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  1. Yep, that's what has happened especially the last few years, but one year we have to hit that January Jackpot surely
  2. It certainly does, lets hope for a good one. Another 2017/18 type winter would be nice but with a BFTE in January instead of Late Feb/Early March.
  3. Who's looking forward to seeing this sort of forecast hopefully this winter
  4. Someone was certainly enjoying the torrential Rain currently over Central areas, saw someone casually strolling through it and he looked soaked through, but looked like he didn't have a care in the world lol especially at this time of night. I am in some hope about later this afternoon as this front is clearing overnight, and may lead to sunny spells creating a unstable atmosphere, but not getting hope too high. I can remember a couple of decent August storms, lets hope we can add a another . Goodnight all.
  5. Lightning is quite frequent just East of me now, quite a show again
  6. Seen about 7 flashes of lightning from 2 different cells over the Midlands and heard some rumbles, no decent rain though, just the occasional convective drops from being on the edge of these cells. Glad to part of a thundery albeit small thundery breakdown of this plume.
  7. Up till 4:30am last night from the amazing thundery event, had 3 rounds of storms here in Walsall, first one brought very strong winds on the leading edge along with frequent blinding flashes of lightning, Heavy rain and deep eerie, and sometimes loud thunder, the 2nd rounds was more lighting but not much rain and the 3rd brought frequent forked lighting across the sky with 1 CG, which it I think a few miles away, with torrential rain. Not expecting anything today but there's some towering happening to the west of me.
  8. Cloud started to clear around 10:30ish and now there's hardly any clouds, its only 11:30 and its already getting incredibly sticky here and very warm in the Sun, temp almost at 24c. Edit - Its now just passed 24c.
  9. I agree with this, by looking at the models, its reminding me of a classic 90s plume event too.
  10. Yes, thunderstorms are possible from Tuesday evening and Wednesday before drifting North, with possible scattered storms behind too, but I'm not too sure about this far east as this is showing being closer to the high. But I could be wrong, the East/South east might get some surprises too.
  11. Possible as its already passed over might of come from it east of me. Very eerie. Haven't heard anyone for a while now.
  12. I will if I can as its very faint in the distance and its been about 10 minute since ive heard it. Is it possible for it to thunder without any precipitation in the area?
  13. Okay, this is very odd, im sure I heard distant thunder 2 or 3 times, but there's nothing showing on the radar, anyone else in my area hearing this?
  14. Distinct curl in the storm East Coast of Scotland... Rotation maybe!?!?
  15. Ohh yeah makes more sense I thought they were from the sat images, they really looked interesting at one point, might be developing for up North.
  16. Yep, think I can see those in the distance looking towards the west from here in the West Midlands, and all I can say is they look VERY INTERESTING, areas to the N/NE, I would say keep a look out, because I haven't seen clouds like this for a long time.
  17. Some activity re initiated in France and some odd bits on radar on the Wales/Midlands border. Edit - Odd bits have turned into something more nasty looking.
  18. Don't the strong DLS help lightning to be triggered too, or don't it just keep them alive for longer?
  19. The Sun is appearing in East Wales and West Midlands, don't know whether that will do anything for later, but humidity and temp have rose a lot more.
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