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  1. I know Sunday onwards is when the colder uppers spread over us Shotski.........................But Maxes were shown as 2-3c today so maybe the 4-5c for tomorrow is not going to be laughable, that was my point. The sun out of the wind is really quite warm
  2. Just briefly touched 6c here 😳 Maybe the BBC new suppliers not so off the mark
  3. And i will wager a £1000 That is an incredibly bold statement/prediction to make seeing as pretty much every north easterly has cripped SE Essex over my 45 years on this planet
  4. S Herts is defo London and SE Thread
  5. One of my friends messaged me earlier about Friday and Saturday to which I replied You cannot or nobody can tell where an Area of Low Pressure which has not even formed yet will track for 6-7 days ahead and if they do DONT BELIEVE THEM!
  6. Pretty sure we split it up in 2009 and 2010 Think it was called East Anglia and 3 Countes Thread which included Beds, Bucks and Northern Herts etc Ask the Mods am sure it can happen, think we ran at 1 page per minute 8 years ago so you will need to be fast to keep up
  7. Yh also not buying the GFS Solution for Friday. Have a feeling the Low will be around 50-100 miles south of the Uk probably near the Brest peninsula and keep the SE in strong North Easterlies. If thats the case I would not expect too much snow North of the M4. Now thats rare in itself saying that. Does have the look of a classic South Central and SW event though.
  8. BBC 2355 Useless - Link Below
  9. Yes good to have CK1981 Back in time for the Upcoming Madness and the Amazing SE thread Couple of things from the last few posts, one the incredible depths around the Ashford and Kent areas from 1987 was caused by a straight and penetrating North Easterly like the Nor Easters they get in the States, that really was an incredible wind which whipped up drifts probably never seen since, some in Kent were 20ft Deep near the M2. The Low Pressure for end of work week, History would favour a southerly route and undercut of the Low across the Spanish/French area but have looked into a few events on Wiki the last few days and some of the most notable SW And South Central Blizzards of the last 300 years HAVE had these LP Crashing into the Block so anything is possible and cant be totally discounted. The angle looks strange to me, straight east across Biscay and then a sharp turn to the NE just does not look right and the Block will surely win this battle. Interesting times ahead for the next 7-10 days
  10. In reply to the poster that asked about where streamers affect with what vector wind - I did find the archive but it wont let me link it as its so old and dusty, anyway the following is a guide. NNE - Places in Jackpot zone would include Coastal Norfolk, Coastal Suffolk and Kent into Sussex east of a line from Whitstable/Faversham through Ashford down to East of Hastings, the Jackpot zone usually is Hawkinge to Lenham. NE - See above but can also affect places 15-20 miles inland from Coasts of Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex and also push a little further west along the Sussex and Kent Coasts as well. A strong enough Flow can penetrate showers into the Greater London area ENE - Thames Estuary Streamer. Affects areas from Clacton down to Isle of Sheppey through Maidstone and SE Essex and Thames Corridoor, also affects NE London to a point and crosses the Thames at Dartford into SE London. ESE - This is an interesting one as it affects most of Kent and the Southern side of the Thames Estuary and places In NW london and Herts do very well. From Steves chart above from ECM @ 120 showing an ESE Streamer would be very happy if living in Herts, Bucks etc
  11. Wife reporting snow grains in Leigh On Sea already
  12. This is worth a read A paper I wrote on the 1st/2nd February 2009 Event which still stings even to this day
  13. Will have a look for it in the archives
  14. Nah the flow was quite a lot slacker than this event, and we had an Inversion on that occasion, this event looks to last a lot longer as well