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  1. Paul Sherman

    Tour 5 2018 photography tour

    Melvyn When you land can you do the Following when you get to arrivals, head to West Terminal - Level 5 Passenger Pick Up Island 3 Days Inn bus runs regularly and is Free Me and John will be waiting for you there Not long now
  2. Paul Sherman

    Tour 5 2018 photography tour

    Hi Guys Next week is looking VERY active. After all meeting on Saturday we will be making our way East towards Kansas for what looks like a May Type Tornado Set-Up. Monday also looks very active in N Central Kansas, not going any further with risks at this point but looking very good. Regards Paul
  3. Paul Sherman

    Tour 4 2018

    Looking like a bonus chase day coming up on Tuesday in Colorado, Is everyone staying at the Days Inn on Monday night on Tower Road ? Have started a Tour 4 chat thread on Facebook
  4. Paul Sherman

    Stormchaser Chicken George Day 6 - Montana

    Sitting in Grass Range Montana waiting for initiation.
  5. Chicken George is still alseep after falling foul of some dodgy eggs last night at the restaurant. Today looks like some marginal Supercell Structures so will trek a bit further north from our overnight coup in Billings and hope for some nice storms later
  6. Paul Sherman

    Tour 3 - 2018 chase

    Martin We are staying at the Best Western at Irving on the first night and have booked you a room in your name, when you land can you get to car rentals and get the shuttle bus (Free) to pick you up and get you to the Best Western. There is a 5% Tornado Risk and the others can get a bonus chase in and get back to the Hotel tonight. We will then make our way North for Fridays risk first thing on Thursday morning.
  7. Paul Sherman

    Stormchase 2018 - Chase day 20 - NE CO/NW KS

    Great day for Netweather, Neil and loads of other Brits Colorado Magic always delivers
  8. Paul Sherman

    Stormchase 2018 - Chase day 20 - NE CO/NW KS

    Landspout Tornadofest in Colorado today. Lost count pictures in the morning
  9. Paul Sherman

    Tour 3 - 2018 chase

    Thank you
  10. Paul Sherman

    Tour 3 - 2018 chase

    Martin, that is very late, any chance of changing your flight ? And with the pattern looking active you might find it better to try and change
  11. Starting today in Ogallalla with a jaunt south towards Western Kansas and Eastern Colorado, hoping for some marginal Supercell structures before it all lines out into an MCS
  12. Starting today in Limon and will be targeting NE Colorado and Nebraska, hoping for some Supercells, Hail and wind the primary threats Should have decent streaming today
  13. Starting today in Roswell New Mexico and today sees the long migration North towards the Northern High Plains. Hopefully picking off some storms along the way.
  14. Paul Sherman

    Stormchase 2018 - Chase Day 12 - New Mexico

    Thanks Tom Today was a really slow burner but still ended up seeing 3 Supercells, HP, Classic and LP. The night time classic structure over Roswell was amazing, everyone is buzzing pics to come
  15. Paul Sherman

    Stormchase 2018 - Chase Day 12 - New Mexico

    Arrived in Roswell, had a delicious soup for lunch (Cheese Provelene) then had problems with a petrol pump but got that sorted quite quickly. Everyone now shopping along main street waiting for the aliens to initiate a storm. Drive down was uneventful, but saw some great trains