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  1. 1 minute ago, Southender said:

    Temporary dusting in Southend, first of the winter. All turned to slush.

    The drive back was really interesting buddy

    Billericay a Solid Inch on all surfaces, trees look amazing up there but where I was is 505ft asl

    Drove down through Noak Bridge to the A127 and just a 1cm covering, Wickford about the same, you lose the settled snow just past the Rayleigh Weir.

    Turned into Leigh on Sea and mostly sleety mess

    Temps in Billericay were -2c, It was -1c in Wickford and 0c in Leigh so much more marginal this way

  2. 4 minutes ago, lewis028 said:

    Did hammer down here in Eastwood too Paul, roads and paths were covered temporally all melting now! 

    Still a nice suprise to see this winters first snowfall and I’m sure it won’t be the last 🤞🏻

    If you get a chance go to Billericay tomorrow, the difference will blow your mind, just goes to show getting stuck under a heavy precip band for an hour and having 200ft extra elevation really counts in these Set-Ups

  3. 20 minutes ago, kold weather said:

    By the way as I mentioned on the other thread, ECM ensembles actually do seem like they are honing in on a possible snow set-up between the 29-31st of the month, that maybe a time period just to keep an eye on and see if other models start to clock the same thing.

    Now why did I break out and start smirking when I read that Darren

    8-10 days away

    Saying no more on the subject until its T2 away

  4. Yh not seeing any accumulations with this front tonight, maybe some wet snowflakes as the back edge clears before dawn.

    Tomorrow has a pretty decent chance of some Thunder and Hail in any of the Beefier showers if they can make it down the M40 from the Birmingham area. Again if you get a really hefty one would not rule out a covering for a time, and if that hits just before night with clearing skies and a few -3 to -5c temps overnight the snow could stick around for Wednesday morning.

    After that dry all the way to Sunday with temps between 6-9c

  5. Stunning drive to Ramsden Heath for my daughters Footy match this morning with the Temperature at a freezing cold 25f (-4c) and like the poster above the game fell to the weather gods with the Penalty area like concrete. If they had put the Kick Off back from 10am to Noon I am certain it would have gone ahead.

    Rain turning to wet snow the Main course we can look forward to this week, then Slug exerts some influence with Sunny and Cloudy days, warmer for the weekend with temps back to average


  6. 9 minutes ago, kold weather said:

    What IS interesting though is the timeframe is coming FORWARD in time.

    In all my years, that's normally a strong signal that the model is keying into something properly, its when you start to see things getting delayed that you worried. Pretty much all the big cold spells I can remember had this movement forward in time as the signal becomes more clear.

    Darren I have always said most noteworthy Cold Spells come with a week or two of hard frost, freezing fog etc etc before the snow comes, if the next week or so turns out that way laying the foundations then yes early February could be game on but if that High moves in and somehow settles unfavourably I can also see how this can just be the reappearance of the Slug as well.

    Time will tell and next weekend will be interesting to view another set of Day 10 Charts to see what the Models are latching onto

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