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  1. A very proud troglodyte i am.....Even goggled the spelling to make sure i got it right,you know what it's like with us simple folk
  2. Why would they....looking lovely and cool!... Us Northern cave dwellers can't complain!
  3. Fingers,toes and anything else possible needs crossing for that summer weather at the weekends by the look of the output at the moment,must be very frustrating to say the least! Dry, high teens low 20's with a bit of sun would not go amiss compared to what's on offer, Even Neolithic old men like me don't mind weather like that!
  4. Not sure about the imaginary friend but the rest yep would suit me fine with my job,so much better!! only joking....even us cave dwellers need the sun sometimes! Just not the heat
  5. At least if the weekends are to your liking that'll help! Not much i know. I can at least hide in my cave then to avoid the heat
  6. Certainly can't complain regarding output at the moment,yesterday felt awful,today totally more workable. Do feel tad sorry for those seeking the sun though and high heat temps whilst on holiday. Best for them will be a typical summer,odd days at best.
  7. Loving the outlook, Nothing uncomfortable on the horizon,perfect! were did i put that flak jacket,think i might get a bit of incoming fire soon
  8. What a vile day. thanks,awful. Thankfully gone tomorrow!
  9. I disagree but respect your opinion,problem i had today was the way it was aired on national radio,
  10. Ok,not sure were you want to take this. I get your point regarding the public sector workers,some banding is available but it is only banding!! Local pay is totally different!! That prat today on the vine program was a bully,you can't deny that. Again the top earners in the BBC are commercially sourced,it's a totally different situation. No idea why you can't see this.
  11. And,what is the point??? Sorry your just being ridiculous,they are A:not banded and B:operate in a market environment! Obviously you don't comprehend the difference. You didn't ring radio 2 this morning by any chance to speak to Jeremey Vine because that idiot couldn't grasp it either!
  12. No we don't! And if we did what gives that idiot the right to say what he did today to a perfectly respectable man doing his job on national radio,would you like it? Not often i get really angry but on this occasion it just showed what some folks bitter,resentful attitudes are like. The government got this very wrong.....again.
  13. So ever nurse,fireman,policeman,road sweeper,teacher.....get were i'm going? None of anybodies business,unless like you say you are little minded and bitter.
  14. Just another case of the government pandering to folk to try and gain approval. It is disgusting those salaries were published,it's no bodies bloody business what a private person is paid. Do we do this with every salary? Heard the Vine program today and this twisted little idiot tried to put him on the spot,thankfully he Vine was polite,i wouldn't have been. Way way to many little bitter folk in this world who just want to have their little say,sicking to listen to.
  15. Today was the max for being comfortable for working in for me,any hotter and it becomes a nightmare. Even at this temp every site were complaining how hot the conditions were in the rooms we were in. Thankful for the cooling down,i know selfish but in certain lines of work the temp can have a big effect,mine is one of them. I do feel sorry for folk now the summer holidays are about to start,fingers crossed usable weather is the order of the day!