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  1. Probably a data glitch. Sadly these runs are more often wrong than right and only a very rough guide
  2. I guess it will be a case of radar watching tomorrow when I'm not gardening. Then it'll be watching Chezweather getting all the storms then some light drizzle going over here and me then towers building as the stuff heads of towards towards Donny and Leeds giving them a good storm. I'll probably hear the Sheffield shield powering up after lunch time.
  3. Sunny Sheffield up to 8.3C +0.7C above normal. Rainfall unchanged. A smaller rise for today and another for Saturday. Then it should slow down perhaps drifting slightly down or up. Rainfall unchanged.
  4. A perfect day unbroken sunshine nice cooling breeze temps just below 20C Max temp so far 19.6C, Barometer 1027mb falling, Wind F2 WNW, Rainfall nil
  5. Dry clear very mild start Temp 9.9C, Barometer 1025mb steady, Wind Calm, Rainfall nill
  6. Just looking at the latest GFS and if comes off the last five days look below average again. Funny old month this one. Just below 26C and the trees only just beginning to come out.
  7. Sunny Sheffield up to 7.7C +0.2C above normal. Rainfall unchanged. Another huge for today as well.
  8. If it wasn't for a breeze it would be an unpleasant hot day. Sunny all day Max temp 25.5C now 24.9C, Barometer 1025mb falling, Wind F2 Sw, Rainfall Nil
  9. Very mild clear start to the day Temp 11.2C, Barometer 1026mb falling, Wind F2, SSW, Rainfall nil
  10. Sunny Sheffield up to 7.2C -0.3C below average. Rainfall unchanged
  11. Very warm long sunny spells nice cooling breeze though Max temp so far 21.8C, Barometer 1027mb falling, Wind F3 SSW, rainfall Nil
  12. A dry cloudy warm start to the day Temp 13.3C, low 12.3C, Barometer 1025mb rising, Wind F4 SSW, Rainfall nil
  13. A mostly cloudy day with some light rain and drizzle during the afternoon Max temp 14.1C now 12.9C, Barometer 1019mb rising, Wind F4 WSW rainfall trace
  14. Sunny Sheffield up to 6.9C -0.4C below normal. Rainfall Unchanged.
  15. Dry cloudy and breezy very mild Temp 9.6C low9.1C, Barometer 1015mb falling, Wind F4 SSW, Rainfall nil