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  1. May looks like it is about to ramp up a gear - Next 7-10 days look amazing!!

    1. Dorsetbred


      Watch out for the SPC about turn!!!

    2. Paul Sherman

      Paul Sherman

      SPC can go to hell - This IS Going to happen........At last!

    3. Dorsetbred


      Ok so having peed the weather gods off, I've spoken to them nicely and the heavens may now open. Tour 1.5 might be flat but it'll get better. I knew I should have stayed with tour 3. Never again for an April EF5 as suggested!!

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  2. High Based Storms possible from tuesday and Supercells thursday and friday

  3. Well today was fun, not often you see a sheep sprinting down a US Highway, 2 crack den hotels, a flat tyre and the funniest car journey ever

  4. Boat ordered to cross the Mississippi today - just waiting for the arrival of the trailor to tow it behind the beast

  5. Heading for the Kansas and Missouri Border today - Hoping for better dynamics than yesterday

  6. Somehow busting in Kansas in not as bad as Nebraska - Well not a total bust did see storm build near dodge and core punch but bad from what it should have been!

    1. shuggee


      ....oh... I thought that said busking.

    2. Nick F

      Nick F

      At least you saw some storms, haven't heard thunder since last autumn. But agree could have been a better show.

  7. Chasing In SW Oklahoma and Western North Texas Tomorrow for 1 last shot!

  8. Travel day today followed by some bowling and then a changeover day chase in S Oklahoma

  9. Lol 8am in the morning and it is already 70/64f - It has that feeling like something is going to go bang in a big way!!

  10. Chasing C & SE Nebraska Today - Good chance for tornadoes later wish us luck!

  11. 4 Day Tornado Outbreak for the US - Sun-Wednesday Wish us luck!!!

    1. Coast


      Good luck!

    2. Paul Sherman

      Paul Sherman

      Thursday Now Looking Great as well! Lol

    3. sammie


      GOOD LUCK <3

  12. About To Drive To Amarillo!!

    1. shuggee


      All I can remember from some wit in response to 'that' song is that you should be on Interstate 27...

  13. Wow Osama Bin Laden Is Dead!!!!!!!!!!

  14. NAM/RUC & GFS Being meagre with the Cape today at 3,500jkg - Boooooooooooo

  15. Is going to see "Tornado Alley" at DFW Imax Today - Woohoo!

    1. dogs32


      enjoy....good luck have a good time

  16. 8TH Straight day with blue skies and not a cloud N-S-E-W - Thermonucleur Cap grrrrrrrrrr

  17. http://forum.netweather.tv/topic/37668-discussion-reporting-2007/page__view__findpost__p__971632 - Scary Post from 4 years ago today and what happened with Greensburg
    1. Dorsetbred


      So your 4 year prediction looks a likely then.....

    2. Paul Sherman

      Paul Sherman

      Would I lie to you - I mean I am dealing with James Bond character here - Q & M

  18. Some beautiful convective pictures in the gallery from today - Well done everyone

  19. Is hoping to see some big Cb's off to my north later today - SE Essex dry thank god daughters bbq swimming pool party

  20. This Time Next Week Will Be Over Nova Scotia With About 4 Hours Until We Land At DFW!

    1. Dorsetbred


      Don't worry Pat, your still on for an F5

    2. StormChaser


      Why does everyone feel the need to Type Every Word With A Capital? Drives me mad! :D

    3. Paul Sherman

      Paul Sherman

      GoOd I aM GlAd It AnNoYs YoU - HoW BlOoDy PeDaNtIc CaN YoU GeT

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  21. Wishes he was Flying out Tomorrow Instead of Next Thursday - Sob!

    1. duckeyh


      er ....is there something brewing I should know about ?

  22. Thinks Vortex Liam should not think about a Job at the SPC In the USA Any time soon - Lol

  23. There are some tasty looking birds on this Forum

    1. Neilsouth


      Now that's funny ;)

    2. A.J


      a bit too much body hair for my liking..all over body brazilians required, only then will you have tasty chicks...lol

  24. Will be at the Hotel at Heathrow in 12 days Time!

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