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  1. Mild night prevented any drop in our average so still 16.1C +2.1C above average. Certainly a drop tomorrow unless tonight is very mild.
  2. A cloudy cool day with spots of rain and a brief spell of more persistent light rain. Max temp 15.9C, now 13.8C, low 11.8C, Barometer 1003mb falling, Wind F2 ENE, Rainfall 0.2mm
  3. A beautiful summers day light winds warm sunny spells just how it should be. Max temp 19.2C Now 18.4C, Low 9.5, Barometer 1011mb falling, wind FI SW, Rainfall Nil
  4. The first drop here in Sunny Sheffield down to 16.1C +2.2C above normal
  5. The few drizzle showers quickly died away then a day of sunny spells Max temp 18.7C Low 17C, Barometer 1008mb rising, Wind F3 WSW, Rainfall Trace
  6. Again no change 16.2C +2.4C above normal. Warm nights off setting any drop in average max temperature.
  7. Some rain overnight this morning sunny spells drizzle showers Temp 15, Low 12.2, Barometer 1007mb falling, Wind F2 WSW, Rainfall 0.3mm
  8. Increasing sunny as the afternoon goes on and temperatures responding. Max temp so far 18.9C now 18.8C, Barometer 1007mb falling, Wind F2 WSW, Rainfall nil
  9. No change in sunny Sheffield still at 16.2C +2.5C above normal
  10. A cloudy start but very mild now sunny spells temps haven't risen much though. Temp 17.8C low 13.4C, Barometer 1009mb steady, Wind F2 WSW, Rainfall nil
  11. Still 16.2C +2.6C above normal and now the GFS is showing warmer weather so may edge up a little mainly due to warm nights.
  12. A mostly cloudy day odd spot of rain and breezy but warm despite cloud. Few Sunny spells Max temp 20.4C now 18.2C low 13.4C, Barometer 1009mb falling, Wind F3 WSW, Rainfall Trace
  13. Looking at the latest GFS it looks like a cool end to June if it's right. So it looks like 16.2C is the high and a slow steady drop off from now on.
  14. Sunny Sheffield back up to 16.2C +2.7C above normal.
  15. Well the storms did turn for the south so perhaps I misheard the forecast but I'm sure Carol K said storms in the south east now at 06:15 which wasn't case.