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  1. The PIT

    World Cup 2018

    Three NIl men against boyz
  2. The PIT

    World Cup 2018

    Croatia two up now good finish Modric. Messi is on the pitch appeared after about 60 minutes.
  3. The PIT

    World Cup 2018

    Argentina are awful one down after a goal keeper blunder. We can rule them out as a threat. Is Messi on the pitch?
  4. Sunny Sheffield up to 15.8C +2.2C above normal. Rainfall unchanged.
  5. Plenty of sunny spells and quite pleasant. Breezy at times Max temp 18.2C, Barometer 1027mb rising, Wind F3 WNW, Rainfall nil
  6. A few clouds breezy sunny spells to start the day Temp 9C, Barometer 1021mb rising, Wind F3 WNW, Rainfall nil
  7. Sunny Sheffield back up to 15.7C +2.2C above normal. Rainfall unchanged.
  8. A warm day with sunny spells. A shower in the morning but otherwise dry and breezy at times Max temp 21C now 16.8C, Barometer 1018mb rising, Wind F3 WSW, Rainfall Trace
  9. Breezy warm start with some cloud but also some sun Temp 16.4C, Barometer 1015mb falling, Wind F3, WSW, Rainfall nil
  10. A warm day mostly cloudy but some sunny spells Max temp 21.3C now 20.5C, barometer 1018mb rising, Wind F3 WSW, rainfall Nil
  11. A clear very mild start Temp 12.9C, Barometer 1019mb rising, Wind F2 SSW, Rainfall since midnight 0.2mm
  12. The PIT

    World Cup 2018

    Another struggle then ........
  13. The PIT

    World Cup 2018

    jaffa cakes poor but got away with it.
  14. The PIT

    World Cup 2018

    Eh we scored Kane.
  15. The PIT

    World Cup 2018

    Normal garbage from England feel sorry for those who've traveled