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  1. Lovely Autumn Sunday,coupled with a good drop in temps for the first half of the week is what a proper season should be like. A break from the rain,time to let nature show off. A far cry from the bleached landscape of summer 2018 thankfully.
  2. At last,a proper Autumn,long time coming,folk forget in Autumn we do tend to get rain. Loving it Best season of the year by far.
  3. To me it feels unhealthy to have a indoor temp much above 20c. Its also costly for no real benefit.
  4. No where near cold enough yet. House downstairs nice 18c,kept upstairs 15 to 16c with windows open so good for sleeping in! Been in the house 16 years now,never had the stat over 20c,government grant for insulation sees to that.
  5. The only hatred i would have of Winter is if it was mild,apart from that for me what's not to like!
  6. How wrong could the forecast have been. Fantastic autumns days,clear sky,gentle breeze. So far removed from what was expected. That coupled with the outlook makes this October one of the best for years.
  7. Oh dear.... Suspect somebody doesn't like the truth. Niche? South Yorkshire to Kent...that's some niche spots you refer to Oh again you've done it, Severe? Not in my post,just your imagination.
  8. This hallucination must be more wide spread than certain folk realise then! It was cold and surprisingly ice like....
  9. So that hard white stuff on my car windscreen and my neighbours windscreen this week was a figment of our imagination as we scrapped it off this week ? Wipers didn't do it,hard frost not really but cold enough to scrape,again you read into my post something that's not there....I'm not the silly one here
  10. Not at all. Crisp morning one day,Atlantic influence the next day.
  11. Yep,the old ice scrapper has been out this week,lovely crisp morning that was.
  12. At last a proper Autumn....the outlook is very seasonal. Crisp mornings,Atlantic showing it's presence,colours really developing in the countryside. Interesting weather at last,beats the tedium of Summer hands down in my opinion. Many will disagree though i feel!
  13. What a fantastic Autumns day,lovely and fresh,not cold though by any means. Blue sky,mellow light,the countryside just looks so much better. That coupled with the trending towards a proper seasonal Autumn for once,what could be better.
  14. Well said,fully agree. We have some interest back in the weather at last!
  15. Where did i say most? interesting. Just my view that was all. And if whining about sleepless nights offends you then i apologies. Again just my opinion.
  16. Surely its seasonal weather though? Agree those wanting to do outside jobs may disagree but i much prefer this than being stuck inside due to record heat temps we had in summer. Abysmal,no,seasonal yes. Oh and the council woke me up at 6:15am this morning cutting the grass(on a flipping sunday!) so no use to anyone?
  17. This set up is perfect for a great Autumn,some interesting weather at last. Proper seasonal fronts crossing quickly,hands down far more to look forward to than the tedium and boring summer fair. Plus a good nights sleep as well!
  18. Fantastic Autumn weather now on the cards,proper seasonal set up for at least the first half of October. The Atlantic is active and in our favour for once. Could this be a real Autumn at last?
  19. Suspect a 70 to 30 split,climate being the 70.
  20. Take the "was" out then and substitute with "will be"...
  21. Well looking very much like i was right this time..
  22. https://www.essexlive.news/news/essex-news/rainfall-shortage-could-lead-hosepipe-3355880 If not cold then this Autumn needs to be wet,followed by a wet winter. Cold or not. Mild and dry would certainly not be good by any means!
  23. 4min 11sec a day now daylight loss per day,the max it can be for my location. Love this time of year,but i no many don't.
  24. Agree,nothing wonderful at all about this weather for those looking for seasonal stuff.,next week is looking much better. Autumn will have arrived at last,long over due.
  25. I agree,i enjoy a good moan about the weather.....you may have noticed
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