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  1. Hi Jodie Am no expert on photography as I leave that to the clever people my job is to find you guys the Tornadoes but there are plenty on here who will guide you in that area, some professional and some just like you. Am sure someone will be along in the next few days to reply on that. With regards to holdall some people bring those long sports type holdalls that can easily fit in 10-12 days clothes, toiletries etc so that will be fine. Regards Paul
  2. Last chase day for Netweather and it seems fitting that we started and are ending in Colorado. Made the long drive yesterday from Montana to Colorado as it looked decent for some storms around Denver for Day 10. Going to concentrate on structure, lightning and hail today. Flying back tomorrow and thanks for following us this year! Paul & Team
  3. Last chase day probably for the tours for 2016 with not much on offer over the next few days after this and its an enhanced risk for supercells and storms in extreme Montana and maybe even Canada ? Will be making our way back towards Colorado tomorrow. Its been a strange old season this one Regards Paul
  4. Hopefully the Cap can be overcome today for some daytime Supercells in the above states.
  5. Well you would not have liked Colorado today, She just did not want to play today. Will probably put down some tubes tomorrow when nobody is there thats the sort of temptress she is
  6. Hi Paul

    My name is Keiran Fuller, I'm a reporter from Caters News Agency, I'm based in the UK but we have offices in the US, South Africa, India & Australia.

    I've been trying to get hold of you to talk to you about doing a story about you. Could you contact me on [email protected] or 0121 616 1100. 

    Thank you



    1. Paul Sherman

      Paul Sherman

      Hi Keiran

      Have 8 more days of chasing before I return from my annual 2 month out here so would Friday 24th June be ok as will be in England then. Can call you on the London number then if thats ok




    2. Keiran_Caters


      Thank you that's great. 

      This is the best number to get me on. 

      0121 616 1100 .

      Could you email over a contact to [email protected]

      Thank you


      All the best,


    3. Paul Sherman
  7. Day 3 of Tour 4 and it looks like some Colorado Magic could be in store with 60's dewpoints and upslope easterlies it looks like a solid day of Supercells in the Magical State, been waiting all season for a day like today. Paul S & Team
  8. Have done the hard part over the last 30 hours and driven 1535 miles from Dallas via Denver to Miles City (Montana) in readiness for a decent looking day today near the Montana/North Dakota and Canadian Border. Hoping for some Supercells with a decent chance of a High Plains tornado on Saturday. 1st Day of Tour 4 and we are raring to go!
  9. Heading to pick up the peeps in Denver then onto Montana. Spending a little time at the Farm atm north of Wichita
  10. Early signs that this is going to be an active Tour 4 this year with an uptick in Severe Weather Returning to the Northern High Plains.
  11. Last chase day for Tour 3 starting in Limon and going to drift down Highway 287 and see what pops up along the way that is chaseable. Hopefully some decent lightning tonight as well
  12. Not much on offer again today but if any state can produce some goods its Colorado, will be heading down the Rockies on I25 This morning and hope to see some hailers in front of the front range. If anything it will be spectacular and you just never know what might happen in amazing Colorado!
  13. Not much on offer over the next few days so heading into South Dakota to be Tourists. Badlands, Mount Rushmore, Devils Tower - Plenty to do if the weather buggers off
  14. Chasing today in SW Minnesota and NW Iowa. Should be on the storms coming into Minnesota in the next hour
  15. Nearly Half way done, stopping soon in Wichita where it is hammering it down and 66f - A bit like England Really! Well done Neil on the Dodge and Soloman day, that pretty much makes the season for a chaser, 2 career days back to back!