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  1. A much more pleasant week coming up,fresh and so much easier for working in....especially in shorts!
  2. Oh we can just hope and pray for a Northerly May! Can be a very unpleasant month due to the pollen!..
  3. Introductions!

  4. Thankfully cooler today and for the foreseeable,yesterday was just a reminder of how uncomfortable heat can be.
  5. Ah that summer of 2007.....distant fond memories,hardly sneezed at all,heaven!
  6. https://freemeteo.co.uk/weather/skelmersdale/current-weather/location/?gid=2637752&station=1349&language=english&country=united-kingdom
  7. Very warm 25c in Sheffield,any warmer and it becomes uncomfortable for working.
  8. Fear not Ed,its due to break Sunday much cooler....British summer will be over then(i wish)
  9. Medical issues

    Really hope the Colchicine works ok,until you have gout nobody can understand how painful it is Those are just pure cherry extract but your right to take caution.
  10. Medical issues

    Like you i get severe gout,I was recommended these as a preventative,for me they work very well,the attacks are fewer,less painful and shorter in duration. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01M0S1KIN/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 They seem to nip a attack in the bud if you take regularly but then double dosage the first sign of attack. I know what the pain is like,hope it calms down soon,it is very uncomfortable,crippling in fact. These tablets do help control acid levels hence help control the build up of crystals in the joints.
  11. One word describes best...........Achoo! Time to hibernate
  12. First shorts day at work.....the misery of summer begins then
  13. Topless sunbathing in Liverpool....what ever next!
  14. Guilty of that Felt lovely! Agree,anything above 25c is uncomfortable,makes my job hell. I have to work in conditions of 40c plus with 100% humidity so keeping cool is essential. Trust me walking out of a room at 40c plus into temps of 5c is the nearest thing to heaven i will ever get!
  15. Fear not,the sneeze beast will soon arrive