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  1. Tada! As if by magic! And thats why a blog is such a great thing, pick the date and see whats on there!
  2. Full write up for Tues/Wed event on my blog below
  3. Would be in Southport on the beach by now If I was up there, or Morecombe Bay for the next 30 mins Lots of Lightning with it as well
  4. Quite rare, see them most years in the USA. Yesterdays one actually was first picked up as an MCV around the Jersey and Guernsey area and travelled all the way to the Humber. Now that is impressive. It was showing MCV tendencies over Portsmouth/Southampton area early evening and then took shape again around NW London. Fascinating to watch unfold!
  6. Best Storm I can remember was around 1981 in August that year, was 9 years old and living in Chelmsford at the time. The sky turned milky white after a day of 34c temps. (This I now know were the anvils from the MCS moving up from France) Then around 10pm first flickering of lightning, then this wnt on for around 7 hours! Yes 7 HOURS! You could clearly feel each new cell come through at 30 minute intervals with heavy rain and hail and constant lightning. Now those were the days of Proper Mcs Storms, maybe we are starting to get back to that ?
  7. Torro just issued this - Looking good for the North!
  8. No worries buddy glad you had a great chase, wish I could pull all nighters now but am getting too old, this is a young mans game
  9. Please Explain this ? I posted at 10am yesterday way back on this thread that Euro4 had this nailed with 2 rounds of Storms, the first going up through Cornwall and Devon and onto Ireland which Verified, then the 2nd wave that hit the SE was also modelled correctly. I guess its all down to what models you trust and how you interpret the data to hand. I was not buying some of the models predictions from early yesterday that were saying west is best. We had a screaming ENE yesterday that was piling moisture and running the Theta W plume straight into Central Southern England and SE England, the streamlines were also showing storms at 600/700hpa following this plume, some storms even made it to the 500hpa vector, but none of them showed the steering flow getting to the Midlands. I also did a check on dewpoint/moisture yesterday around 4pm. Dps in the South and South East were low to mid 60's and not mixing out whereas from the Midlands North they were around 50-55f. Does not take a rocket scientist to work out where the Storms would be
  10. Pretty much bang on mate - I use between F7 And F11 with about 10-15 second exposures and ISO 100 AND 200
  11. Like taking candy from a baby tonight!
  12. Holy crap not bad eh ? Am well chuffed with this
  13. Just nailed 2 career shots of Cgs hitting the Estuary between Kent and Essex - Was a tad hairy at times though
  14. Now do I go out for my 2nd chase of the night to my favoured spot overlooking the Estuary looking south ?? Or bed it and watch it land ?