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  1. Thanks for going to the trouble of posting that synopsis for us Luke, always nice to have some idea whats going on. It's a grey miserable day in Bedford temp 9C with little wind.
  2. Beutifull day here at Bedford, sunny with low cloud (mainly sunny). Low cloud 2/10 Sunshine 8/10 Temp 13C at 1600 Have a nice day.
  3. Wobbly Lorries in Windy Conditions. Well folks, speaking as someone who has had a few near ones with an artic I can assure you that high winds on high bridges with a high sided trailer are high risk, and can be scary. If its windy and you are on a motorway or dual carriageway, leave room for lorries, lots of room as the drivers have a lot less control than normal. If you are going to overtake, do it and don't dither about. I nearly went for a swim in the Manchester Ship Canal with a 6 wheel Volvo unit pulling an empty double deck triple axle trailer one dark stormy night. I also had
  4. Not strictly weather related but may be worth noting. http://www.dw.com/en/italy-declares-state-of-emergency-following-deadly-explosion-at-austrian-pipeline/a-41752272 The price of gas went up this morning, with a big bang. Temp now showing 1.8 with cloud building from the west, it was a nice sunny day in Bedford.
  5. I noticed earlier in the thread that there was some debate about vehicle inertia, 4x4 and the rest of it (car drivers). Lets think about doing doughnuts with a DAF puddle jumper. Respect to the best, MACK 6x6 long may the memory of the best, live forever.
  6. Loads of snow in Bedford and it's still chucking it down. There must be three inches at least so far.
  7. Is this any thing like comparing a Sea King to a Puma?
  8. This certainly looks like a can of worms. http://www.smh.com.au/environment/climate-change/houston-you-have-a-problem-and-some-of-it-of-your-own-making-20170827-gy5cmy.html At a purely personal level, it would appear to myself that boats have certain advantages over spaceships given the correct operating conditions. I also feel it fair to point out that boats have a history of development, using wind power (many casualties.) I wonder if carrying all that lard around makes swimming a palatable alternative to firing up the truck? (septic find out) I'm not the
  9. 22 c The storm approaches with the sound of gentle rain, big ground strikes and real thunder.
  10. It looks like the angry blob might be spreading east a bit. Hope yet for Bedford............... er perhaps????????????????????????
  11. A very nice day here as well, plenty of sunshine and a nice cool breeze. The temp at the moment is 23C, I am looking forward to some funder later on in the week. A shot of the butterfly bridge I took in the sunshine yesterday.
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