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  1. Anyone know what the latest UKV is showing for the next few days?
  2. Instability definitely starting around here now after reaching around 33/34C. Also looking darker to the West.
  3. With the wind blowing, it feels like a Hair Dryer blowing in your face, around 33 here. Hoping for some rain, thunder would be a bonus.
  4. Some storms also possible in parts of the Southwest, Wales and the Midlands tomorrow evening and night according to the UKV. Some snaps here, as others have posted the GIF.
  5. Heavy showers over the Midlands already, good signs for later maybe?
  6. Is there 2 CZ's, thought there was only meant to be 1? (At least 1 main one anyway)
  7. Was enjoying a nice Noctilucent cloud display this evening, before the cloud ruined it ?

    1. Zak M

      Zak M

      Nothing at all here :nonono:

    2. matt111


      No chance here either

  8. Visible here too around 20 minutes ago, its clouding over now though.
  9. A line of Heavy showers just passed through, some quite torrential bursts in there with some large convective drops too, no thunder though.
  10. Ive been thinking of setting them at 3 and 6, and leaving the windows wide open lol.
  11. Convection towards the West, with the last one being the top of the Shrewsbury cell.
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