning now lifting with hazy sunshine breaking through.
  14. Sunny Sheffield at 17.9C +1.3C above normal. Rainfall unchanged
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