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  1. Would like to congratulate the Midlands, North and North West for next week and get it in early - Lololol Only got to 91f here today and clouded over with Virga now so at least something to look at but not the drizzle experience from our neighbours in Surrey. Horrible hot evening and night to come not a breath of wind and literally no air its awful
  2. Hmm Midlands not wasting anytime for this spell are they Just the usual here
  3. Yay Only a week to go for the next let down then Cant wait for the low to mid nineties temps then an area of patchy cloud to break the spell Yaaaaaaaawn
  4. Have this crap non convective Mammatus overhead so wash your mouth out young man
  5. The only person who will score tomorrow is Zak when he sees Cgs off the coast of Holland Next........ No offense to Zak btw and he knows we are only having a long running joke
  6. This was just south of my location at 320am but I was bye byes Zzzzzzzzz Lovely shot from Dusty posted on AUK looking North from Gravesend over the Thames Estuary
  7. The Cone evaporated that little storm that dared to penetrate the force - All quiet now and back to normal dreich
  8. Tomorrow looks good for the North Midlands, North West and North East for a change 100% will verify
  9. 367 Days since I last saw Lightning at Night in SE Essex which is quite frankly appalling, and if you said to me 10 years ago that it was possible to go from the 25th July 2019 all the way through August and September 2019 along with May, June and July of 2020 without even seeing a flash of lightning then I would have laughed at you. Incredible pattern shift going on in the SE of England these days and one that needs looking into really. If anyone is doing a dissitation for a Met Degree it would be a great subject matter.
  10. Best Video of the lot IMHO - Can really see the Mesocyclone and Wall Cloud when he pans out at the end
  11. Pretty much standard nowadays We get the 24-27c all week whereas areas further North have been in the mid teens and we get squat and they get the goods, its the standard default for the last 10 years. Moving on to August
  12. Tony Gilberts UKWW Update sounds more like an SPC Update with mention of Tornado Events and possible Supercells. Eyes down for the model runs overnight
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