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  1. At last the government is thinking of limiting household heating stats to 19c,should h been done years ago!!

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    2. markyo


      I totally agree Ed but the fact remains we are in crisis,all this anger over the nanny state gets on my tits,the call for investment,the call for the perfect solution...we live in a totally imperfect world,the majority enjoy democracy,warts and all,any slight drop of help we can give by our actions now to help future generations in my view must be done. Don't forget the UK is one of the world leaders in carbon footprint reduction.

    3. weirpig


      For me its because it does not go far enough. Its open to abuse  and will as you say on come into action on New Builds  which with the state of construction and the Economy  it will take Decades for any real note worthy change to happen.  By that time it will be way to late  Its just another case of being seen to do something  which will have very little impact.

    4. markyo


      Bloody heck weirpig i utterly agree. We need so much more investment,more education,basically a total reality check is needed by everyone. The government,this one,the last one..the one before has been woeful. The time for playing politics should end but until then in my view every little bit can help,we don't live in Eutopia,democracy proves this.

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