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  1. A cold morning and cloudy with an increasing breeze Temp 13.9C, high so far 15.9C, Barometer 1013mb rising slowly, Wind F2 NNE, Rainfall nil
  2. Sunny Sheffield at 16.8C +3.1C above normal. Rainfall 14.3mm 18.6% of the monthly average
  3. Dry with some high level cloud normal temps Temp 9.6C, low 8.9C, Barometer 1010mb rising slowly, Wind F1 NNE, Rainfall nil
  4. Issue with Italy is they create chances but fail to take most of them against better teams they may struggle to score.
  5. Uphill for Wales now. Correct sending off whatever the commentator says.
  6. A cool day with some early light rain and then dry with a few sunny spells in the afternoon Max temp 17.4C, now 15.4C, Barometer 1008mb steady, Wind F2 ENE, Rainfall 2.4mm
  7. Sunny Sheffield still at 17.1C +3.4C above normal. Rainfall up 14.2mm 18.5% of the monthly average.
  8. Cloudy mild night with some rain Temp 10.6C, low 10.1C, Barometer 1008mb falling slowly, Wind F2 NNE, Rainfall since midnight 2.2mm
  9. Wasn't a boring game after all. Take Morota out of Spanish team and they have nothing.
  10. Blatant pen anywhere else of the pitch would be a foul straight away no idea why the commentator says it's not a pen.
  11. Next game could be a bore fest Spain V Poland one thing guaranteed the hugely overrated Lewandowski will not score.
  12. Not often your team scores four goals and ends up losing.
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