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  1. There is a growing band of them that preach the Mild, Not for me too say but maybe they are nudged in that direction for Joe Publics sake, gone are the days of proper forecasts and forecasters who told it how it was in the 80's and 90's Sad Times
  2. Dont worry he will be on his rowing boat doing an outside broadcast in the Thames Estuary later with +4c Dewpoints saying "Here is the Rain"
  3. Define North of London ? You talking 100 miles North of London in Norwich say ? Or Watford ?
  4. Yh this one could catch the forecasters with their pants down - Cant wait for the fall out from this if they dont up the levels and it does turn out worse (or better for us) than expected. Get some cracking pictures mate
  5. Well that looks a lot better than 2c Lol Not many people live on a boat off the Estuary so happy with that
  6. Ah ok not looked at that must admit, if thats correct then yes it will be rain. So why did people say for the last few days this will be pure snow all the way. Very strange the way its changed
  7. Well if it rains here at 0.2c Temp and -1.1c Dewpoint then I am giving up Meteorology
  8. There is nothing marginal about it - I quite like all the models give us nowt can only go one way I suppose lol
  9. Checking in from this end of the Estuary Temp 0.4c Dp - 1.1 Fresh Easterly
  10. A massive positive just posted by a forecaster I hold in Very high regard and who is always very Conservative - He said draw a line from Wales across to North Essex and that's the snow line - Anyone South of this line could get between 3-7cm obvs more over Hills
  11. Haha so your saying Essex is the only place that misses out - Sob!!
  12. Crikey Darren you really need to chill mate What will be will be just watch the radar real time later - Don't need you in Hospital later when the snow is falling all around you
  13. Just driven to work - Left Leigh at - 4c went through various areas of freezing fog along my route and low temp was Minus 5c some stunning Hoar Frost on the trees
  14. Spookily as we tick over Midnight tomorrow and into Friday 1st February when the Snow should still be falling it will be 10 Years YES Thats 10 YEARS! To the day since the Red Alert in the South East. Listen to the Forecast from Ms Powell. Sound familiar ? Areas of the Thames Valley and South of the M4, Who said that never happens
  15. Took a good 3 weeks for this to finally go - Ah East North Easterly I love you so much
  16. Dont think I will be beating the 34cm level snow I got on the 2nd December 2010 somehow - Oh we can dream
  17. Going to be interesting in here from 3pm onwards tomorrow afternoon thats for sure
  18. If you put into Google "BBC Weather" and play the video from a few hours ago that might cheers you up mate
  19. Am not getting the Conveyor coming out of the Calais area towards Kent pushing West North Westwards through Kent, Surrey, London etc Where are the BBC getting that from, it looks like the Precip approaches from the SW heads NE, Pivots and Peters out ? Anyone know from the above graphics what models are showing that ?
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