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  1. August 2017 C.E.T. forecasts

    Sunny Sheffield down to 15.1C -1.3C below normal.
  2. Cold start then light showers and brief sunny spells cold for August so far High temp so far 14.4C now 13.7C low 9.6C, Barometer 1010mb rising, Wind F3 WSW, Rainfall 2.2mm
  3. Yup I was right Stokes and Bairstow get out quickly due to being in shock at a decent score on the board. Pity if they hadn't England probably declared at 700 for 5
  4. Tonights ECM quickly brings back the Atlantic. At the moment it doesn't look we will get any real change in the pattern long term.
  5. August 2017 C.E.T. forecasts

    Sunny Sheffield up to 15.2C -1.2C below normal a drop tomorrow though. How much depends on tonight's low
  6. Dry morning with sunny spells. This afternoon short showers and sunny spells breezy early afternoon. Cool Max temp 17.6C now 12.9C low 12.5C, Barometer 1004mb rising, Wind F2 SW, Rainfall 2.2mm
  7. We've now got a start that Stokes and Bairstow can enjoy and play freely. They'll probably be so stunned they'll get out first ball.
  8. Interesting GFS 12oz very close to last nights ECM at T240. Not often you see things so far out that close.
  9. Nothing on extra radar and my detector hasn't picked anything up either.
  10. August 2017 C.E.T. forecasts

    Sunny Sheffield up 15C -1.5C below normal. Rainfall now above normal with 73.6mm 111.3% above normal
  11. A lovely summers day. Max temp so far 22.4C, Barometer 1005mb rising, Wind F3SW, Rainfall 7.8mm
  12. August 2017 C.E.T. forecasts

    No change Sunny Sheffield still 14.9C but will go up to 15C when I report tomorrow unless there's a cold night.
  13. A nice pleasant summers day although now cloudy with an increasing breeze Max temp 21.1C now 18.8C low 9.9C, Barometer 1011mb falling, Wind F3 SW, Rainfall Nil
  14. August 2017 C.E.T. forecasts

    No change here but should go up in the next few days unless get some cold nights which isn't really on the cards. Suspect we will be up to 15C by the weekend.
  15. A nice sunny day a perfect summer day actually. Max temp so far 20.6C low 12C, Barometer 1012mb rising, Winds F2 WSW, Rainfall 0.6mm