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  1. I've no issue with vaping, even the stinky ones which waft down the pavement and suddenly assault your senses with a sickly sweet fruit cocktail smell. Vaping is a genuinely good method for weaning people off nicotine addiction. So what if it's not 'clean air'? Neither is the smell of frying bacon or burnt toast but nobody ever died of it. Smoking tobacco, in the UK in 2018 is (quite literally) for die hard losers who are so disengaged from their own existence they are perfectly happy to pay to accelerate their early demise. Vaping is a way out of that. We shouldn't be complaining about it.
  2. Not worse than this surely!?
  3. Haven't seen any of Draper's matches but based purely on his reaction to the semi final win I thought he looked a bit of a cocky little so and so.
  4. Yes, makes the equal prize money (since 2007) look a bit daft. There would probably be a scheduling issue if 'the girls' (as Dan Maskell used to call them) played 5 sets but it does need spicing up a bit. Women's tennis can be a pretty dull watch tbh. It's often all over far too quickly.
  5. Didn't see much of the game today but I'm not too surprised at the result. Belgium are a better side, we knew that before the game and 3rd place will make their lack of involvement tomorrow even more galling for them. I won't get too involved in the general England bashing which has started up in here again, still got good vibes from the tournament overall despite ITV's ongoing attempts to make it unwatchable.
  6. I pretty much lived and breathed football until the early nineties and felt the defeats in '90 and '96 like a death in the family (well, I was a younger man and could perhaps be excused for a poor sense of proportion!). The 20 odd years since have been disappointing, embarrassing, predictable, depressing etc etc. and I've long since leaned to cope by choosing not to care. Investing no emotion at all in supporting my national football team. Well now, that has changed. Whatever the diehard critics will say about quality of opponents and a once in a lifetime opportunity, it doesn't matter. England have got to the sharp end of a major tournament and deserve enormous respect for that achievement and the way they've gone about it. We can be taken seriously again as a footballing nation and look forward with some degree of pride and confidence. The great Brian Clough said good management is about getting good players playing well and average players playing better than they thought they could. That is what Southgate has achieved and he should be applauded for it. For what it's worth, I felt we were beaten by the better team tonight (just) and I would love to see Croatia go on and win it. France are beatable, they were poor in their group matches. Should be a good game.
  7. Good stuff. Belgium deserved it for their first half performance. A bit too tense late on though. Anyway, the show ponies are out, which always pleases me somehow! When was the last time England were still in a WC after Germany and Brazil?
  8. Will be firmly behind the Belgians tonight. This Brazil side are very beatable and hugely overrated because of previous achievements by their country. Coutinho couldn't even get in the side that was embarrassed at the last world cup. Would love to see de Bruyne, Hazard et al charging through them at will this evening.
  9. There was a huge amount of coverage during the Winter Olympics of the Scots curling one out. Fair enough. They're better at it than the English.
  10. The first rule of fight club.....!! Message received though
  11. Don't want to go all Caledonian piste lover on you but best read exactly what I said re 'more or less the same effect of reality avoidance'. Anyway, I've always thought you a decent sort of chap and don't want to fall out in this post shootout success era so let's leave it as a difference of opinion with perhaps the common ground being that more research for / against needs to be done.
  12. Best have a look at my follow up post. As I said, it was the actions of the few, not the whole estate who were the problem. Most 'folk' were Gordon Brown's 'hard working families'. Weed, for many is a cheaper alternative to alcohol. It achieves more or less the same effect of 'reality avoidance' and, like alcohol, is a serious problem for the many who over use it. eg Serious risk of psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia for those who start to overuse in their teens. Tick. High risk of premature long term memory loss for overusers due to abnormal hippocampus development. Tick Significant reduction in dopamine release to pleasurable stimuli in long term users, leading to risk of severe depression and increased suicide rate. Tick. Increased risk of heart rhythm disorders and strokes in young people due to THC raising the heart rate. Heavy users are especially at risk. Tick Potentially severe damage to memory in unborn infants whose mothers smoke cannabis. The same for breastfeeding mothers who use. Tick Significantly increased risk of addiction to cannabis for those who use it heavily in their teens. Withdrawal from heavy, long term use leads to symptoms causing severe disruption to daily life including chronic depression, anxiety, insomnia and loss of appetite. Tick. Confirmation by large scale multi national studies that cannabis is a gateway drug for users who have an increased likelihood of experimenting with, and developing addiction to harder drugs. Tick If, as you say, you are living on an estate where weed is used widely (as I did until a few years ago), then all of the above will be happening within shouting distance of where you live. In my view, it is a very serious problem for society and the long term effects on today's adolescents is not yet fully developed. A blanket legalisation of a poorly understood but easily available and widely used drug for the sake of questionable health benefits is not a smart move and thankfully, is highly unlikely to happen. Availability is key here. If, when my kids are older, they are faced with the prospect of meeting some skank dealer down an alley to get cannabis they are less likely to bother. If it's legally available in a fully licensed shop they'll be much more prone to try it and be at risk of the above effects.
  13. I don't see the middle classes clad in grey flannels, driving round in lowered hatchbacks with coal scuttle exhausts despite it being legal! Equally, I can't see them wanting all their clothes / house to have the pervasive cat pi55 stench of weed. Smoking will be banned long before cannabis is legalised anyway.
  14. It will be Pougatch though. He's just tripe. Long winded questions which he then answers himself. I have to turn the sound off the nanosecond the ref blows for half time. Croatia through then. Meh.
  15. And continues..... Revising my theory as Croatia being serious contenders. They've looked toothless against an average Danish defence. Either side could nick it now.
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