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  1. Another Booking For The Storm Chase 2011 - It's going to be an Epic! 9 Months and we are chasing!

  2. Gotta Love NW Flows In Summer - Really Active Weather.............................................Watches Paint Dry Again

  3. Really Nice Convection Ongoing In SE Essex

  4. Is Off Down The Seafront For a Walk with the Kids!

  5. Wow Tour 2 Sold Out with 3 Cars Next Year - 1 Space Remaining on Tour 1 As Well - Cant Wait As It Looks Like a La Nina Year

    1. multi cellular thunderstorm

      multi cellular thunderstorm

      Only 9 months to go, can't wait! Bored of waiting for UK storms, there's no comparison.

  6. Extreme Drizzle Here In SE Essex - Yaaaaawwwwwnnnn

    1. A.J


      its all happening here in the west midlands mate!!...one of those local dry storms again...no rain, thunder or lightning...lol

    2. Costa Del Fal

      Costa Del Fal

      they're great those storms arent they aj lol ;)

  7. 1 Fart Earlier On - Welcome to Summer 2010 in the SE

  8. Need to Look at the Enso Forecasts - Hoping For a La Nina - Strong Tornado Outbreaks Like 2007 & 2008

    1. dogs32


      i hope soooooo

  9. Summer Returns on Sunday

  10. Kent Has It's Own 3 Year Cycle - Supercells in Mid July 2004, 2007, 2010 - Holiday Anyone 2013 Kent Coast Mid July

  11. 15% Hatched & Moderate Risk For Tornadoes - Going to Be a Stormy Day.............................In the Midwest Pmsl!

  12. Very Heavy Rain and The Grass is Going Green Again!!

  13. Arron - Sitting Outside Drinking Beers last night - 22c @ 11pm Pmsl

  14. Well at least we scored 2 Against them - Pms

  15. 84/64 In Southend - Very USA Like - Now where are the Supercells!

  16. England v Germany on Sunday! Woohoo

  17. Wahay Man!

    Hope you and yours are well, dont know if you have seen but the boyz are having a meet up in Manchester on the 27th/28th February. This is going to be extremely Messy! and I thought it might appeal to you LOL

    We might even get Ian to try the 72oz steak!


    Paul S

  18. Happy 30th Me Old Mucker!! Hope you get some great pressies!! Preferably not an EF2 Tornado at a petrol station!

    Paul S

  19. Hi There

    Any chance you could give me a call tomorrow (Thur) on 020 7401 8454 or Email me on [email protected]


    Paul Sherman

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