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  1. Mild and dry Temp 7C low 6.6C, Barometer 1014mb falling, Wind F3 SSW, Rainfall nil
  2. Sunny Sheffield at 3.5C -0.9 below normal. Rainfall 99.8mm 123.2% of average
  3. Dry mild and cloudy all snow gone Temp 5.8C, Barometer 1009mb rising, Wind F2 SW, Rainfall nil
  4. Nice steady snow here just a slight covering though. Already turned to rain in Birmingham and a gap in the front heading this way.
  5. Sunny Sheffield at 3.5C -0.9C below normal likely to be the low point of the month. Little chance of ending up below normal though. Rainfall 92.2mm 113.8% of average
  6. Light snow here but it is trying to settle
  7. Dry any prec evaporating before it reaches the ground. Not looking good. Local forecast shows rain and more rain later on. Main front is far too south so by the time it reaches us I agree it will be rain
  8. dry cloudy cold start Temp 0/.8C low -0.9C, Barometer 1016mb steady, Wind F2 SSW, Rainfall nil
  9. Temps heading down not much in the way of cloud and with light winds there should be a good frost.
  10. No change in Sunny Sheffield still 3.6C rainfall 91.3mm 112.7% above average.
  11. Well it's a case of waiting and seeing what turns up.
  12. That means a record warm Feb then. Don't take any notice of him he always says cold without fail every winter which generally ends up being a huge fail of a forecast.
  13. One or two shots that I likes this morning
  14. Presume you're talking about tomorrow. Looking at the latest GFS the main issue is that the rain is too far back from the really cold uppers and is really in the marginal limits. My thoughts are for a rain to snow to rain event if the rain is heavy enough at the beginning. I was quite surprised today to find out how high the snow line was this morning. So places like Fox house will starts as Snow and probably stay that way for several hours lower down around my height rain then pray for evaporative cooling and hopefully snow then rain by afternoon. We shall see.