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  1. Is it still possible for everything to go south some 200 miles by next sunday? Asking for a friend who lives in the middle of Belgium 😁
  2. I live in the white spot in the middle of Belgium without snow 🙄...but the actual snow map will probably look a lot differently by then 🤞
  3. And what were the uppers back then? I can't believe that's almost 60(!) years ago 😳
  4. Not a great run... no link up with greenland and a toppler with very mild uppers. Probably very different in the morning though 😏
  5. Seems like a bit of nasty weather next saturday, lots of rain and wind...not really what we're after ☹️. But I have a feeling some good 's gonna pop out at some point, hopefully before the new year...we deserve some winter after these crappy ones from the last 10 years 😁
  6. I'd still like to bank this run... Negative uppers starting 120+ and getting colder and colder 🙂
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