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  1. Roll on Autumn....this Winter is just proving how crap our weather is,really looking forward to the summer months now...not.
  2. What a beautiful winters Sunday morning,gin clear blue sky,frost on the ground,lovely fresh breeze......perfect walking day! (with shorts on of course!)
  3. Coming down very heavily now in Grenoside Sheffield,thick covering no sign of any let up! Least i won't have to dial 999 and report stolen snow again!
  4. Worst day of the year for me,the only time i feel having no family. But least i've got me old Puss to keep me company!

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    2. markyo


      I'm lucky,i've a roof over my head,can afford to get something to eat and stay warm. But many on their own who can't,put's everything into perspective really. Best wishes to all of you...even certain Scottish skiers!:D

    3. lassie23


      merry christmas markyo

    4. markyo


      Now got a very content(ie full) old cat stretched out in front of the fire! Hope everybody is having a great time.

  5. That's fine,better leave it as you say. You evidently can't understand my poin.....not going there,sorry if i offended you in any way.It's only weather after all!
  6. You've lost me,sorry. You said it's perfect weather for Christmas,which it isn't,i just pointed out the same reverse statement that cool(not Mild as you said) and drizzle,the opposite of what would be perfect in July is not what is required. As for the reset,you have got to be kidding! No where near that has taken place,I've still got slugs roaming my garden! It takes more than a little drop in temps to do that i'm afraid.
  7. Thats like saying cool and drizzle is perfect for the peak holiday season in July! This is Winter,a season of cold,having such weather at this time of year really ruins Christmas, Also very unhealthy both for us and the environment,the cold and frost is a required cycle.
  8. I suffer SAD also,not being flippant at all,i have reverse SAD,the Summer months for me are the most unpleasant of the year,so i understand what your going through. I count the days day after mid June to a more bearable time of year like now. Hope you can find a bit of comfort when a proper clear winters day comes along,not many i know.
  9. And so begins the decent into misery,restlessness and uncomfortableness that Summer brings. Those early mornings wake up calls,the streaming sunshine seen through the haze of sneezing and running eyes can't wait,....
  10. A snow free Christmas ideal?.....oh dear you southern softies are getting worse!......Not like us up North,we can take anything thrown at us,do we EVER moan about the weather!? As if we would....
  11. Looks like the weather is going to ruin Christmas again!.......good job i don't celebrate xmas at all.!
  12. Hope you enjoy January! Each to there own,wild horses wouldn't get me there!
  13. I live on my own,no family,no Santa.....Good job i hate Christmas then
  14. Believe it or not but some of us actually don't like summer!!! Troglodyte...mmm sounds good to me Summer actually makes me feel ill to be serious,very down and irritable,not a nice person to be around. These darker,shorter,colder days i feel so much more alive and healthy,to be honest the longest day in June i rejoice,from then on it is the start of the journey back to the good times,feeling normal again. Each to their own,we are all different!