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  1. Thanks for that! Really cheered me up..Not
  2. Something much nicer on the cards after Sunday,fresher with cooler nights. Lovely. To hot to comfortably work today,ok if not but alas the crust has to been earn't. Makes the day so much more knackering when it's like this.
  3. First tough day for working in this year,amazing how even a small increase in external temps can make where i work very unpleasant. At least when coming out it wasn't to bad at all,23/24c is just about right,any hotter is just a pain,so hard to cool down. Hopefully this summer can stay like this,fingers crossed!
  4. Not much chance,looking shall we say normal. oh good luck for the big day!
  5. Horribly humid now,not a nice start to the week at all
  6. Very welcome rain this week,long may it continue!!
  7. This dry spell will come to a end,starting to feel this summer will be cool and wet,not every bodies cup of tea by far but would be perfect for me!
  8. Loving the outlook,Cold windy etc,long may it continue....only joking,even us cave men do need a bit of warmth from time to time But seriously it's not looking good for May if warmth is your thing,feel sorry for the folk who yearn for it,the wait will have to go on.
  9. If only folk read posts before saddling up and jumping on their high horses ...but what can you say
  10. Hope your felling better WP,fingers crossed next week will be more to your liking!!! Agree,2-3 days hopes are generated so many times just to be washed out,literally!! So much technology but the interpretation is always down to the frail human. And can i just add i wouldn't put you in the elderly category,top end of middle age is more like it!
  11. What a fantastic day weather wise,everything in one day,how the heck anybody who's interested in weather could complain about today is beyond me. Travelled over 450miles with work,north to south then return,so much more interesting and enjoyable than what's to come over the next few months.
  12. I agree,they elderly do suffer during the cold in Winter,more so than in the Summer. This could be down to them being less active than the working population and therefore aren't as effected by 30c plus temps. Paradoxically this works against them in the Winter,less activity,less warmth. Personally i find the Summer by far the most expensive time, My Lecky bill trebles due to having to run the aircon in my bedroom. I must admit though i am very lucky as i don't feel the cold,heat yes..never have the house hotter than 16c ever.
  13. Here,here...Those Nancies who moan and wimpier when it gets below 14c in summer will have plenty of time yet to brag how they aren't effected by the heat and love the humidity!
  14. Think i suffer more in spring than in the summer due to hayfever so thus far this spring has been good for me,outlook remains so. I fully understand it's not every bodies cup of tea though!