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  1. Liverpool JL Airport had to close earlier due to the heavy snow! That doesn't happen very often!! :w00t: Open again now though in case anyone is booked in.
  2. Oh shame. We were looking forward to taking the dogs out in it tomorrow morning but it sounds like it won't still be here by then.
  3. After 5 hours of snow, most of it heavy, we now have sleet and rain here in South Liverpool but what a lovely surprise it was to see it earlier! Biggest flakes we've seen for years, unexpectedly sticking and building up to over an inch! Hope you all got some of it!
  4. It's an awful time. Glad we could help. Night night.
  5. OT: I figure in a way we are honouring our pets by wanting another one. My husband suffers terribly and resists getting another but I can't bear the empty house. If you get a rescue you are probably saving a life too.
  6. Off Topic: One of ours is a Patterdale cross and she's a little smasher! And she loves the snow! Why not have a look at Merseyside Dog's Home and see what they have on offer? Something totally different might jump out at you... literally!
  7. Right! Here I am back under my usual name having given my real one and Miss M which I thought was my old one.... it's old age creeping in... and not logging on for 10 months every year doesn't help! Thanks for the welcome (back) guys!
  8. Just snowed here near Liverpool Airport for about 8 minutes, went very dark but is now stopping and the sun is out! My first snow of the winter was a welcome sight!
  9. Looking through these lovely photos, I think my other half may have taken a photo of a snow dog last week. The sun was setting over the Welsh hills in the distance and either side, a little distance away from it were two glows like smaller suns but coloured red, yellow and a little blue. We tried to capture it and this was the result.
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