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  1. A mild start and breezy Temp 10.7C, low 9.3C, Barometer 1028mb falling, Wind F4 W, Rainfall nil
  2. A dry cold day with sunny spells Max temp 12.5C now 9.3C, Barometer 1034mb falling, Wind F3 NW, Rainfall NIl
  3. Dry and on the cold side Temp 6.4C, falling, Barometer 1034mb rising, Wind F2 NW, Rainfall nil
  4. Looking like a shock to the system for many at the end of the week. Should provide some more Snow on the mountains and cold wet conditions for some coastal areas exposed to the winds. Inland though it looks mostly dry though and I may have to scrap the wind screen for the first time this Autumn.
  5. A nice day but the cold front has arrived with cloud an an increasing and temperature drop Max temp 17.1C now 14.8C, Barometer 1025mb rising, Wind F3 WSW, Rainfall nil
  6. Lovely autumn day long sunny spells Temp 16.8C, Barometer 1024mb falling, Wind F2 WSW, Rainfall nil
  7. Sunny Sheffield at 11.7C +0.1C above normal. Rainfall unchanged at 51.3mm 62% of average.
  8. All change in the afternoon as the sun came out turning it into a mild pleasant day. Max temp 17.4C now 16.7C, Barometer 1028mb falling, Wind f2 WSW, Rainfall nil
  9. Now mostly cloudy and cool hopefully more in the way of sun this afternoon Temp 13.5C, Barometer 1029mb rising, Wind F2 Sw, Rainfall Nil
  10. Sunny Sheffield at 11.7C bang on average and rainfall unchanged once again.
  11. Clear dry start to the day Temp 8.6C, low 7.8C, Barometer 1028mb rising, Wind F2 S, Rainfall Nil
  12. A dry day with long sunny spells after a cold start Max temp 14.6C, now 12.3C, Barometer 1025mb rising, Wind F2 SW, Rainfall nil
  13. Dry cold start Temp 5.1C, low 3.3C, Barometer 1025mb falling, Wind F2 S, Rainfall Nil
  14. Okay so the world is ending in a few days before it does I'll post a chart that was behaving and now has gone a bit mad
  15. Sunny Sheffield at 12.1C +0.1C above normal rainfall unchanged