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  1. Sadly don't have proof of them driving it. Garage may have CCTV which I doubt that the police would be bothered to check.
  2. Even more marginal than yesterday away from the peak district.GFS does have heavy rain over us for Saturday evening which should help. So if Saturday doesn't come off it could well be a another snow free December on the cards.
  3. Sunny Sheffield at 5.6C, -0.4C below normal, Rainfall 28.4mm 32.7% of the monthly average.
  4. A showery cold day with a few sunny spells and a gusty wind at times Max temp 6.2C, now 4.9C, Barometer 975mb rising, Wind F2 W, Rainfall 7.4mm
  5. A dry mild start Temp 4.6C, Barometer 987mb rising slowly, Wind F1 WSW, Rainfall since midnight 0.2mm
  6. I pulled into a petrol station this evening a few minutes later a women pulled in behind me with the windows all streamed up apart from the a very small gap at the bottom of the screen. I noticed a child in the front seat and thinking back the child probably wasn't in the a child seat either. Any I decided I would have a word after I had paid at the kiosk. Anyway by the time I got back she had paid at the pump and left. Unfortunately my car cam doesn't have a rear view otherwise it may have filmed her pulling in before it went off. Overall it's amazing case of driving without due care and attention and with what I presume was their child in the car. Parentally neglect at is best.
  7. Highlights the problem of political correctness which is now used to stifle discussion and also promotes positive discrimination. Should one clumsy phrase make one article total devoid of content? I disagree with expansion you got the problem of increasing immigration to Israel. As ever where do you put all these people. I believe they are people within Israel who are more moderate and are against such actions. However every Hamas rocket fired into Israel will make it more difficult for this group to become more vocal and gain more power. Of course it's in Hama's interests to keep the unrest going as any future political agreement would make them more irrelevant except for the more extremist people within Palestine..
  8. Could well be the only chance for us to catch any of the white stuff this month and away from the higher peaks we will need some extra help like heavy rain cooling the air. So if I was living in Buxton I would looking forward with 100% confidence while here in Sheffield we are unlikely too see any lying but may see some falling and this will probably keep changing back and forth from rain to snow then as the system pull away and it turns lighter back to rain.Haven't looked in great detail as the uppers are marginal and by tomorrow we may not even have those shown depending on the final position of the low pressures and how much cold air they can tap into.
  9. Unfortunately no cold air over Europe to tap into whether further into lala land it taps into a cold source is fairly mute.
  10. Further North and just outside the CET area is one reason and I'm using the 1981 to 2010 data. I then use a linear average over the month. The rainfall is as Rodger points out. Anyway Sunny Sheffield down to 5.8C -0.3C below average. Rainfall 19.9mm 22.9% of the monthly average
  11. A cold day with light to moderate rain from mid morning until evening. Now dry. Max temp so far 6.1C, Barometer 971mb falling, Wind F2 SSE, Rainfall 8.8mm
  12. cold frosty and dry Temp 1.2C, Barometer 992mb falling, Wind F1 SSW, Rainfall since midnight 0.0mm
  13. Like I said Lala land not worth getting to stressed over. Probably totally different tomorrow.
  14. Lala land T192 doesn't look great between the number one model and number three. Thankfully it's lala land so hopefully won't verify.
  15. Sunny Sheffield still at 5.9C -0.3C below average. The mild day cancelled out by the low mind on the day. Rainfall at 19mm 21.9% of average so surprisingly on the below average side of things. If the trend for the GFS comes off looking like we end up with a mild month. Of course it's all lala land so anything can still happen.
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