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  1. Storms south of Brighton will track toward you dont think this is over yet, the transport of High Theta from the East is still enhancing potential. Its like a sauna out there still
  2. Thanks mate, was not expecting a Cg to jump out about 3 miles in front of the others, also shot it in Jpeg whereas if I was on Raw could have recovered it. Just nice to see a storm again tbh
  3. Absolutely bummed about this picture. Tried to recover it but there was a Cg to the left of this picture which landed about 200 yards in front of me and screwed my F-Stop up and totally took me by surprise. Rustiness!!
  4. Some off the back of the Camera not edited yet. Great Storm Finally amazing Cgs
  5. Very Powerful Atmosphere being transported on brisk warm south easterlies over Kent and Essex - You wont often find an 81/66 in the Uk that often but that is what we have in Kent and Southern Essex at the moment. That sort of atmosphere will go bang
  6. Really decent cumulus field here in Essex this afternoon must admit was not expecting that at all
  7. Tell you what it certainly feels good here today and more akin to what we have stateside on a Storm day. Strong Warm Southerly wind and T/Td spreads that would suggest fireworks tonight. 82/61 at present which is pretty spectacular for the UK and would expect some readings this evening as cloud rolls on and humidity rises further to be around 79/64 even by that stage. I call that Fuel or Storm Food 😊😀 Also first signs of destabilisation with high level Cirrus appearing here now.
  8. Expect that to be extended further until 09am Sunday from the looks of some of the Models Harry. A very Thundery 4 day spell coming up for some lucky people Eyes down for the 00z
  9. Looking at the 18z Models I would imagine the risk area might be further west than what is showing from this mornings suites. ICON is From the South Coast from West Sussex to Hampshire then right through the Midlands exiting the North Sea around the Humber UKV has it from the same starting point as above then pivoting North West through the Midlands and NW England Arome is also further west. Arpege also through the Midlands from the South Coast. In fact areas further east on these 18z Suites could miss out completely, might even make it to 34 months with no Night tim
  10. We need another 24 hours with this in my opinion but here are some early thoughts. 7-9pm (16th June) Would expect Lightning to start being seen from the Dorset Coast eastwards to West Sussex always more active over the Sea, Inland areas of Hampshire and the M4 Corridoor looks likely to see Thundery Rain with better chances of Cgs with Eastward Extent 9pm to Midnight (16th June) Would expect to see areas like East Sussex, Kent, Surrey and Greater London to start getting in on the Action and again Lightning stronger on the eastward side of the Plume. 00-05z (17th June) Areas North
  11. Now that you mention the fact that we ( in east Anglia) have not had a night time storm for some 3 years!! It’s All too true.


  12. Been saying this for the last 5-10 years, something fundamental has changed with the UK Storm Distribution with the rise in temperatures since the 2010 to 2021 Period. The SE is now almost barren for Thunderstorms as its nearly always too hot and the atmosphere capped, the North, North East, North West and Midlands are now the places to be for Thunderstorms and Supercells in the Uk. As the other poster said earlier Orographic forcing coming into play makes it like the USA equivalent of the High Plains. Lincolnshire will always do well still being east of the Midlands storms which have a longer
  13. To my untrained eye you are in a brilliant position for something much better Monday afternoon and Evening. All Models showing something a lot better than 20-30 minute Pulse type storms that we will probably be plagued with today. Best Areas Monday look to be East Anglia / Wash / Cambs / Linc / E Yorks Timing looks to be from 1400 to 2000
  14. Would not have liked to be around for the summers in the 1960's wow jut yuck Interesting thing on those graphs is the Severe Winters and Hot Summers in the 1947 and 1995 Summers and Winters as well. Can clearly see why the Climate Brigade got their drums out as well in the early 1990' looking at the Summer Graphs. Not many below average summers since then.
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