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  1. Hey Tom

    When you speak to Ian Currie can you ask him his thoughts on a possible Scandi High for the 2nd half of February.

    I am favouring it to come in around the 15th of this month after 2 weeks of Mobility and an active Jet Stream coming out of the US Eastern Seaboard.

    Not seeing why there are so many  winter is over posts in the Model Discussion, am certainly not giving up on winter yet.

    Would like to know his thoughts if you get a chance to ask him

  2. Summising this spell for SE Essex and the Winter so Far

    Coverings Dec 1st to Feb 1st is Zero

    Falling Snow at a rate of over 5/10 is Zero

    Sleet Days is 3

    An awful awful winter down here and no chance of low temps tonight as we only have grass cover and not Ice.

    I will say though that I did see decent snow in Billericay around 10 days ago, although its 15 miles away it is far away enough from the English Riviera Thames Estuary and its Tepid Bath

    Roll on Spring I say!

  3. One of the strangest events I have ever known

    You have driving rain at 60masl in a place that usually does well when the Dewpoint is Negative and a Northerly Offshore Flow

    You have Rochester which is pretty much due south and lower in elevation with 4cm

    Biggin Hill with next to nothing, but Detling and Bluebell Hill Impassable

    12 miles from here you have Langdon Hills resembling a Ski Resort

    Some very strange features in the Mid and Upper Levels going on here

  4. 1 minute ago, Thunderstruck said:

    Not a happy bunny.

    Heavy snow causing disruption over in Kent, while here, less than 20 miles away on the other side of the Thames, just boring sleet as it has been pretty much all day. 

    Yh the Snow lasted all of 5 minutes before it turned back into driving rain again

    Dont have to go far for a snow fix though if you can drive.

    Will be headed over the river for a snow fix tomorrow

  5. Kold

    I enjoyed February 2005, snow amounts were a bit Meh..........................But there was actually snow falling somewhere in the SE on 23 of the 28 days.

    February 1st-2ND 2009 I certainly did not Enjoy.

    There was another February event cant remember the year when a reverse streamer Set-Up, this is the ESE Thames Snow Streamer that hits Maidstone, Gravesend, then crosses into NE London and hits NW London and Herts really bad.

  6. 3 minutes ago, TomSE12 said:

    I made a post the other day (can't remember which), that we could be looking at a snow>rain>snow, event.

    Well in actual fact , here in Lee, we've seen a rain>snow>rain>snow, event. I'm 63 now and started paying an interest in local weather, when I was 10. I don't ever remember seeing, this type of evolution. Fascinating. As James, from Bromley said, had this all been snow in N.W.Kent/S.E.London, we would have seen a very decent snowfall!!


    Tom. :hi:

    Any wriggle room for a Rain- Rain - Rain event 🤣🤐

    Cant wait to see how much precip we have had here because it has been heavy rain for 21 hours now, Just Imagine if that as snow - My God!

  7. 1 minute ago, Southender said:

    Someone please put a bullet in this god awful winter (for SE Essex anyway) not a single dusting and we are now into Feb. Total trash. Great to see a few lucky ones have some snow cover though around the region. Can I borrow some?....happy to pay for a refrigerated truck to collect 👍🏻

    Am done with this little period of weather and actually dont want it too snow now. Hopefully we get something from the East before the end of March

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