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  1. 3 minutes ago, TomSE12 said:

    I made a post the other day (can't remember which), that we could be looking at a snow>rain>snow, event.

    Well in actual fact , here in Lee, we've seen a rain>snow>rain>snow, event. I'm 63 now and started paying an interest in local weather, when I was 10. I don't ever remember seeing, this type of evolution. Fascinating. As James, from Bromley said, had this all been snow in N.W.Kent/S.E.London, we would have seen a very decent snowfall!!


    Tom. :hi:

    Any wriggle room for a Rain- Rain - Rain event 🤣🤐

    Cant wait to see how much precip we have had here because it has been heavy rain for 21 hours now, Just Imagine if that as snow - My God!

  2. 1 minute ago, Southender said:

    Someone please put a bullet in this god awful winter (for SE Essex anyway) not a single dusting and we are now into Feb. Total trash. Great to see a few lucky ones have some snow cover though around the region. Can I borrow some?....happy to pay for a refrigerated truck to collect 👍🏻

    Am done with this little period of weather and actually dont want it too snow now. Hopefully we get something from the East before the end of March

  3. 3 minutes ago, Jemma Croton said:

    Not in the SE but few of my favourite posters are so been in here a lot today to see what they’ve had to say etc. Anyway a couple times Swindon to Reading has been mentioned as the possible sweet spot. I’m in Swindon.

    Snow finally started about 30 minutes ago, paths etc all well covered now. Let’s see if this pans out 😂


    Am glad you are getting some snow, good luck and let us know the depth when its finally over

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