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  1. Fully understand,it's really annoying,just wish the heat obsessed in the Summer could pop over to Spain for their fix in the Summer......would save so much heartache also. Said in a very jovial manner though!
  2. Just like the barbecue summers they forecast.....load of drizzle...sorry dribble
  3. Loving the look for the latter half of the weekend and start of next week,blue sky,light winds 5c during daylight,perfect Autumn weather!!
  4. Loved the first proper frost of the season.Must get a proper ice scrapper though,used my credit card this morning as usual....useless its a contact less one.....sorry that was crap!
  5. What a fantastic start to a Sunday,gin clear blue sky,3c,light fresh breeze,that lovely Autumnal light,You can't get better at this time of year,proper proper Autumn weather for a change! Love it.
  6. Loving the 10 day out look,single figures from Thursday on wards,perfect Autumn weather. Might even tempt me to stop wearing shorts!!..for a bit anyway.
  7. Must say i agree,love the dark evenings,love watching that sunrise at a normal time,can't beat that.
  8. One can dream i suppose,such a fantastic spell of weather..a repeat? Probably not to be honest but you never know. The kid like joy of opening the front door to a 3 foot snow drift and the shutting it quickly before it falls in brings out the child in anyone!
  9. Yep,each to their own,that's what makes the world interesting!
  10. What a fantastic start to the working week,1.5c blue clear skies,light breeze,you can't get better! Makes one feel so alive and ready to go!!
  11. Things that tick you off?

    Women in front of you in the queue for the cash till for 10mins who wait until they are at the till before starting to rummage about in the rucksack they are carrying for the cash card,then can't decide which one to use!
  12. That's the reason i said short term Your right i agree,Autumn has the widest spectrum of any season,hence the reason it is my favourite. By far the most interesting season in my opinion. It's like having the starter before the main course. Wets one's appetite for the up coming winter
  13. I would say i hope not for long....but i suspect you know better sadly..Just one question,why nicely?
  14. Loving the outlook in the short term,drop in temps,clear skies at night,can't complain at all...it is Autumn after all,proper seasonal weather!
  15. Welcome,hope you enjoy the silly season up coming!