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  1. Do It - Come join the party
  2. In all seriousness you can see the trough sling shotting the precip around and can almost picture how that is going to evolve overnight, I am pretty sure some places will get a dusting before the warmer dp's come through tomorrow, watch that area up near Southwold as well, it only takes that to get its act together and interact with the feature coming from Benelux and you could have something more substantial. Dont give up yet S Easterners!
  3. Didnt say it would be a snow streamer Lol - God cant wait for the convective days of April, the warm sun and then storm chasing, this Drear-Esterly and crud from the North Sea is soul destroying.
  4. Snow has settled on cars and roofs in Leigh On Sea, nuisence value snow though must be said
  5. You will injure yourself down Crown Hill Vesuvius and you know it I reckon Hadleigh Castle still has some of the best sledging around our parts
  6. Yep Leigh On Sea as well. There is more than 1 weather nutter in our area then lol
  7. What part of Essex are you from ? And dont listen to Nick he is from Wolverhampton and talks funny
  8. Hi Paul, Hope you are out this year again. What are your dates? Maybe we can meet up at some point?

    My dates are 16th to 30th May. Flying in to DFW.

    PS. Closer to the time maybe let me know what your 'Spotter Network' name is?


    1. Paul Sherman

      Paul Sherman

      Hi Tony

      Dates are 5th May until June 23rd, will defo meet up this year for a few beers and maybe join us for dinner in a Chillis one night, I know our guests would love to chat to you about storms etc, Paul Kn and Helen met up with us last year and we all chatted and ate one evening. Not long now!

    2. Tony Gilbert

      Tony Gilbert

      Hi Paul. Sorry for late reply. Been quite  ill in hospital but am on the mend. Still booked in to go with Dan Nairn who I believe has chased with your tour in the past. Season now looks neutral LaNina. Which is still potentially good news; Better than ElNino. Much like yourself, always have good insight when around storms but crap with tech equipment! Who will be sorting your Spotter Network app? I could co ordinate with him to guarantee at least one hook up together for a beer and chat?



  9. Think you mean last chase day is 30th and head home 31st Nick ? Nick is correct in what he says above though, the arrival and departure days are not technically chase days they are the travel days. If you are arriving a day earlier on the 30th we will still be on the last chase day of Tour 2 so just make your way to the Base Hotel, if you were coming in on the changeover day itself then we generally meet you at car rentals. All this information will be sent out in the welcome pack Paul M sends to you 3-4 weeks before the trip begins anyway. Hope this helps
  10. Hi Stu Numerous others have used 3rd party operators and had no problems so think it should be ok, I always book with BA so cant vouch for that route although others am sure will be along in this thread to talk through their findings and I know lots have booked via Skyscanner etc for this years trip so will advice I would imagine
  11. Yep 3 cars on Tour 1! See you all out there in May!
  12. Voted for my favourites
  13. Hi Jodie Am no expert on photography as I leave that to the clever people my job is to find you guys the Tornadoes but there are plenty on here who will guide you in that area, some professional and some just like you. Am sure someone will be along in the next few days to reply on that. With regards to holdall some people bring those long sports type holdalls that can easily fit in 10-12 days clothes, toiletries etc so that will be fine. Regards Paul