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  1. Sunny Sheffield at 13.4C -1.7C below normal. Rainfall up to 19.4mm 29.7% of the monthly average.
  2. A cool day with sunny spells after early light rain Max temp 17.6C, now 16.4C, Barometer 1022mb steady, Wind F2 W, rainfall since midnight 2.6mm
  3. Damp with drizzle and average temps Temp 11C, Barometer 1021mb steady, Wind F2 NE, Rainfall since midnight 2.4mm
  4. That's it series leveled. Lucky to get the draw to be honest with the cracks papered over. Both teams have severe batting issues. Hows Warner batted every test with a pathetic average of nine seems a strange one to me. Take Smith out of the Aussie side and we would have won the series. Bowling wise both teams are pretty useful. The draw will save Roots captaincy but he needs replacing so he can concentrate souly on batting we can't really afford a distraction since we are so weak in the top of the batting order.
  5. I think that's it Wade out well stumped.
  6. Aussies on 194 for 5 only 200 plus runs needed.
  7. Turning colder as the afternoon went with it turning dull by mid afternoon. Mac temp 18.4C, now 15.2C, Barometer 1023mb steady, Wind F2 W, Rainfall Nil
  8. Sunny Sheffield still at 13.4C -1.8C below normal, Rainfall unchanged
  9. Dry very warm start to the day with plenty of cloud about. Breezy Temp 15.3C, Barometer 1022mb falling slowly, Wind F3 WSW, Rainfall Nil
  10. End of play England 313 for 8 a lead of 382. A good day for them.
  11. Damn go and have a shave and England lose two wickets. Pity I wanted Butler to get a least fifty.
  12. Sunny Sheffield at 13.4C -1.9C below normal. Rainfall 10.3mm 15.7% of the monthly rainfall.
  13. Denley misses out on a maiden century. Root fails again and Stokes hits another half century. 249 for 5 and a steady fall of wickets since we've passed 200. Thankfully we have a first innings lead.
  14. A warm day with plenty of sunshine and with light winds very pleasant indeed. Max temp so far 20.2C, Barometer 1028mb falling rapidly, Wind F2 West South Westerly Breeze, Rainfall nil
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