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  1. Going to be a nightmare next week,will have to cancel a number of calls in the South east due to the heat tripping kit out,that is for certain. Those poor staff who work at those sites,they have had enough. No ventilation,no aircon. Appalling working conditions.
  2. Much nicer then than now i suspect!....for me anyway
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-44910435 Cancelled my trip to Japan,the word killer springs to mind.
  4. This utter misery has to end soon,another week of it will finish me. Long time since i've felt as bad as this.
  5. Had enough now,can't take another hot spell. 

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    2. Mokidugway


      I'll swap you ,boring here



      The end is nigh Mark.

    4. Weather26


      It's the final Countdown! (contrary to the 38.c rubbish the model thread has been spouting for days!) 


  6. For me honestly it's more a reduction of daylight when i feel less stressed I know this sounds weird,yes the weather plays a point but it's the longer daylight hours i find hard to cope with.Sleep comes a problem and hot weather just compounds it hence my hatred of this type of weather, the having to have aircon at home,the moaning on and on about it, Sorry for that by they way,but i doubt i can ever change that bit!. Pity the only job i've ever been good at doesn't really help at all! Your post struck a chord, the phrase "you'll live" means a lot. Without 2 very close friends(one sadly no longer with us) neither would i have been in 1998. Depression comes in so many forms,thankfully i'm still fighting it....and this blinking weather!
  7. I have diagnosed RSAD,had it since my late twenties. Its basically near enough the same as SAD. Trust me i think of the those effected by SAD,it is awful,i know. Its more than enduring weather,much more. Hope you enjoy it though,i know many do.
  8. Suffered(my own fault) very poor hydration 3 or 4 times now at work,should know better. Had constant headaches for the last 4/5 weeks,really depressed and down,been to doc's twice. Get this most summers but this year has been far,far worse. Just wanting it to end.
  9. Not sure i can last that long till the end of August This summer is really effecting my health now
  10. 17c by me at the moment,utter heaven,so much nicer...better enjoy it while i can,crap weather is returning by the looks of it,warming up again,will this nightmare summer ever end?
  11. And looking at the models its unlikely we shall do....thankfully!
  12. Really sorry to hear that,hope that the meds are helping. Like yourself its been a very tough summer for me,but with light levels starting to drop in the mornings at least the flicker of light is at the end of the tunnel.
  13. I like your stance believe it or not! Its just friendly banter after all That's what were all her for i hope,by the way how about swapping jobs? You'll get your wish then heat and humidity wise.!