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  1. And I thought it was $hitty Knickers
  2. Max Yesterday was 34.7c at Tibenham according to Met Office Stats so nowhere near the record
  3. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10216705120168237&set=p.10216705120168237&type=3&theater From Nathan Edwards who is on here as Gorky (Username)
  4. Just seen a Pic of the York Storm on Social Media and 100% High Based Supercell - Stunning Structure
  5. Lol think you have a few hours of storms to get through first from that band north of Peterborough, you will be sick of them by the end of tonight I think
  6. Everyone in the drought zone dont give up hope Encouraging signs on the latest radar scans The line going through London is going to link to the stuff coming out of France and will sweep more NNE in the next few hours as forcing arrives further east 8-10pm will be my guess for the dry zones
  7. Yep turning into a big old MCS - Should be some stunning lightning later when it gets dark
  8. Hmmm Was expecting a Surface Based Storm If I am honest. Looks very elevated Thanks for the picture though buddy
  9. Its deffo a Boundary of some sorts, could be a SW Moving Outflow Boundary from the earlier storms in Norfolk
  10. Paris MCS or Bust for us Lauren Unfortunately
  11. MCS Looking good for Kent and Essex Later Nick ? Thoughts Temps still around 30-32c in these areas that have had zero precip
  12. 2 Probable Supercells at the moment, the left mover over Skegness and the one to its south in the Wash. Hoping some people can get some pics of these
  13. Would imagine that Storm NW of Paris is an MCV and should note should impact parts of Kent, Essex and Suffolk that have missed out thus far this evening. UKV had this modelled for around 8pm tonight heading NNW
  14. Yep looks like a Sea Breeze Boundary with ENE Winds feeding into it. Probably Supercellular, hopefully some people ping up some pictures of the Structure. Would imagine LCL's around 700-1000mtrs and solid base on it with strong Updraught!
  15. Incredibly it looks like SE Essex is going to dodge pretty much ALL the Precip - Amazing!
  16. Yep looking ok - things destabilising to your south and east at present
  17. Yep cant see why not, as they move into a more favourable environment for Surface Based Storms then they should hold their course, it is not uncommon for Elevated Storms to become rooted into the Boundary layer and become surface based
  18. For those of us east of London and in Kent should be encouraged by recent developments SE Of Brighton which should congeal into an MCS this evening according to some HI Res Model Data I have seen which I cant share unfortunately
  19. Nope nothing of note happening here in SE Essex, had a build up of TCU Earlier but that seems to have been beaten down by the Cap here. Suppose could get a drifter up from La France later. Thetford to Hunstanton is the place to be today, 2000jkg of Cape and if anything can go surface based that would be my hunch although the majority of these are Elevated Hailers
  20. We are unfortunately placed for Surface based storms I agree, there simply is not the land track for Essex and Surrey in our locales. You have to get very lucky with a NE Moving storm to form for you just inland from the Hampshire Coast or for me north of Brighton. Otherwise its MU Cape Storms from France which deliver or get annoyed by Surface based Supercells raging in NW France that lose intensity as they encounter the English Channel. I would take a punt on a possible MCS This evening for our area so all is not lost..................yet Other than That East Cambs, Norfolk, Suffolk and Lincs looks primed if you can drive just a little bit north today.
  21. Nowt But I learned you should not chase a Warm Front over a LP and never Chase in North Dakota as long as you live. Are you out today ? Might actually give this a crack up in Cambs/Lincs area today
  22. Not to sound condescending but I think you need to read up online or from a book about what causes thunderstorms in given areas, it is not down to the pretty colours you see on charts and you have to include a lot of factors when looking at where storms will be likely. Texas and Oklahoma in the States have had Cape Value and Heat of over 100f most of the last 3 months but have had hardly any noteworthy storms, but places further north which are cooler (relatively) and are closer to Upper Forcing and surface features have been getting hammered with storms with lower Cape but higher Shear environments. You really will find it beneficial to read up on these things and wont get so wound up - Just my twopenceworth
  23. Definately IS their first ever High
  24. 86/66 here in Leigh On Sea with not a cloud in the Sky. Everything looks to be North and West of here for today and not really looking forward to frontal thundery rain on Friday if I am honest. Good luck to the usual hotspots in these breakdown situations closer to the Trough.
  25. Paul Sherman

    Tour 5 2018 photography tour

    Melvyn When you land can you do the Following when you get to arrivals, head to West Terminal - Level 5 Passenger Pick Up Island 3 Days Inn bus runs regularly and is Free Me and John will be waiting for you there Not long now