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  1. Latest BBC Online weather presentation about an hour ago going for a yawnfest of a week with average temps, active front on Tuesday with some Hill Snow and back edge cold undercutting wet snow to dampen the ground for most below 100m.

    Other than that Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Let see how the charts look at T764 with Impending Blizzards back end of February.

    Link Below to the Forecast in anyone can be bothered anymore 😃

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/weather - Presented by Nick Miller

  2. Day 10 onwards charts looking good again I see.

    Sunday Crisp and Sunny temps 5c

    Monday Cloudier 5c

    Tuesday I can only really see back edge wet snow from cold air undercutting, maybe a dusting all gone by wednesday

    Wednesday to Sunday - High Pressure boring interspersed sunny and cloudy days and maybe a few frosts - Average or just below average temps

    Another 10 days gone for Winter 18/19 and still just a few flakes of snow on the breeze to show for it

  3. Model Thread has been shocking today, although a Forum Host I have no Modding duties or powers these days but boy I would have thrown the stick at some people in there. 

    Week Beginning the 21st Jan has always been on my mind for our corner of the world and nothing has changed that view. 

    But the good thing is its not going to be a 2 day few centimetres and thaw in the sun spell but much more drawn out which is a good thing.

    Its coming!

  4. 1987 was a truly memorable winter but for longevity wasnt noted as it was all over by the 18th and only 1 week long, my school did close for 2 weeks though due to failed heating in the 2nd week due to bursting pipes and snowdrifts 15ft high in the first week, later that year another 2 week closure caused by the 1987 October storm where we had 3 weeks off with the timing of half term that year. I blame those weeks on me screwing up my GCSE's 🤣

    Hoping the 2nd half of January and February can crack my Top 3 in my lifetime winter spells, here's hoping

    1. 1987

    2. 1991

    3. 2010

    C'Mon 2019 you can do it!!

    Great Pictures Tom and say thanks to Ian for allowing those on here, wish I could find the one with people skiing down the A127 but have not seen it online for  a few years

  5. Saw a picture from Italy earlier which had 15 foot drifts down roads, Incredible to think all we have had in the Tropical part of Essex this winter is a few flakes of snow floating around on the breeze in Late November. And only 1 scraping of frost from the car.

    Cannot wait to get my snow fix in March when me and the other half are going to Norway for 2 days and Abisko in Sweden for 2 days. They currently have around 50cm of snow at Abisko but temps there are very warm at around -2c when it should be around -10c. Tromso is even worse at +2c today. SSW Affecting them as well it would seem

    Good luck over the next few weeks everyone in the SE

  6. Hi Jodie

    Most people use the Days Inn on Tower Road which is part of the Airport Complex and has loads of restaurants around it. Thats where we tend to meet most people, but alongside the Days Inn there are about 15 other Hotels all within a stones throw

  7. In answer to both questions

    When we start our tours at the beginning of May it is always a risk going for Denver as a base but how many risks are chaseable Dallas Southwards really, and as others have said with the ease of getting away from Denver into Kansas within 2 hours or the Texas Panhandle within probably 4 hours Denver is probably the way to go in future starting 2020

    Mike there is a Base Hotel in Arizona, we use the Magnusson Papago Inn which is about 10 mins from the Airport along Mcdowell Road.

  8. Yes

    British Airways is NOT the way forward anymore it seems, especially to Dallas with Denver becoming the airport of choice.

    We have already taken the step to start tours 3, 4 and 5 from Denver in 2019 and we are talking about running all the Tours out of Denver from 2020 due to flight costs and ease of getting out of Denver as well.




  9. Hi Guys

    As soon as we get to the New

    Year next week the countdown is well and truly on for Our 15th Season Chasing Stateside and StormChase 2019.

    We currently have just 2 Spaces left on Tour 4 and 1 Space left on our Photography Tour.

    We also have 3 Spaces left on our Arizona Monsoon Tour in August which was hugely successful in 2018.

    Canada is totally Sold Out in July.

    This means we have got a record breaking amount of people coming Storm Chasing in 2019, from the 64 Spaces available only 6 Remain, so if you are thinking 2019 could be the year for you then there is still a few spaces up for grabs but I dont expect these to last long into the Spring. 

    Full details below


    Hover over the Our Tours Tab to see what is still available.

    Hope to see you in 2019

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