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  1. Currently North of Tulsa at the moment, incredible power in the Atmosphere today, nearly go time!
  2. Moderate Risk today across too many states to mention. Explosive updraught development likely and 5000-6000 of cape - Numerous risk areas and still not refined it yet. Good luck all who venture out and watch out for the Giant Hail
  3. Top 10 Structure today for me, some Colorado Magic followed by Kansas Motherships! Followed Storm from Rain shower to Rampaging Supercell for 9 hours!
  4. God knows whats happening with the streaming this year Neil, having major tech issues with everything this year. Its been a bit of a nightmare tbh
  5. Rinse and Repeat from yesterday, Storms should fire around 21z and roll towards the Kansas and Colorado Border, hoping to keep away from the Hail today!
  6. Pretty insane day actually, 2 of the 3 Cars smashed windcreens from baseball and sporadic softball hail, then got out in front near Bonny Reservoir and witnessed a nice 5 minute Tornado on the CO/KS border, then dropped south to Goodland and got in front of a beautiful Liberty Bell Supercell. A fantastic day!
  7. Love this group picture of Tour 2
  8. Slight Risk of Storms today should be an uptick on the severe potential with a few Supercells into the bargain. Not sold on the Tornado risk today but should be one of those big HP Supercells rolling SE Out of New Mexico into the South Rolling Plains towards I-20 Later today. Better shear with 50kts of flow but moisture a concern today, if we can get 55-58f dewpoints something special might happen but even so it pushes us towards tomorrows risk anyway. End of the week still looking nice with multiple days chasing to be had!
  9. Starting the first proper day of Tour 2 in Dallas Fort Worth and will be heading up towards the Texas Panhandle for a marginal risk today, just the 7 hours drive, but there is a point in all this as chase day 2 see's a Slight Risk over the Texas Panhandle as well. Cant wait to hit the road Regards Paul & Tour 2
  10. Welcome to Texas Lol
  11. Started the day in Woodward with a general chase target of NW to Northern Oklahoma and maybe SW & S Central Kansas. After sitting around Woodward we punched through some cores to an isolated Supercell near Chester and punched east through the top of the storm which already had a large wedge to our south, after stopping and looking back the structure was jaw dropping on this spinning LP Supercell. A wedge was ongoing so we went back to Boise Junction and watched a small tornado skip across the road in front of us and then watched the main Wedge Touch down again. Some of the guys have some great pictures and video to share with you on this. Followed the storm through Waynoka and Alva before leaving the storm when it went HP. We then dropped down to the 2 Dryline Storms moving east and were treated to incredible Supercell structure before sunset. Ended the day in Enid and had a nice 5Guys mean and celebrated 2 more Oklahoma Tornadoes that did not impact anyone today. 8 for the trip with 1 day left
  12. Amazing tornado North of Boise Juncion
  13. Sitting North of Woodward at the moment, holding our ground atm
  14. Upgraded to High Risk but a lot of complications with this forecast as there always is with a High Risk. Early day severe storms may scupper the chances east of the low, lots of things to get ironed out yet
  15. We are in Woodward this evening under blazing sun and moisture increasing ahead of tomorrow. We are also in good company surrounded by the Dows and the Twirl project at our hotel. Current thinking is the Oklahoma and Kansas border area or a little bit north of these towards Greensburg from early models. Expecting Initiation by 3-4pm tomorrow with some dangerous storms possible and long track cyclic Supercells aplenty. Hodos look a lot better for tomorrow with a lot less VBV in the profiles which scuppered Tuesdays event a tad with wet RFD making for HP Supercells when Supercells matured. More of a gamble further south but again if something goes in Western Oklahoma and Western North Texas it could be big as well if any Storm can turn right. Wish Tour 1 luck with there last 2 days !