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  1. Looking like a bonus chase day coming up on Tuesday in Colorado, Is everyone staying at the Days Inn on Monday night on Tower Road ? Have started a Tour 4 chat thread on Facebook 

  2. Martin 

    We are staying at the Best Western at Irving on the first night and have booked you a room in your name, when you land can you get to car rentals and get the shuttle bus (Free) to pick you up and get you to the Best Western.

    There is a 5% Tornado Risk and the others can get a bonus chase in and get back to the Hotel tonight. 

    We will then make our way North for Fridays risk first thing on Thursday morning.

  3. Starting today in Amarillo and chasing in New Mexico for the marginal Risk

    If last week is anything to go by we will not have Internet coverage for the entire time we are in New Mexico and it works perfectly when we get back to the NM/TX border so streaming today will probably only be on the last part of the chase.

    Hoping for some structure today

  4. 7 hours ago, matty40s said:

    The stream wasnt in the usual place?????

    Bit disappointed in the team, no updates or comments to us at home. 

    The structures and hail on other chasers feeds were pretty awesome before I fell asleep.

    Very dissapointed in this response Matty to be honest. My number one aim is for my PAYING guests and keeping them safe whilst around a Dangerous HP Supercell, not only dodging Golfball Hail, navigating my next move with a Tornado in a field next to us about 500 metres away, sometimes your mind slips that the streaming might have dropped out. When its easy with a dodge city tornado then thats not a problem.

  5. It seems an eternity but its finally come around, Chase Day 1 on Netweathers Day 1 looks like the short jaunt from Dallas Fort Worth to Illinois. 😂 Its doable if we leave Tuesday and ping off a few hundred miles then travel into target on Wednesday.

    Looking solid for all days after this until early next week so hitting the ground running once again.

    Will update on the specifics and mesoscale nearer wednesday



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