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  1. The heaviest yet and like a proper blizzard at one point, settled a bit in most places except roads and pavements 🥶
  2. A decent moderate snow shower just past, left a quick dusting on trampoline, bins and other objects, but quickly melted. Still nice to see.
  3. Best anvil ive seen this year so far, ready for the storm season. Could be chances through April as its looking on the cool/cold side for a while so as long as we get low pressure nearby with an unstable atmosphere, the warm April sun and cool air above could give us some thundery weather with good old April showers and possibly plenty of hail.
  4. A couple of light flurries here the past couple of hours, and a nice anvil to the West.
  5. Yeah, saw your pic earlier, pretty stunning, and we will see soon. A smaller heavy shower we have right now before that one too.
  6. Yeah coming near now, a small one just developed a little more towards Aldridge too so a few might be forming in land too and more behind after a brief gap hopefully 🙂
  7. This next bit has lost the yellow echos on the radar but its kept the greens, lets see how far it can get.
  8. Only a CM or 2 off the December event here, stuck my finger in the snow, very powdery but got around 3 - 4cm atm and still coming down nicely.
  9. The last heavy burst seemed to develop before it arrived in the Black Country, gave us heavy snow and then decay as it left the Black Country. The next heavier area is moving in and in between each heavy burst is constant light snow. Covered everywhere a few CMs so far.
  10. Just had the heaviest snow of this spell so far, been snowing now for over an hour and getting a nice covering everywhere and look more to come.
  11. Streamer drifting slightly further North into more of the Central Midlands.
  12. More persistent light snow here now, can see it on car roofs but only very fine, but its the most we have had so far. The NE around Humber area is looking very interesting.
  13. Haha, wouldn't be surprised if it happened somewhere again lol
  14. Think that mass heading over is bigger than forecast and also showing more pink on the radar now so it is turning 🙂
  15. You can watch it here, but the video forecast doesn't go past Sunday but on the website, you can use the manual map that goes into next week. BBC Weather WWW.BBC.CO.UK Latest weather conditions and forecasts for the UK and the world. Includes up to 14-days of hourly forecast information, warnings, maps, and the latest editorial analysis and videos from the BBC Weather Centre.
  16. OMG, BBC weather is showing an absolutely insane scenario. If this happened, im sure some parts of the Midlands would be close to 50cm of snow between Saturday Night and Late Tuesday, WOW, WOW, WOW.
  17. Wow, we may need a new thread for the weekend and next week lol.
  18. Models seem confident for a cold to very cold easterly now from Sunday till at least next Wednesday, after that we will see. Details still remain to be worked out too as we get closer. GFS has turned again on last nights 18z and remained on 00z, so lets see if GFS can maintain its cold runs from now on. Below are the 00z runs from GFS, ECM, UKMO, GEM and ICON all showing Sunday and Wednesday. GFS = - ECM = = UKMO - - GEM - - ICON - -
  19. So after this morning hick up from the GFS, it has come back to show Nirvana again. This is also a perfect example in why we can't take each run as gospel, instead we just look for trends, and even after a hick up, the trend is a cold/very cold easterly from Saturday and into next week. It then turns into a northerly/Northwesterly and to go with it all plenty of snow and possibly blizzard conditions for the South East for a time at the end of the weekend, and into Monday. Stunning charts and for a short period, it does look like a beasterly pretty much. Don't post here much but always lurking
  20. Snowing moderately here, not sure when it started though, but shed roofs are starting turn a little white and a bit on cars.
  21. Beautiful day today especially with the sun making the snow sparkle and shine. A little thaw but not too much, mainly just some roofs and main roads.
  22. Temperatures plummeting, already below -3. Also awesome pics and reports from everyone today, what an event! 🙂❄️☃️⛄
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