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  1. i wonder when i will get my first thunderstorm of 2010?

  2. I think im going to jump on a plane and escape

  3. Got woken by a really good storm at 4am this morning. Lots of vivid lightning and gunshot thunder.

  4. Paul Sherman - I have been depressed at the fact I cannot afford to head out this year (moving out of parent's home) - it does not help seeing that there is a Tour 1 space left :'( excuse me while I grab the tissues....lol

  5. 4 Weeks Until Storm Chase & 4 Spaces Left Up For Grabs - Cheapest is now £1,250 On Tour 1 Due To A Cancellation!!!!!

  6. Woohoo - We Have A Trip To Arizona To Chase The Desert Monsoon in Mid August! The Scenery Is Stunning and makes a great Backdrop For Dry T-Storms and Haboobs!

  7. another spider for Paul.S

  8. Someone Pleeeease Upload a Picture to the Gallery and Get That Damn SPIDER Off The Screen!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Is It Wrong To Fancy The Arse Off The Future Queen Of England ????

  10. argh can you take down that huge pic of the spider please, it's making me jump a mile, sigh

  11. West Ham Surely you cant Throw this away ??

  12. Come On You Spurs - Pmsl

  13. Come On You Spurs - Pmsl

  14. Horrible Horrible drab weather, worst :(

  15. Arsenal v West Ham in the Carling Cup Final If we can hold On!!!!!!!!!Yeahhhh

  16. Arsenal v West Ham in the Carling Cup Final If we can hold On!!!!!!!!!Yeahhhh

  17. Is about to take his Youngest to See Southend V Macclesfield in League 2! Oh for supporting your local team on a freezing drizzly night

  18. Meh. I want to go storm chasing.

  19. it's official .......100 days until 2011 Stormchase Tour 1......YEEEEEEEEY!

  20. Netweather Tour 1 Now SOLD OUT - 1 Space Left on Tour 2 - Not Long to go! Woohoo

  21. hello from sunny warm Barbados! It's about 26-28c here with a nice fresh warm sea breeze. How's the uk compare right now? ;)

  22. Yay - storm. N There me me thinking it was getting dark (maybe wishing the day away) n them boom with a lovely flash and torrential rain. Surprise or what!

  23. Could Get Our 1st Thunderstorm Of The Year In London "if" The Line near Reading holds together!

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