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  1. Suspect that could be the sleep or lack of effect again,..folk get very touchy when they can't sleep due to heat, its human nature.
  2. Careful heat management is the key! ......ok air con on max really. 😉
  3. Just got home on a friday night, shattered after a long day....home to a bedroom at 13.5c...one very happy chappie!!! Good nights kip here i come!
  4. I suspect the main issue is heat, especially in this country with the infrastructure and build nature of the buildings can make sleeping very hard for many. 6 weeks of sleepless nights creates a very negative view of that type of weather. The rest of the year so long as you are lucky enough to have a reasonable home or accommodation doesn't effect your sleep. Bank balance with heating yes but sleepless nights stick in the memory and are draining hence the dislike.
  5. It does have its plus side though in Winter..going from a 32/33cplus 100% humidity room which some of our busy clients are even in Winter months, through the 2 barrier doors and then outside to minus 5 or 6 with snow doesn't half feel good!! Trust me you never feel as alive!!😉
  6. I suspect my wimpyness stems from days like yesterday, i was working on the south coast(gosport) the room i was in for 5hours was at 37c plus with 100% humidity, it was dripping off the walls and ceiling(forced humidity, i work with steam medical sterilisers). It is very marked what a difference a high ambient temp makes, i came out looking like a lightly boiled lobster!...hence my relief at a drop in temps.
  7. Seriously looking so much more comfortable for sleeping, working and generally living in soon....Hello to a pleasant few weeks of Summer i hope!
  8. #Much better here today, good fresh breeze and 18c, much more comfortable and useable after yesterday!
  9. Sunshine most of the day here, ventured out twice, regretted it! Will be looking forward to mondays drop!
  10. Certainly a trapped indoor day today for me! Far to hot out in strong June sunshine to be even remotely useable...least the footies on i suppose!
  11. Roughly the same by me then a big dip forecast with fresher weather later in the week...sounds perfect!
  12. A lovely blue skied morning, a little breeze 18c...utterly perfect summers day...how did you know!😉
  13. Much nicer today!....steeling myself for this weekend now! Good job some footballs on to being stuck indoors better!
  14. I jest....Last word in the threads description...Banter. But only friendly. Are we not here for fun?
  15. Brave...very brave post....i salute you. 🙂 If i posted that certain feline claws would be tearing me apart by now!🤣
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