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  1. Thanks - I'll give it 'kick' later on. I only put an adjustment on the software a couple of weeks ago when we had a stable high over us - I probably forgot to press save, wouldn't be the first time!
  2. Morning all, Not too bad in SE Oxon, WX Light rain Temp 15.7C Humidity 98% Rain 4mm since midnight Wind 5mph gusting 7mph (probably more like 10mph gusting 15mph due to sheltered spot) Pressure 994.8 hPa and falling Always amazes me after a prolonged period of no rain, how quickly the garden greens up. Will be cutting the lawn again in no time
  3. Maxed out at 31.6 IMBY yesterday - I think my screen would benefit from a fresh coat of paint, it is looking decidedly grey
  4. Just been out... and it's stopped snowing here - for now
  5. Morning all, Temp 1.6C Pressure 998.8mb Hum 91% Wind 15mph No measurable rain overnight 8/8 Cloud light snow starting to settle in places.
  6. I've got the full moon dates for the last century, I'll pull the CET figures and post back when I have the results.
  7. Hi, I hope this is posted in the right place Over the last few years I have noticed that the weather seems to change with the phases of the moon. The biggest changes are around the new moon and full moon. For example: 31 Jan 2018 - Full moon, the next two weeks were chilly but nothing special. There was the SSW on the 11th. 15 Feb 2018 - New moon, the next two weeks saw temperatures drop as the Beast from the East arrived. 02 Mar 2018 - Full moon, as quickly as the beast arrived it left and the following two weeks have been warmer and damp. 17 Mar 2018 - New moon, temperatures are looking set to drop and more snow for some/all as the BFTE II arrives. I have also noticed this during summer when the general trend has changed with the new/full moon. It is not exactly on the full/new date, it can vary a day or two either way. Has anyone else noticed this and can anyone explain it? I have tried Googling it and all I can find is that the weather is affected by the moon but not much else. Any answers/ideas welcome - surely it's not just me/my imagination
  8. There is a new moon on the 18th, I wouldn't be surprised to see a cold spell starting a couple of days either side of then.
  9. Heavy snow in South Oxfordshire. 5cm settled and more to come. The cat is refusing to go out and is growling at the snow
  10. I think it is 200hPa velocity potential anomalies. WTF that is, I don't know. If someone out there can please explain...
  11. Bob G

    (version 2) You know you are getting old when...

    When t takes you all night to do what you used to do all night
  12. Following on from a post in Model Output yesterday about the price of soup, I checked at our local Tesco's yesterday and Heinz soup is definately down to 50p/tin. There were 3 people in the soup aisle yesterday lunchtime. Today the soup is still 50p/tin and there were 8 people in the soup aisle. Based on this information (using my handy Daily Express Snowmageddon/Doomsday Calculator) we must be in for the harshest wintry spell in at least living memory or this winter. I will keep on collecting data and start building a computer model showing the SPI (Soup Price Index) and I hope the results can be included in the model outputs forum.
  13. Bob G

    In Memoriam

    RIP Ian you were instrumental in getting me interested in the weather. If you get chance,can you please send us a cold Christmas?
  14. Happy to help on Windoze 7 & 10, Android and Linux