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  1. With out doubt sale of fireworks to the public should be banned,no place in today;s society. If you want to see them,get off your backside and go to a display,don't scare the hell out of pets and wildlife.

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    2. Weather Enthusiast91

      Weather Enthusiast91

      I am 100% with you on this one, Markyo. Year after year we hear of so many frightened silly animals becoming ill or even dying as a result of being so distressed over constant loud, unpredictable and pointless bangs. Not only animals, but many people too. What makes it worse is that selfish people don't stick to November 5th anymore. It's more like from the middle of October up to the middle of November.
      I think that having fireworks restricted to licensed public displays only is a fair compromise. Other countries cope just fine with that rule. So why not the UK?

    3. markyo


      That's my point,the law needs to change. Its 9th Nov and still the fireworks are going off. The volume each firework produces now is far more than in the past,you can get low volume fireworks,why not make them standard? Why do you need a a artillery barrage going off in your back garden? Best option is a total ban of sale to the public.

    4. Dami


      It's because of the different cultures. Here for example where I live, just before 5th November, there's Diwali which is celebrated with fireworks. One house had two lots right by us. As I type there's more going off. 

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