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  1. Fog soon rolled in after I first posted so a foggy spell and it's now sunny and warming rapidly. Temp 10.2C, Barometer 1031mb falling, Wind F2 SSW, Rainfall Trace
  2. Sunny Sheffield at 6.2C +2C above normal. Rainfall unchanged A dry mild winter a lack of storms which you'd normally get when it's mild. For me winter ended when I cut the lawn on Jan 6th it needs it again but its bloomin wet so catch 22. Needs to be cut but shouldn't as it's wet but it won't dry out because it's too long. I'll do it later this afternoon.
  3. A mild misty start to the day. Cooler than of late Temp 4.3C, Barometer 1031mb steady, Wind F2 SSW, Rainfall nil
  4. The PIT

    Tony Foulds

    As a boy of 8 he was playing in a local park in Sheffield when a plane came low over the roof tops they could see the pilot waving so they waved back unaware that the air craft was in serious trouble. The pilot to save the children lives aborted the landing and tried to climb over the trees but crashed instead killing all aboard For 75 years he has been attending the memorial cleaning it tidying it up. The guilt he feels gets stronger as he gets older one thing he wanted was a fly past on the 75th anniversary. A chance meeting with Dan Walker one morning who was walking his dog eventually led to this fly past in Endcliffe park Sheffield. At around 9000 people turned up at Endcliffe park this morning too honour the aircraft crew and the man who has tended the memorial all these years. An emotional day and it's nice too see there are still some caring people in this world of hurt. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-47323045 The original interview The gentleman deserves a knighthood
  5. Warm spring day with light winds for once. Almost unbroken sunshine Max temp 15.7C now 13.3C, Barometer 1032mb falling, Wind F2 S, Rainfall Nill
  6. Sunny Sheffield up to 5.8C +1.6C above average. Rainfall Unchanged.
  7. very mild and dry light winds Temp 7.7C, Barometer 1030mb rising, Wind F2 S, Rainfall nil
  8. Sunny Sheffield up to 5.6C +1.4C above normal. Rainfall 31.7mm 52.7% of the monthly average.
  9. Very early frog spawn this year. Can't remember it being so early.
  10. First frog spawn this afternoon as spring continues unabated. A warm sunny day. After a breezy start winds have now fallen light. Max temp 15.7C, Now 14C, Barometer 1024mb rising, Wind F1 WSW, rainfall Nil
  11. A mild breezy start to the day Temp 9.2C, low 9C, Barometer 1016mb falling, Wind F5 SSW, Rainfall Nil
  12. The PIT

    UEFA Champions League

    Well lucky city now leading 3 - 2
  13. The PIT

    UEFA Champions League

    Sane great goal. Get out of jail. Man City have been poor though.
  14. The PIT

    UEFA Champions League

    Citys poor defending coming back to haunt them. In fact city only managed to score when Sch fell asleep when defending and gifted them a goal.
  15. The PIT

    UEFA Champions League

    oops another pen. Man City over confident and getting caught out.