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  1. Isle of Wight one is defo a Tornado you can see the circulation on the ground in the distance. Cheshire one is NOT a Tornado, Zero rotation and its a white smoke plume,
  2. Hoping there might be some good news re Josh 70 People have been found at the School where his last known tweet was from, Just waiting on the Names from there
  3. heard some semi reassuring news on twitter in the fact he has not got a Satelite Phone and they are the only things working at present, Jim Edds checked in as he HAS got a Satelite phone, so maybe its still a comms issue
  4. Has anyone heard from or about Josh Morgemann yet ?? Or is he still on the missing list
  5. Yh struck at 950pm on the 4th May 2007. The warning time was 32 minutes though which was unprecedented and the 13 that died mostly ranged between 60-80 years old and were not on Social Media etc.
  6. Try saying that to the Greensburg EF5 which took 20 minutes to cross a 20ft Highway
  7. Now Officially of Hurricane Status if someone can change the thread title
  8. Yep thats defo 100% Hail Roar in your Audio Clip, unmistakable sound
  9. Generally only found around Supercells and make no mistake that cell that went SE Of Durham and over Peterlee was a definate Supercell even on our cruddy radars we have in this country. Had it been on Radarscope or GRLevel3 in the States we would have been marvelling at a Right Splitting Supercell. I just hope somebody got the right side of it so we can see the structure. The Hail Roar we get out in the States lasts for around 5-10 mins and generally someone up wind gets clobbered with some larger stones than the surrounding area. Most of the stones in the picture below from last week when we were in Colorado were around 2.5" to 3" and we heard the Roar before we got to the location, all other areas around only had 1" Stones. So it sounds like the description was for Hail Roar from a Bonafide Supercell
  10. Yes Netweather Tour 3 in 2010 was on this Tornado and the other 2 Tornadoes that dropped from this storm in the Oklahoma Panhandle. An amazing storm and the Tornado was very similar to another Colorado Tornado near Wray in 2016 Link to our Blog Post from that Day Below https://blog.weatherholidays.com/2010/07/31st-may-2010-memorial-day-tornado.html
  11. Yeah Canada looks High and dry this coming work week but am seeing signs of chases end of the week with a deep area of Low Pressure coming in for the 18th to 20th - Looks like Montana tomorrow, Wyoming on Tuesday and then Eastern Dakotas on Wednesday before making our way North again for the end of the week.
  12. Yh most of our chases will be in SAS and Manitoba and the Dakotas, if we are around Edmonton then we really are doing something badly wrong
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