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  1. Your lucky John we had wet sleet and then driving rain Some of the puddles in Essex have been impressive today
  2. Was Sleety when it started at Midnight with -2c Dewpoints and is hammering it down with rain now with positive dewpoints Bah! Estuary can be a life saver or an enemy it seems
  3. Yh Estuary filling up with Snow, some really nice returns now in the River
  4. Well If it does not happen tonight in 5 weeks I will be here with the lovely lady for our 20th Wedding Anniversary where we are guaranteed snow, they have 97cm at the moment. And some things to look up in the Sky as well when I will be praying for no snow Abisko (Sweden) taken about 20 minutes ago
  5. Yay, Just over the river and due south of Southend, Cmon just a little bit further north.
  6. Sorry Lauren this has to be said once and for all The first retort tonight was a dig at Kold Weather from said poster to which to Kolds defence he never bit The 2nd was at a few of us saying we obviously were failed weather geeks who could not get on the course anyway Now to me that is Trolling, and somebody who is looking for a fight Lets draw a line under it now and get back to what is great about the SE Regional and that is friendly banter with some cracking people in here
  7. Southend Peeps Check out the Dewpoints on XC Weather - Diving down to -3c Woohoo
  8. Am glad you are getting some snow, good luck and let us know the depth when its finally over
  9. Well the Blob that has been sat in the Estuary for the past 2 hours is definately Anaprop as nothing has fallen at all
  10. Yh not going to get involved with whats clearly a troll, everyone else in this lovely thread seems to get on with it, dont really get involved with petty squabbles, where is the Ignore List
  11. Well you are not especially Golden wondering why a Polar North Westerly was delivering Convective Showers to Manchester with the Irish Sea on their doorstep and NOT Norwich Think you might need another 4 years Pal Would love to take you to Tornado Alley and see how you fare out there as well, Had 4 PHD Met Students out in 2017 and they said they actually learnt quite a bit from me - Touche
  12. Would be good to see a Skew-t from this Evening, have a feeling the Boundary Layer is still too dry and as the Low moves further NE and the Boundary layer moistens the heavier snow will move in across land. Maybe 11pm onwards ? Just a hunch
  13. UKV did show the Reading to Swindon corridoor as the Sweet Spot for England
  14. I wonder though if the modelled winds and dewpoints might be wrong for the morning though, if this LP has not behaved as it should and lands in a different position to where it was modelled then the winds might be ENE and not ESE by dawn which should make the dewpoints better for us
  15. Looking at the radar yes definately, but worried the wintry mix could push the snow levels down by the morning
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