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  1. 4 minutes ago, Carl said:

    I'll have to read up on that.

    Never heard anything like it.

    Generally only found around Supercells and make no mistake that cell that went SE Of Durham and over Peterlee was a definate Supercell even on our cruddy radars we have in this country. Had it been on Radarscope or GRLevel3 in the States we would have been marvelling at a Right Splitting Supercell.

    I just hope somebody got the right side of it so we can see the structure. The Hail Roar we get out in the States lasts for around 5-10 mins and generally someone up wind gets clobbered with some larger stones than the surrounding area.

    Most of the stones in the picture below from last week when we were in Colorado were around 2.5" to 3" and we heard the Roar before we got to the location, all other areas around only had 1" Stones.



    So it sounds like the description was for Hail Roar from a Bonafide Supercell


  2. 2 minutes ago, Carl said:

    As it's moving away there is the strangest sound I've ever known from a storm. Rubles are so constant it sounds like wind blowing nearby. There's a slight breeze but it's just incessant rumbles all merging into one.


    Been going on for five or ten mins now with no sign of abating although it is reducing in volume as it moves away.

    Sounds like Hail Roar to me 

  3. Yeah Canada looks High and dry this coming work week but am seeing signs of chases end of the week with a deep area of Low Pressure coming in for the 18th to 20th - Looks like Montana tomorrow, Wyoming on Tuesday and then Eastern Dakotas on Wednesday before making our way North again for the end of the week.

  4. 9 minutes ago, cheeky_monkey said:

    not a sausage in Edmonton ..had a cpl light showers..been no thunderstorms to hit the city this year thus far..need the heat for that and there has been none this year...i think SK/MB is the place to be this season

    Yh most of our chases will be in SAS and Manitoba and the Dakotas, if we are around Edmonton then we really are doing something badly wrong 😂

  5. 19 hours ago, Roger J Smith said:

    Paul, I think you'll find Weyburn SK between Regina and Estevan is one place that gets more than its share of severe storms, and from there they tend to move northeast and cross the Trans-Canada Highway near Broadview SK. No guarantees but I would scout the roads in that section of the province (I have been through both places but never tried to navigate from one to the other directly). What range of dates will your tour cover? 


    We will be chasing from Monday 15th until Thursday the 25th July 

  6. In just 1 week from now we will be starting our first ever Canadian Prairies Chase for Netweather. The Extended Models look really good for Storms, Chase Areas next week will include Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and the Northern Plains on the USA.

    Will post regular updates in this thread.

  7. Great Start to Tour 4 with 4 Kansas Tornadoes on a Slight Risk 2% Day

    The Goodland Supercell was an absolute beast sitting on the boundary most of the day



  8. Hi Pete

    I will be arriving at the Days Inn with Tour 3 around 12 noon on Saturday so if you guys want to make your way over to the Days Inn some of the staff will already be there defo Graham Moore who arrives Friday 

  9. Yh could have been mass casualties Nick

    Re the misting up of the windows yes we came across this after leaving the Mangum Storm it quickly became undercut by the front and the look went from tornadic to outflow, we headed south towards Altus and went from 57f to 83f in the matter of 3 miles and the windows were instantly fogged up, one of the best I have seen in fact

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