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  1. The cell just leaving France could make Sussex and Kent interesting later...
  2. Just hit 34C IMBY, starting to cloud over from the south/southwest. Is there enough instability for some pyrotechnics later? Time will tell
  3. At 08:00 Benson was the hottest place in the UK, 25.7C, quickly dropped to joint 6th as Jersey Airport waded in with 28C (Do we count them as they are not part of the mainland?)
  4. Bob G

    Make us laugh

    Language warning... Mickey Mouse is in the divorce court... Judge: I'm sorry Mr Mouse, but I don't think that your wife having buck teeth is grounds for divorce. MM: I never said she had buck teeth, I said she was [email protected]@[email protected]@g Goofy!
  5. Bring it on... Not that their will be much to see
  6. I got a new w/a lens and lightning detector a couple of years ago. Haven't seen a single nocturnal storm since Here's hoping!
  7. That will never happen, there will be just as many tantrums and tears next year - and long may it continue
  8. Not looking good for Oxford area, think we are too far north for this one Not expecting anything until much later if at all. I wait to be proved wrong
  9. Looking good for some snow in south central areas Tuesday into Wednesday
  10. Cloudy all night Going to bed for a couple of hours.
  11. Thanks for the heads up, Colin. I've had all sorts of little niggles with Wunderground recently. I've only just got it working again, although the last problem was due to me fiddling with my software (PCWetterstation) and accidentally clicking on a tick box which disabled my barometer I think I would prefer to manage my own data and share it with who I choose. I could set up my NAS box as a web server and host my own data. A lot to think about. Oregon Scientific WMR89 is looking good at the moment. Bob
  12. Morning all, I'm looking at replacing my aging Nexus weather station, does anyone have any recommendations? My budget is £150. The only criteria are: it must be wireless and USB link to my weather PC for uploading to Wunderground/web site. Mods, I hope this is the right area, if you think it would be better elsewhere, please move. Bob
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