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  1. 11c heavy rain,certainly a Autumn feel today,good job i'm in shorts still,wouldn't want to get to hot! But seriously not a great day for summer at all,especially on a bank holiday,lot of folk effected,not good at all.
  2. What on earth are you talking about? I was just making a view. Provocative? very weird statement. (in my opinion). I have no idea at all what your talking about! Feel free to disagree with me that is only right..Don't try and lecture me..
  3. Yesterday was near on a perfect Summers day for late August,today well that's different but that's what makes the UK climate so much better,one day differs to the next.
  4. For me that's a price well paid for the cleaner fresher air. Still T shirt and shorts weather I know you'd disagree!
  5. Always found it interesting how folk can have totally opposite views with regard to weather,for me Polar maritime air is by far the best source for air in the UK, But we are all different and i suppose that's what counts!
  6. Can understand you wanting those temps it is still August!,Sunday even i must admit looks crap for most. but 14c for me is lovely,just right,i suspect you may get something more to your liking first half of next month,to be honest i wouldn't really mind it either,it would be short lived and not so intense,better for sleeping in..and for my aircon running bill!
  7. ....obviously your a fair bit lower down in Sheffield then,nowhere near to Bradfield,lot cooler up here. Probably peaked about now,showing 15c now,one degree increase. Point scoring though seems pointless really to be honest,got better things to do with my Saturday bank holiday.
  8. 14c in Grenoside,Sheffield......Its called being higher up. Micro climate,that's a good one!
  9. Really fantastic Saturday,14c so by no means cold or even cool,mainly good sunny spells,excellent weather for garden work at last! T shirt and shorts weather, Loving it
  10. What a fantastic start to a late summers Saturday,clear blue sky,light breeze 8c...wow perfect!
  11. What are you talking about? Completely lost me on that one. Sorry.
  12. Nobody is stupid on here don't forget,they may just have a different opinion to yours.
  13. Natures free shower...nothing better!
  14. Lovely Autumnal feel today,really feel so much more invigorated,energy levels up,mood up. I'll be making the most of this weather!