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  1. Stormchase Tour 5 Officially Announced Today!

  2. Hotel, Car Rental and Flights Booked for Arizona - Just over 1 month until we chase the Desert Monsoon!

  3. Totally Dry Weekend with temps in the low 20's - Perfect!

    1. Paul Sherman

      Paul Sherman

      Have something that is trying to make it across the shield - But has moved 5 Miles in an hour

    2. jimbo36


      well i got soaked playing golf :-(

    3. Eugene


      Yes a paul very nice for lots of people this weekend yes some showers around but they only arrived after 6 pm here, week ahead looks mostly sunny with just a few light showers, nice summer so far much better than i thought

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  4. Need to know Numbers for Attendees for the 3rd NW BBQ - 2 weeks today Please!!!!

  5. Just got a Re-Tweet from the Luverly Stephanie Abrams On Twitter - Why cant we have Weather Presenters like her in this country - Mwahaha

  6. Last day of the Discount Offer for next years Stormchase Tours - Until Midnight only!!

  7. 6 1/2 Weeks until Arizona - 1 Space still remaining and at cost price to £1,275 - Pm me if you are Interested

  8. BBQ On the go - Cold magners in hand - Stormchasing Tomorrow!

    1. Dorsetbred


      Sorry Paul this "Spanish Plume" ain't no good for you to come down here and watch over the Channel, it's a false imitationof a good PLUME

    2. Paul Sherman

      Paul Sherman

      Spanish Plume - This one is a french plume - the ones where they keep the storms for themselves

    3. Dorsetbred


      Aye your right there captian. If we look towards a real good Spanish plume, remember the offer still stands bed & cider for the night!

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  9. Hire Car Sorted from BBC - Shallwe Play with the Expected Large Hail tomorrow or do the Meto Mean Large Amounts of Small Hail - Lol

    1. jimbo36


      Are we there yet?

    2. jimbo36


      Are we there yet?

    3. Mammatus


      Lol.....lets hope they mean the former mate ha ha

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  10. Day 5 In Majorca and Cloud count still at Zero - 33c Today Woohoo

    1. Fozfoster


      Just had 5 days in Malaga, cloud count there was zero and 30c plus too.

    2. Harry


      Lucky git! :D enjoy

    3. Dorsetbred


      Bet that weight around your legs stop youz running off looking for storms, doesn't it?

  11. Off to Majorca Tonight for 7 days of Sun - Only time I DONT want a T-Storm Lol

    1. Summer Sun

      Summer Sun

      No chance of a T-Storm sunny every day till at least sunday and 28c or 29c (82f to 84f) http://news.bbc.co.uk/weather/forecast/44?&search=majorca&itemsPerPage=10&region=world

    2. Paul Sherman

      Paul Sherman

      Lovely Jubbly! 84f is much better than the 100f we endured last week!

    3. Summer Sun

      Summer Sun

      Next wednesday 22 / 06 according to Accu Weather could be Very warm and humid with a blend of sun and clouds

      High Temperature: 33°C RealFeel: 36°C High Temperature: 91°F RealFeel: 96°F


  12. Last Chase day for 2011 - Ok Panhandle for Supercells and hopefully a Tornado today

  13. Tour 4 Saw 2 Supercells today - The 2nd A Tornado Warned Classic Supercell with violent rotation

  14. Arse end of North Dakota and Western Minnesota for todays Chase - Doh!

    1. Coast


      Blimey - NW storm chasing does Canada next!

  15. So to end the Tornado Season it looks like MT/ND/WY/CO/CO

  16. - June 3rd Forecast better be better than the 2nd!
  17. Looks like we will be Amarillo Bound - Then it's the Dakotas all next week

  18. Moderate Risk today with 15% Hatched for Tornadoes

    1. Dorsetbred


      Enough of this evil speak oh evil one. Di thoust keep the best for last perchance?

    2. Paul Sherman

      Paul Sherman

      Tour 3 have been extremely lucky I grant you that!

  19. Chasing SE Nebraska and NE Kansas Today

  20. 90f Today with Right Moving Supercells - The things they have to put up with in Oklahoma - Lol

    1. Osbourne One-Nil

      Osbourne One-Nil

      I wonder if anyone from Oklahoma has ever come to Cumbria to marvel at 11.4º and drizzle?

    2. Paul Sherman

      Paul Sherman

      Wow thats warm for the time of year

    3. 95 Degrees

      95 Degrees

      It was -15F there just 3 months ago, thatswhat I find funny

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  21. Travel Day back to Norman - Risk tomorrow in W Oklahoma

  22. High Risk Issued For Significant Tornadoes Today - OK City, Wichita, Tulsa and Joplin Under the Gun!

  23. Possibly Another Huge Outbreak on Tuesday - SPC Bigging this one up - Looks like it will be a High Risk!

  24. Some you win some you lose - Could not make it in time to the Ardmore Beast - Gotta love changeover days!

    1. Gorky


      Shame.. That thing was really rotating. Not sure how it didn't put a long lived tornado dowm. The Ada storm north was georgeous too. Always seems to happen on the changeover days eh? :(

  25. Best Tornado chances of the trip today in S Central and C Kansas! Dont let me down dorothy!

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