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  1. None taken at all.....only wish i could! Seriously though a period of good rain fall this early in the growing season then a proper summer,heat,showers and all would be perfect,suit everybody!
  2. Really looking forward to this change in the weather,long over due! Many areas are now suffering due to the lack of rain,more fires in 2019 all ready than in the whole of 2018, and its only April. Hopefully this Atlantic driven weather will last well into May.
  3. Surely that's down to individual preference? I understand why folk like a hot long summer but a wet Summer for me would be much more bearable,less heat,less hayfever. We are all different,not weird or strange just different.
  4. Looking a tad better rain wise from mid week onwards and into next weekend,fingers crossed some good and welcome rain fall totals may occur. A more seasonal spell is long long overdue.
  5. Totally agree,very well put. We all need to do more,taking care of this home we have floating in space is a priority.
  6. Sadly this will become common,sooner than folk think,the lack of rain especially on the higher ground is causing problems and we are only in April. Sheep farmers are using hay stock for goodness sake,the vegetation is that poor. Praying for that pattern change now,the thought of this weather spreading into May and June is not good at all. Don't get me wrong the weather this Easter is fantastic,if this was the max temp with clear blue skies all summer i would be in heaven,but the need for that wet stuff from the sky is now becoming a big issue.
  7. All i'm saying is from what i have seen. Over the Woodhead pass in the Pennies which i travel daily almost for the last 30 plus years there are 3 very large reservoirs,Crowden. One is full,one is over half empty,one is bone dry. Never saw that even after last summer. The landscape is burnt ie as it looked as i said before like August last year. We certainly didn't have a wet March by any means i'm afraid in that area.
  8. Sorry but we do need rain desperately,fully understand your love of the dry warm/hot weather but a balance is long over due. We will all suffer if not. Its nothing to do with being a cool crap lover as you put it, we certainly require a pattern change,this dry set up is effecting both wildlife and farming especially.
  9. Lovely weather,much hotter and it becomes uncomfortable for folk like myself. For once i can't complain but we do need a prolonged rain,levels are just far to low for this time of year,the tops of the Pennies look like its mid August last year for goodness sake!
  10. I think everybody must agree we desperately need rain this Spring and a lot of it.I have never seen such parched landscapes at this time of year in my lifetime. So many reservoirs are empty even in my area,fingers crossed the heavens open very soon. A repeat of last year would push the country to the edge.
  11. We need rain. Forest/Moorland fires in April prove it i'm afraid.
  12. I understand what your saying,any lag from a wet March though should have come through by now. I've seen reservoirs 30plus feet down,several totally empty,never in my working life(30 plus years) have i seen this at this time of year,bearing in mind my patch is the Pennies,one of the wettest parts of the country.
  13. Well i'm just saying what i've seen. Reservoirs from the South Pennies up to approx level with the Settle area are empty,not all but many. I have never seen this before at this time of year. We do need a lot of rain i'm afraid.
  14. Sounds like a lovely start to the day,very envious!
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