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  1. Loving this change in the light levels,so much more atmospheric with the long shadows,lower sun. What better way to have a journey into work that watch a sunrise and then journey home watch it setting,perfect!
  2. Autumn thoughts

    Yep,counting the days down to the lovely dark nights in front of the fire. Just a shame its ruined by some old fart in a stupid red costume,thankfully i can opt out of Christmas
  3. By far the best start to a Autumn for a good few years,nothing to complain about,a actual season for once!
  4. Don't mind the slight warm up due to the fact i know it won't last. Us tough Northern real men who never moan and wimper like a little girl about the weather,no matter how hot it gets can easily tolerate a bit of warmth.......
  5. Snap,proper hard folk like you and me wear shorts all year round, i never complain and whine about the weather!
  6. Have a good trip,fingers crossed the showers will miss. I know the temps aren't to good,hopefully clear skies will help a bit. And a southerner in Shorts in September,respect!
  7. Really enjoying today,feeling lovely and fresh,great in shorts!
  8. Autumn thoughts

    Turning out to be the start to a proper Autumn fingers crossed,so much better than the last few years...an actual season! Leaves just starting to turn, sound of the fallen ones in the wind,the so much better light with that mellow feel.for me the best time of year by far. Very happy indeed and still warm enough for working in shorts! Can't complain at all!
  9. I know,i remember you telling me....as if i'd every take advantage and wind him up..Honestly We are just this thread for the banter aren't we?
  10. I agree,very childish little bickering,i will try and rise above such immature arguments in future,i should know better...........but he started it Loving the Autumn feel though this morning,actually for once in this country seasonal weather!!!
  11. I agree,it is a moan thread,some folk seem to not understand this
  12. Of course i flipping haven't,neither has Cheese!! I live in the area for goodness sake,he doesn't,i have no idea why he has taken to this weird agenda. We are on here to have fun surly?
  13. I can say for certain it is at max 2/3 times since mid may in my location we have had single figure nights. All i said was i welcome the single figure nights that Autumn brings! Why your on your high horse about that statement is beyond me.
  14. May be 2 or 3 times in the last 3/4 months. Not common. Still no idea what point your trying to make
  15. Again not sure what your point is,sorry