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  1. A dry mild start to the day with hazy sunshine. Easterly breeze increasing as the morning goes on Temp 12.7C low 6.3C, Barometer 1002mb falling, Wind F3 E, Rainfall trace
  2. Pretty sure we'll hit 8.6C for the final figure here unless we have a real warm day tomorrow which isn't likely.
  3. Funny old day some light showers early on then dry but cloudy a brief sunny spell and the temps shot up feeling warm. Against that the winds were mostly light but when did get up they were quite cool due probably to the very low dew point. Max temp 12C now 11.6C, Barometer 1009mb falling, Wind F2 SSW, rainfall Trace
  4. Sunny Sheffield just outside the CET zone at 8.5C may finish on 8.6C which is basically close to average. Rainfall though way down at 24.5% of average. It's interesting how the 2nd part of the month basically cancelled out the first part.
  5. A mild cloudy start with a little rain now dry cloudy and on the cool side at the moment High so far 10.7C Low 4C, Barometer 1011mb falling, Wind F2 SW, rainfall Trace
  6. Sunny Sheffield just outside the CET zone now down to 8.5C +0.1C above average. The break down goes 9.1C, 9.6C, 7.8C and 7.4C interesting drop from mid month.
  7. A dry day with average temperatures sunny spells cloudy later Max temp 12.4C now 10.5C low 3.9C, Barometer 1013mb steady, Wind FI WSW, Rainfall nil
  8. Sunny Sheffield 8.6C I reckon this will be the final figure near enough.
  9. Cold overnight cool by day some sunny spells then cloudy now raining cool day over all Max temp 10.6C now 9.3c low 1.6C, Barometer 1013mb falling, Wind F3 WNW, Rainfall 0.2mm
  10. Well no more snow since Monday night here. Some hail showers yesterday and today but that's it.
  11. Well West Ham will probably get a tax refund from the HMRC because they've upset the fans by doing this raid. It's enough that we pay towards the ground policing etc a sort scam that only West Ham can take advantage off. What will probably happen is that Newcastle get hammered and promotion denied while west ham get nothing leaving the Newcastle feeling rather miffed.
  12. Sunny Sheffield heading towards average 8.7C just 0.3C above average. This the 81- 00 average. Interesting if we keep around the normal 0.8C difference from the final cet value.
  13. A cold dry start fairly cloudy. Eventually sunny spells and dry until this afternoon when there was an isolated hail and rain shower. Cold. Max temp 9.8C now 7.9C low 0.4C, Barometer 1017mb falling, Wind F3 NE, Rainfall 0.8mm