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  1. Hi Paul.

       yes its only me. Hope you are OK?

     Just a quick update for information; There was mention last year that you might have found a good deal for your data? Was this with a USA SIM card or did you rent a MIFI? ....Anyway TBH prob can't make this year due to lack of finances but will be out next year.

    PS. You are probably aware that this will be an El Nino Spring. Past records show potential for an early big outbreak April but not much May?  Often followed by a late season workable outlook from halfway through June to end of July?

    Regards Tony

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    2. Tony Gilbert

      Tony Gilbert

      Well gobsmack at how fast you responded, Paul!

      There is no hard and fast rule with El Nino and there will always be severe weather during spring in the USA. So don't fret too much :)

      Paul, do you know the name of this mifi?  ,,,This is quite important for me!

      PS. You probably already know I took my 16 yr old son out June northern States last year late season. We actually got a few really good storms but the road network and people up NE stinK. Fact. Will only ever now chase southern plains early or mid season.

    3. Paul Sherman

      Paul Sherman

      Will find out the exact name for you Tony, it was different to the flat puck Red Verizon Mifi we used the year before and was a smaller Green device which Ian M topped up from cards at Walmarts which was much easier than finding a Verizon Store.

      Yh saw you guys went out there in June and was surprised we never crossed paths as we usually do!

    4. Tony Gilbert

      Tony Gilbert

      Morning, Paul. Yep if you get the name of that mifi would be great. Cheers!

      Last year we flew into Chicago (the hell hole) late season. Long drive west to get into S Dakota which is a great place. Though later in the vacation we ended up mainly Ill, Wisc and Iowa. Interstates were always busy and sometimes at a complete standstill. Much of the topo is as bad as chasing



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