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  1. Well Sturgeon has got that so wrong with regard to parents rights. Shocking.

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    2. markyo


      What about the rights of the parents to be parents without state interference?

    3. Weather-history


      Surprised that Scottish Skier hasn't bombarded you with thousands of political posts....

    4. markyo


      I know!.....i'm waitingūüėÄ

  2. RIP 007. You were by far the best.

  3. In a world full of bull**** politicians and so called leaders, a 90year old David Attenbourgh beats every single one of them on how we should be leading our lives. A true treasure.

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    2. summer blizzard

      summer blizzard

      That is OTT Markyo. 

      advocated by some goes beyond simple greenhouse gas reduction and into the realm of impacting the geo-strategic, social, cultural and economic sphere and should be given more concern. 

    3. markyo


      Totally agree GC, some folk just can't see the big train coming down the line and we are stood right in the middle of the tracks if we don't change

    4. summer blizzard

      summer blizzard

      Nobody opposes change, simply the scale of the change and expediency. 

  4. Time to cancel my TV licence after watching the BBC(British Biased Corporation) News a 6. One of the worst reports i've ever seen.

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    2. General Cluster

      General Cluster

      I wouldn't call the BBC biased at all; it's just that its outdated idea of trying to be neutral antagonises¬†all those that lean towards any kind of 'extremism'; commies and the Corbynista will call it 'biased', just as evangelical populist nincompoops, like Farage, will call it 'biased'... It's what they do; without highlighting biases in others, they'd have nothing much to say?ūü§Ē¬†I long ago switched to LBC, as I'd rather hear the opinions¬†of individual presenters/callers/interviewees¬†-- including those of the aforementioned nincompoop.:oldlaugh:

      FWIW, I gave up my TV license two-years ago!:oldgood:

    3. markyo


      Have you seen the report? if not take a look and let me know what you think,reason it was stopped was it was on wrong side of road and then failed to stop, but barely no mention of that i could see. I think your idea giving up the licence is prob the best!

    4. jtay


      The Germans have a word for it - L√ľgenpresse. It all ended terribly well last time.

  5. Has Knocker left the site? One of the most informed folk on here.

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    2. Allseasons-si


      He usually post's in here:-

      but this thread is now locked since May 29th,that's probably why Knocker hasn't posted maybe:unsure2: 

    3. Zak M

      Zak M

      Why did that thread get locked ?

    4. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      Always posted on model thread, to me he seemed to like 13 degrees and rain every day, 12 months a year

  6. Thankfully this spell of uncomfortable sweaty crap weather will be over soon...can't wait,i may feel alive again!

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    2. jtay


      8 hours and counting.

    3. Dami


      yeah i don't quite understand the love of being hot and sweaty.

    4. lassie23


      no good for your privates

  7. I'm still working,some very scared clients out there. Especially when they see me come in all masked and gloved!


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    2. lassie23


      my local just had benecol yoghurt lol

    3. Snowflake Queen

      Snowflake Queen

      I can give you a capful of dettol 

    4. lassie23


      lol thanks

  8. Without doubt the Uk population is 80 percent cretin,selfish tossers, 20 percent normal intelligent,decent caring,considerate,understanding folk who care about their neighbours. The proof is in the supermarkets empty shelves. Feel ashamed to call my self British tonight.

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    2. markyo


      From what i've seen travelling about with work there seems to be a lot of that one celled brain type about.

    3. Spikecollie


      You only just realised...

      There are some lovely, great, other-centred folk among all of us but the egoistic cretins seem to win the day.

    4. Thundery wintry showers

      Thundery wintry showers

      Yes, I think it would be more accurate to swap the 20% and 80% around but unfortunately the overly self-centred 20% are currently winning out at the expense of the more other-centred 80%.  After all, 20% means about 13 million people nationwide!

  9. Lots of snow over the A66 today,lovely and sad at the same time as i suspect that will be all i see this Winter?

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    2. Carl46Wrexham


      Just be glad you’ve seen it. The majority of us have seen nowt, and are very unlikely to see any i the foreseeable.

    3. markyo


      Sadly that may well be the fact,our climate is changing faster than any time in history.



      Could be a lot worse!

      We are not stuck in an ice age(north of the M4 snow line) lol.

      That would be catastrophic......


  10. South Yorkshire operations complex is well placed on Letsby Avenue!? And i'm not joking!

  11. And still the fireworks are going off,rest my case for a ban now.?

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    2. wimblettben


      Apart from the weather fireworks are another of the few things that I like in life so banning them would only make life more boring.?

    3. Katrine Basso

      Katrine Basso

      It is the loudness of the fireworks that affects my cat Simba.  It affected him very badly on New Year's Eve.  If there were more organised displays for people to go.  The Fireworks look and sound better at an organised display.

    4. markyo


      There certainly should be a ban of sale to the general public. The size and noise has increased far to much

  12. Utterly hate this time of year,9th Christmas on my own now,least my nutty cat keeps me entertained! Merry Christmas to everybody.

    1. Spikecollie


      Aww! Christmas is a difficult time for many people whether it's because of bereavement, loneliness, money worries, relationships, illness or whatever else has happened in their lives. There are so many expectations that none of us can live up to - so why try? Be yourself, if people love you they will understand. Animals naturally love us and are there whatever our emotional state - that glorious unconditional love. Bask in it, be as happy as you can, but don't try too hard - you don't have to.

      Peace to you on Christmas Day and every other one too.

    2. lassie23


      it's time to ban christmas

    3. Daniel*


      Merry Christmas markyo it’s just another day really ? 

  13. When Jeremy Clarkson agrees the there is man made climate change nobody can possibly deny we are not having a massive effect on our precious planet.‚ėĻÔłŹ

    1. lassie23
    2. markyo


      ?.....i hope your joking!

    3. lassie23


      lol i am but he isn't important in the grand scheme of things

  14. With out doubt sale of fireworks to the public should be banned,no place in today;s society. If you want to see them,get off your backside and go to a display,don't scare the hell out of pets and wildlife.

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    2. Weather Enthusiast91

      Weather Enthusiast91

      I am 100% with you on this one, Markyo. Year after year we hear of so many frightened silly animals becoming ill or even dying as a result of being so distressed over constant loud, unpredictable and pointless bangs. Not only animals, but many people too. What makes it worse is that selfish people don't stick to November 5th anymore. It's more like from the middle of October up to the middle of November.
      I think that having fireworks restricted to licensed public displays only is a fair compromise. Other countries cope just fine with that rule. So why not the UK?

    3. markyo


      That's my point,the law needs to change. Its 9th Nov and still the fireworks are going off. The volume each firework produces now is far more than in the past,you can get low volume fireworks,why not make them standard? Why do you need a a artillery barrage going off in your back garden? Best option is a total ban of sale to the public.

    4. Dami


      It's because of the different cultures. Here for example where I live, just before 5th November, there's Diwali which is celebrated with fireworks. One house had two lots right by us. As I type there's more going off. 

  15. All of Wales should be very proud of their Rugby team today,what a fantastic brave performance to a man. Deserved to win.

  16. Swing Low Sweet Chariot....So proud of our English guys today,that's how to play rugby!?

    1. markyo


      Will be cheering on(aka screaming at the tv Sunday morning in support of the Welsh) All UK Rugby World Cup Final could be on the cards!?

  17. We owe a great deal to those men and women of 75 years ago,they must never be forgotten.

    1. TomSE12


      Very true markyo.

      As I stated on the "In Memorium" Thread, my Uncle Tommy (who I'm named after), was killed just after landing in Normandy, aged 18 and is buried in one of the Military Cemeteries, just outside of Caen. The brutal irony being that his Father, my Grandfather, was German and had fled Germany after the First World War, as he was a German Jew. He then settled in East London, as many of Jewish extraction did, met my Grandmother and moved to S.E.London. They had 7 children, 6 of whom were boys with 5 ending up in the British Army. So my Uncle was killed by a countryman of his Father. The just about sums up the pointless, futility of War!!

      My own Father was almost killed, when he was part of the Allied Forces that drove the Germans North, through Italy. He was 22 at the time and along with his Platoon, were ambushed by Germans whilst sheltering in a barn, in Northern Italy. He was wounded in the shoulder, had the bullet been a fraction to the right, Dad would've been killed. He was transferred to Bari, on Italy's Adriatic coast, to recover and then placed on the Military Police and stationed at Caserta, just North of Naples. The Allies had driven the Germans out of Caserta and took control of the Town's, Royal Palace. The Palace became Allied Headquarters, in Southern Italy. Dad was then sent to patrol a local Bakery, where local youths had been hassling the Bakery girls, stealing money and produce. Dad started chatting to one of the girls, they started courting and Dad brought his raven haired Neapolitan beauty back to England, in 1947, after their Wedding and as they say, "the rest is history". (See photo in Post, on the "In Memorium" Thread). 

      So, fate is a strange thing, had my Father been killed in 1944, obviously I wouldn't be here to tell the tale. By the same token, had he not been wounded, he wouldn't have met my Mother, again I woiuldn't be here. In a strange way, I've got a lot to thank that German bullet for!!


      Tom.  :hi:

  18. Why do weather forecasters give cold wet weather the negative label,Newswatch on the BBC showed this. Its not up to forecasters to label a certain weather positive or negative,they are there to give facts not opinions.

    1. Scorcher


      Because the overwhelming majority of people don't like cold wet weather? Wet weather is also not good for business on bank holidays with people far more likely to stay at home. The kids can't play out, you can't enjoy outdoor activities...the list is endless!

  19. At last the government is thinking of limiting household heating stats to 19c,should h been done years ago!!

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    2. markyo


      I totally agree Ed but the fact remains we are in crisis,all this anger over the nanny state gets on my tits,the call for investment,the call for the perfect solution...we live in a totally imperfect world,the majority enjoy democracy,warts and all,any slight drop of help we can give by our actions now to help future generations in my view must be done. Don't forget the UK is one of the world leaders in carbon footprint reduction.

    3. weirpig


      For me its because it does not go far enough. Its open to abuse  and will as you say on come into action on New Builds  which with the state of construction and the Economy  it will take Decades for any real note worthy change to happen.  By that time it will be way to late  Its just another case of being seen to do something  which will have very little impact.

    4. markyo


      Bloody heck weirpig i utterly agree. We need so much more investment,more education,basically a total reality check is needed by everyone. The government,this one,the last one..the one before has been woeful. The time for playing politics should end but until then in my view every little bit can help,we don't live in Eutopia,democracy proves this.

  20. When Winnie the Poohs home starts to burn due to the lack of rain it just shows how desperately we need rain,fingers crossed the Atlantic comes to our rescue.


  21. Total atheist but this time i'm praying New Zealand can be strong.

  22. Moorland fire in February! We desperately need rain,lot of it as well!

  23. The new METO web site design is shockingly bad,change for the sake i suspect.

    1. Summer Sun

      Summer Sun

      As that saying goes. If it ain't broke don't fix it.

  24. Day off work today,will be paying my respects in Sheffield to those brave american airmen. True heroes.

  25. Good to see the English Red Rose is starting to look the dominate Rugby force in Europe,both men and women,something to be very proud of for once?

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