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  1. Not worse than this surely!?
  2. Haven't seen any of Draper's matches but based purely on his reaction to the semi final win I thought he looked a bit of a cocky little so and so.
  3. Yes, makes the equal prize money (since 2007) look a bit daft. There would probably be a scheduling issue if 'the girls' (as Dan Maskell used to call them) played 5 sets but it does need spicing up a bit. Women's tennis can be a pretty dull watch tbh. It's often all over far too quickly.
  4. Didn't see much of the game today but I'm not too surprised at the result. Belgium are a better side, we knew that before the game and 3rd place will make their lack of involvement tomorrow even more galling for them. I won't get too involved in the general England bashing which has started up in here again, still got good vibes from the tournament overall despite ITV's ongoing attempts to make it unwatchable.
  5. I pretty much lived and breathed football until the early nineties and felt the defeats in '90 and '96 like a death in the family (well, I was a younger man and could perhaps be excused for a poor sense of proportion!). The 20 odd years since have been disappointing, embarrassing, predictable, depressing etc etc. and I've long since leaned to cope by choosing not to care. Investing no emotion at all in supporting my national football team. Well now, that has changed. Whatever the diehard critics will say about quality of opponents and a once in a lifetime opportunity, it doesn't matter. England have got to the sharp end of a major tournament and deserve enormous respect for that achievement and the way they've gone about it. We can be taken seriously again as a footballing nation and look forward with some degree of pride and confidence. The great Brian Clough said good management is about getting good players playing well and average players playing better than they thought they could. That is what Southgate has achieved and he should be applauded for it. For what it's worth, I felt we were beaten by the better team tonight (just) and I would love to see Croatia go on and win it. France are beatable, they were poor in their group matches. Should be a good game.
  6. Good stuff. Belgium deserved it for their first half performance. A bit too tense late on though. Anyway, the show ponies are out, which always pleases me somehow! When was the last time England were still in a WC after Germany and Brazil?
  7. Will be firmly behind the Belgians tonight. This Brazil side are very beatable and hugely overrated because of previous achievements by their country. Coutinho couldn't even get in the side that was embarrassed at the last world cup. Would love to see de Bruyne, Hazard et al charging through them at will this evening.
  8. There was a huge amount of coverage during the Winter Olympics of the Scots curling one out. Fair enough. They're better at it than the English.
  9. It will be Pougatch though. He's just tripe. Long winded questions which he then answers himself. I have to turn the sound off the nanosecond the ref blows for half time. Croatia through then. Meh.
  10. And continues..... Revising my theory as Croatia being serious contenders. They've looked toothless against an average Danish defence. Either side could nick it now.
  11. I had the first 6 of these. Duran Duran were a feature of the first few. I remember thinking Now 3 was the best of the ones I had with Now 5 being a bit weak. There was also a rival series called 'Out Now' but to my knowledge it folded after the first few editions. That was the last time I had any interest in pop music. Got into Acid House in its infancy and it's pretty much defined my musical taste ever since.
  12. Dougal

    Did you know.

    Did you know that 25% of all animal life forms on the planet are beetles with over 400000 species. This includes 70000 species of weevils which is more than the total species of mammals, fish, birds, reptiles and amphibians combined!
  13. I agree. Loftus-Road is the only one who pushed for a start against Colombia. I worry about Maguire's temperament. He looks like a double yellow in waiting especially against accomplished tumblers. I expect a tetchy, stop-start game. Kane will be heavily marked for sure, Sterling really needs to start justifying that tattoo.
  14. Let's not get carried away eh? As the bloke on ITV said, in WC knockout games since 1990 England have beaten Denmark and Ecuador. We played quite well against poor opposition in the group stage. If they beat Colombia it would be an exceptional result. Not doom mongering. Just a fact.
  15. They aren't much cop either tbh. If Lukaku is injured they'll not win anything with Batshuayi up front. He reminds me of Jason Lee.....with talent to match!
  16. No obvious standouts in this tournament so far I feel. I'd love to see an unusual final. Belgium vs Uruguay would be refreshing. Germany are still a threat. Surely they have to give Brandt more time on the pitch. Leaving Leroy Sane at home still seems a daft decision to me too. Werner looks like the Steve Bull of German football.
  17. Some good moments from England but long periods of stodgy football where we lost our way, but then nicked the win and deserved it. Kane is world class, no doubt. The rest mostly ok. Maguire, Young and Walker (at CB) questionable though.
  18. Office sweepstake for most repeated phrase in tonight's commentary: First touch lets him down Rather aimless long ball Needs to take those chances Found himself on the wrong side Wayward passing Struggling to break the opposition down Not on the same wavelength
  19. 90 minutes of gushing nonsense from ITV commentary for a Brazil team which, as ever, blows hot and cold and can't defend a set piece. Switzerland deserved the point, Behrami and Shaqiri were standouts and £130 odd million for Coutinho is still outstanding business by LFC. Great goal tonight but what else?
  20. Degrading rapidly as it crosses the EC. Thick fog over most of S England too. Will it burn off in time for home grown storms?
  21. The storm crossing the east Channel has run out of gas. Will the same happen for the ones further west?
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