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  1. Haha I get you, and I reckon I will be peering out to see if there are any big fat flakes whizzing past the Lampost at 6am when I put the bins out - Doh
  2. March...............
  3. Now why did I break out and start smirking when I read that Darren 8-10 days away Saying no more on the subject until its T2 away
  4. Didnt see it but guessing its mainly for the North West ??
  5. Yh not seeing any accumulations with this front tonight, maybe some wet snowflakes as the back edge clears before dawn. Tomorrow has a pretty decent chance of some Thunder and Hail in any of the Beefier showers if they can make it down the M40 from the Birmingham area. Again if you get a really hefty one would not rule out a covering for a time, and if that hits just before night with clearing skies and a few -3 to -5c temps overnight the snow could stick around for Wednesday morning. After that dry all the way to Sunday with temps between 6-9c
  6. Did you get anything nice to eat for your Tea ?
  7. Yes that is also quite staggering I will give you that
  8. Stlll cant quite believe we have hit 96 Pages and not even seen a flake of snow That in itself is quite staggering
  9. Just reminded me must put the 2 Veg on to go with the Sunday Meat
  10. Stunning drive to Ramsden Heath for my daughters Footy match this morning with the Temperature at a freezing cold 25f (-4c) and like the poster above the game fell to the weather gods with the Penalty area like concrete. If they had put the Kick Off back from 10am to Noon I am certain it would have gone ahead. Rain turning to wet snow the Main course we can look forward to this week, then Slug exerts some influence with Sunny and Cloudy days, warmer for the weekend with temps back to average Yaaaaaaawn
  11. Darren I have always said most noteworthy Cold Spells come with a week or two of hard frost, freezing fog etc etc before the snow comes, if the next week or so turns out that way laying the foundations then yes early February could be game on but if that High moves in and somehow settles unfavourably I can also see how this can just be the reappearance of the Slug as well. Time will tell and next weekend will be interesting to view another set of Day 10 Charts to see what the Models are latching onto
  12. Haha, Yh probably the EU Leaders running the ECM
  13. Here we go again - Groundhog Day The Day Tenners are getting excited again See you next Sunday for some more Day 10 BOOOOOOM Charts If its at T72 Next weekend then the majority might be interested
  14. Latest BBC Online weather presentation about an hour ago going for a yawnfest of a week with average temps, active front on Tuesday with some Hill Snow and back edge cold undercutting wet snow to dampen the ground for most below 100m. Other than that Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Let see how the charts look at T764 with Impending Blizzards back end of February. Link Below to the Forecast in anyone can be bothered anymore https://www.bbc.co.uk/weather - Presented by Nick Miller
  15. Day 10 onwards charts looking good again I see. Sunday Crisp and Sunny temps 5c Monday Cloudier 5c Tuesday I can only really see back edge wet snow from cold air undercutting, maybe a dusting all gone by wednesday Wednesday to Sunday - High Pressure boring interspersed sunny and cloudy days and maybe a few frosts - Average or just below average temps Another 10 days gone for Winter 18/19 and still just a few flakes of snow on the breeze to show for it