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  1. Yh after looking back at posts can see you defending the forecasters so sorry for the dig. I just hope most people on here appreciate the time and effort these guys go to for us and the general public No hard feelings at all. Just as an aside note, last night after meeting up with Peter Scott to shoot some lightning he mentioned he had spoken to Dan earlier in the day (Saturday) and Dan had stated there was the possibility of a Storm that could become a Supercell over East Anglia on Sunday. Absolutely spot on to him as I dont know how many of you know that today saw that rare visitor to our shores. A storm initiated around 4pm near Saffron Walden and tracked up to Bury St Edmonds where it became Surface based, it then turned right from the deviant flow and produced a left split storm (Splitting is indicitive of a highly Sheared Storm/Supercell) this storm after looking at a sounding actually utilised locally 2000jkg of Surface based cape and produced hail upto 1cm in diameter. What an amazing few days
  2. Was it this one MPR ?? Only 1 part of that was correct ? No Surface Based Storms in the Green Box and most of the Yellow Box North and East of Sussex never saw a flash of Lightning ? Forecasting Storms is hard Innit
  3. Ah sorry must have missed it, will trawl back through the pages and have a look - Cheers MPR
  4. It says in your Logo "Amatuer Meteorologist and Storm Forecaster" Ben Any chance you could put a little effort into a forecast for the next convective event ? It's all too easy to bash others that give their opinions on here. Remember they are forecasting when conditions look favourable with what they have on the table from the models they look at and it did to them warrant a Moderate with 800-1000 MU Cape and an active front coming in from the west. Like I said hope to see you forecast the next chance of Thunder in the Uk and will look out for it and certainly WONT bash it if it goes wrong - Dan and Convective Weather like Torro and Nick here on Netweather do an amazing job and should be applauded IMHO
  5. I never saw the talk of them fizzling Gordon ?? We have between 750-1000 MU Cape over a lot of the UK today so like others have said these are Elevated Storms not working off juice at the surface, what they always contain is lots of lightning and sometimes some decent hail in the stronger cores. Luck of the draw overnight but if your willing to take yer phone, your 5 min radar updates and have a car it should be pretty simple to find one
  6. Meh Cant you do both, call yourself a Storm Chaser Average chase day in the Alley is between 500-700 miles Get on it buddy!
  7. Tour 1 2018

    Loving the fact lots of you are coming in on the 7th and not the 8th. If anything is close to DFW 2 of the 3 cars will be ready to chase so could be some bonuses - Woohoo
  8. 2018 Q&A For Tornado Season

    Well we fly out 8 weeks today to Set-Up for our 14th Stormchase Season out in Tornado Alley This year will be the busiest yet with 7 Tours running and it all starts in Early May, there are a lot of newbies once again for the Upcoming Season so this will be a great thread for answering any questions you may have or any worries you might be wondering about. Any question big or small then just ask away and myself or one of the team or indeed regular storm chasers who have been before will be on here to answer any nagging queries. Also if any of the regulars have tip and tricks then please put them in this thread as well. This can be for things like what to take, electrical etc Regards Paul
  9. ENH risk MO/AR 13/4/18

    SW Iowa for me hoping something can turn to the right along and under the Warm Front, nice chase terrain there as well with lots of Corn Fields that will have some great visibility due to no 6ft Corn Stalks getting in the way. East of Little Rock as you know Neil is decent chase country with not many trees, West of Little Rock forget it mate!
  10. Tour 1 2018

    Not Long Now Tour 1 - Just over 4 weeks to go Cannot wait to see those Supercells again!
  11. 2018 Q&A For Tornado Season

    Floods you say ? Watch this space
  12. Lol Smurf just mentioned the Immortal words - TSS Good Friday Thames Snow Streamer - Lets hope it delivers more than the last one last week which dumped 0.00001mm
  13. Looks like it has some of Essex name on it as well if I am reading the radar returns correctly
  14. Thorndon it is then, and thats closer to me as well
  15. Here it is even more Stark We have a dusting, whereas Chelmsford and Brentwood which are about 1o miles North of here have 10cm - All about luck mate
  16. Its the same with the SPC to be fair in the US Even when a Mod or High Risk is issued and not a cloud forms for a particular reason they let the warning expire at the permitted time, just in case I think
  17. How you get that much and how did it sneak past me here Coming the 15 miles to Brentwood to sledge tomorrow then, any decent venues apart from South Weald ?
  18. This looks more like a traditional ESE Streamer, which runs true with SWF and Chelmsford having 5-8cm whereas Leigh ON Sea has barely a dusting on the roads and still the 3cm from this morning on the grass. Pi$$ Poor
  19. Can see big line of Cbs to my north over the crouch estuary - seems to be drying out down here atm which is a worry
  20. Actually there is a mass of greens and yellows moving into the Mouth of the Estuary and it does seems to be moving WWSW atm. Could be the saviour for most if it keeps it course, does not help there is a radar hole in the Thames Estuary as well
  21. Yh very strange Radar movements this evening, some of it is moving WSW other parts moving WNW. Someone will get lucky my money is on North to Central Essex through Herts
  22. Really hammering it down in Leigh On Sea, everything getting covered fast including roads
  23. Yh really starting to ramp up a bit now, this does look like a classic streamer to me, moreso than Beast Part I a few weeks back. Beast Mark III looks like it could ruin Easter Egg Hunts as well - Love It! Just hope that UKV is correct as have sledging pencilled in for 9am tomorrow morning
  24. Nope coming down thick and fast now and finally settling on the paths and side roads
  25. Surprised at these comments really, radar looks encouraging to me for developments over the next 12 - 24 hours. Chill everyone, am enjoying Polystyrene Fest down here today, first time since 2009