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  1. The best Sunday of the Winter so far,still below freezing(just so not really cold),clear blue skies,slight breeze. Makes a very welcome change to this horrendous season so far.
  2. Not confused at all,as i said look at the bigger picture,this is not a linear event. Reference Grey Wolfs post.
  3. That really is grasping at any straw to deny climate change and the total emergency we are heading towards. The time to take ones head out of the sand and realise what we are and have done is here. I'm no activist,far from it, just take a look at the bigger picture.
  4. Utterly dreading the longer days that Spring brings,gone will be a good nights sleep thanks to pollen. This Winter hasn't happend at all and looks like it won't,very very depressing. Only plus side is i haven't had the central heating on at all so far.
  5. I rest my case,you've just proved my point exactly. Thank you. Not one single thing in that post makes sense,sorry.
  6. Very well put...it seems on here one rule for one,another for the others. Heaven forbid any of us posting how uncomfortable and hot it is in the summer!
  7. Lots of snow over the A66 today,lovely and sad at the same time as i suspect that will be all i see this Winter🙁

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    2. Carl46Wrexham


      Just be glad you’ve seen it. The majority of us have seen nowt, and are very unlikely to see any i the foreseeable.

    3. markyo


      Sadly that may well be the fact,our climate is changing faster than any time in history.



      Could be a lot worse!

      We are not stuck in an ice age(north of the M4 snow line) lol.

      That would be catastrophic......


  8. Can't remember the last time i had my heating on,so mild and no end in sight. Issue is this the norm now,climate change deniers should take note,the UK's climate has altered at a rate never seen before,time to unplug your heads out of the sand and see what's going on.
  9. South Yorkshire operations complex is well placed on Letsby Avenue!😁 And i'm not joking!

  10. Much like when diddums don't get their summer fix i suppose then
  11. And still the fireworks are going off,rest my case for a ban now.😠

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    2. wimblettben


      Apart from the weather fireworks are another of the few things that I like in life so banning them would only make life more boring.🤨

    3. Katrine Basso

      Katrine Basso

      It is the loudness of the fireworks that affects my cat Simba.  It affected him very badly on New Year's Eve.  If there were more organised displays for people to go.  The Fireworks look and sound better at an organised display.

    4. markyo


      There certainly should be a ban of sale to the general public. The size and noise has increased far to much

  12. . Completely agree with what you say. My comments were not directed in any way at you,sorry if it came over like that. We feel temps individually,discussing how that effects the way we dress in Winter shouldn't be a issue.
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