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  1. Central heating broke mid April this year, still not had it fixed and by look of the outlook no need to either...happy days for the bank account!!
  2. Proper Autumn foggy Sunday, so quiet with that calm blanket for walking in, lovely and peaceful.
  3. Well Sturgeon has got that so wrong with regard to parents rights. Shocking.

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    2. markyo


      What about the rights of the parents to be parents without state interference?

    3. Weather-history


      Surprised that Scottish Skier hasn't bombarded you with thousands of political posts....

    4. markyo


      I know!.....i'm waiting😀

  4. RIP 007. You were by far the best.

  5. You really don't get it do you? Folk like different seasons, they look forward and enjoy the prospect of that season, just like you do in early to mid Spring.
  6. Certainly shockingly bad weather for this time of the season, high humidity, far far to mild and heavy skies. The worst spell we've had so far this Autumn by far.
  7. Bedroom windows open,fans on.....13/14c night in back end of October. Awful weather.
  8. Best time of the year now, that run in to the shortest day. Love the changing light levels.
  9. So glad to see your coming round to my way of thinking at last......😏
  10. Much better this morning, lovely Autumn sunrise, nice freshness to the breeze, yesterdays mild dross has gone thankfully.
  11. Thankfully this unwelcome mild crap is on the way out, really makes you appreciate those crisp mornings even more!. Rest of the month is looking much better temp wise.
  12. Nowhere near yet taking that plunge! 🙂
  13. With solid single figure temps showing for my area for the foreseeable post sunset now it is really proving to be a cracking start to Autumn, just hope the front loading doesn't come to soon. We need that push into late Nov and Dec. Could we be on the cusp of a actual Winter for once!!?
  14. In a world full of bull**** politicians and so called leaders, a 90year old David Attenbourgh beats every single one of them on how we should be leading our lives. A true treasure.

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    2. summer blizzard

      summer blizzard

      That is OTT Markyo. 

      advocated by some goes beyond simple greenhouse gas reduction and into the realm of impacting the geo-strategic, social, cultural and economic sphere and should be given more concern. 

    3. markyo


      Totally agree GC, some folk just can't see the big train coming down the line and we are stood right in the middle of the tracks if we don't change

    4. summer blizzard

      summer blizzard

      Nobody opposes change, simply the scale of the change and expediency. 

  15. You may wake up to a Horses head next to you for posting that one!😉
  16. So so much better, comfort levels make such a difference, i actually feel alive with much more energy.
  17. Loving the Autumnal feel to the weather, fresh but not cold, plenty of proper weather about, got a feeling this October could actually be a Autumn for once!
  18. There's some dammed weird folk out there isn't there....🙄
  19. NO!!. not at all! -5 maybe i grant you🤣
  20. Likewise, not a hint of heating coming on as of yet.
  21. Agree,the out look is spot on imo, proper Autumn, no unwelcome heat or anything like that. A actual season my be on the cards!
  22. Nope,long way to go before that happens!
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