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  1. Unless its in terms of a contract you have signed your boss can do one if you want to wear shorts, he's just talking b*****ks. Hope it's not to bad.
  2. Jobs take a lot longer, depends on size of decomm room,some less that 10min and you have to leave.(being masked now doesn't help either) Can stretch a 45min job to over 2hrs at times. And air con is not allowed due to CQC regulations.Least the nurses don't bother you, they stay out of the rooms as much as possible! Must admit i do make some strange noises when i get back in the car and whack the aircon up to max afterwards...
  3. Later this week is not looking good working wise,,,suspect knocking onto 40c in some of the decom rooms i go into as i have calls in the London area. That coupled with 100% humidity will mean timed working,resulting in lot longer jobs. Utterly horrible. Roll on Winter.
  4. It certainly isn't! All i was commenting on was the frequency and level of temps. Sorry if you thought otherwise,not my intention. As for the way us humans have and are abusing our home....don't get me started on that one!! I just fear we may have or are very near to a tipping point regarding especially summer weather globally, to many records are going to quickly, something is not right.
  5. Sorry but every sign post says the same thing, so worry yes, the impact of summers will become far more reaching in the coming decades no matter how much you bury your head in the sand. Cold Winters will become far fewer and less severe, not me saying that but almost every single climatic scientist. Sadly death rates will also increase. Just look at the frequency we are hitting 30c plus in this country over the last 20 years? Its obvious.
  6. Without any doubt sadly. Getting a bad feeling we could be in trouble in the next few decades.
  7. ttps://hwww.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-53618473 A very worrying trend is growing,temp records falling globally, Summer could in some of our lifetimes be a season that would be very hard to cope with
  8. Climate change will kill far more by a factor of at least 1000 than Covid sadly,it will be just more prolonged and effecting the least able to cope.
  9. I suspect and hope your right,the effect on other countries will be massive sadly.
  10. Nothing to be happy about at all i'm afraid. Far from it.
  11. What a beautiful summers day,not to hot,broken cloud, bit of breeze,perfect!!...Friday i fear will be different
  12. I'm still betting no 30c in in Sheffield.....or is that praying
  13. No worries, sorry for any argument, hope you enjoy the warm spell coming up.
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