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  1. So close to a tropical night here; overnight low 19.7°C! Still, that's a new record highest for daily records going back to 1973. Like with the maximums, a rural environment and to some extent proximity to the Channel (about 17 miles away) tends to prevent absurdly warm nights. Largely cloudy so far today, yet 22°C and slowly edging upward. A sharp clearance from the southeast looks to be imminent. Temperatures have already jumped up in response to this over Portsmouth way - 24°C there as of 9 am. Seems a high 20s maximum is achievable unless there's rapid convective develo
  2. Noticed an uptick in temp predictions for tomorrow from ECM and GFS - now high 20s in a good few spots. Cloud amounts corrected downward based on today’s observations.
  3. New annual max today, 33.5*C, just 0.1 shy of 10th Aug 2003 but 0.8 short of 3rd & 4th Aug 1990. Still mid-20s now. Thin high outflow cloud overhead. Humid - RH in the 70s % having risen sharply after a surprisingly low dip this afternoon, into the 40s (felt amazing!). MCS from France fizzling away from eastern end - standard behaviour. Might be yet another dry day this month - only seen 1.2 mm to date! Very parched out there with trees wilting and dropping some leaves.
  4. Wind’s picked up at long last - but it’s mainly easterly, so hot! Speaking of easterly, over that way I can see a huge cell erupting over Basingstoke!
  5. Still clear here and I can report that the solar noon sun genuinely has a string to it. Impressive for nearly two months past summer solstice! 32*C and hardly any wind will tend to have that effect 🥵.
  6. Calm air and several degrees warmer to start with than yesterday. Feels like a fine summer’s afternoon already. Makes me wonder how high today could go, if it stayed clear until at least 4 pm.
  7. Highest max since 10th Aug 2003 here, was 33.6*C that day, 33.4*C today. Still nearly 24*C as I type this, with no wind. The stillness makes it feel all the more strange out there. RH creeping up toward the 60s %.
  8. Impressive peak there, just 0.4*C shy of the highest recorded temp I’m aware of for these parts! Still not much wind and what there is mainly come from Southampton way where it’s near 33*C, so time, perhaps, for further climbs in the next hour? 🤔
  9. First stirrings of a breeze here, the sun has felt searing in the lack of wind and a temp in the low 30s since noon. Now approaching 32*C. I see Bournemouth hasn’t yet been cooled by the sea breeze so I might have another hour or two of heating to go. Just a little cloud visible to the south - could develop further though, so an uncertainty there.
  10. @Dorsetbred I mean BiG... ha. I should have been clearer - low risk % of really big thunderstorms. A ‘loaded gun’ day but with the trigger very stiff, going to take a lot of force to fire it. Specifically, a 2 m temp of at least 32*C and a bit of near surface wind convergence. Impossible to reliably predict where that will happen today - can only keep a watch on things and wonder!
  11. So, here we go again... warm start after a sultry night. No wind at all here, feels surprisingly hot in the sun for 8:18 on a mid-August morning. Local max could be anywhere in the 30-35*C range according to model forecasts. All very dependent on how much cloud cover occurs, be that imported or homegrown. Including the big localised thunderstorm risk.
  12. I was wondering if that was even real until I saw this - no rain at all here! Sky didn’t look like much was going on either. Using a sensor on my bike, good bit of variation even with all the clue around now, about a 2*C temp change between the Avon valley centre and the sides. Enjoying the cooler mid-20s and absent solar heating of the house - should be a less oppressive night ahead 👍🏼.
  13. ...he writes before checking to the south and then the satellite imagery! Some cloud and high-based showers approaching, similar to what interfered with proceedings on Friday. Later this time, though, so less of a max temp suppressor.
  14. Intermittent sea breeze I expect. Been seeing that here for the past hour or so - hot northeasterly interchanging with fresher southerly. Temp jiggling about, jumped to 30.3*C at one point but mainly staying in the 29s like you’ve been seeing. Sea breeze usually relaxes a bit late afternoon, will be interesting to see if the cyclonic circulation can push back and send temps up again. To be honest I’d rather it didn’t though - could do with a cooler night even if only slightly, as the sea breeze looks less effective in the modelling for tomorrow and Wednesday. Cloud amounts depending, they
  15. Feeling quite hot here but bearable provided you don’t move around much. Watching for any sign of the sea breeze - currently still seeing an easterly but it’s become lighter and more intermittent in the past hour.
  16. Nearing 25*C, feeling like 250 😝. But seriously, it feels hotter than the air temp, despite a decent breeze from the NE. The relative humidity is in the high 60s! Only a scattering of small clouds around.
  17. The Isle of Wight has long captured my imagination with its variable landscape. High enough in parts that it can even have snow when the lowland mainland has none! Or so I’ve seen reported over the years. Just been to sit outside a bit - after carefully treading around dozens of slugs on the patio! Its still a bonkers 23*C having changed little in the past two hours. Comfortably warm with hardly a breeze to be felt. Full Mediterranean mode!
  18. Thanks @Stormyking. I expect it comes down to whether the weather stations use a Stevenson screen and are situated far enough away from surrounding buildings and vegetation. I’ve long wondered why the Met Office only put one of theirs on that southern tip of the island. It more or less has a separate climate to mainland England, for example it’s nearly always the coolest spot in the Southeast region in summer and mildest spot in winter. Y’know what, it must be there to make those elsewhere feel better about their local climate 😜.
  19. Thanks for the update @Stormyking. Can any of those qualify as an official reading in the eyes of the Met Office? At least the one run by the Isle Of Wight Met Service...? That’d be a UK max for today and one over 35 to boot (could be significant if Mon-Wed all make it to 35+ somewhere).
  20. Finally started to feel ‘proper hot’ here now, oddly it didn’t even as the temp passed 30*C just before 4 pm. Last half hour has felt like a blanket closing in - albeit a breezy one 🤪. Temp climbing through the 31s... can it make it into the 32s I wonder? Feels plausible after yesterday’s impressive late ascent.
  21. Seems we’re still waiting for the decaying remnants of the marine layer to clear through. Big jumps in temps taking place upwind, multiple degrees in an hour.
  22. Wise words from Tamara again - plenty of scope for a ‘gentle’ easing toward what may prove to be an ‘early autumn‘ by the end of the month... thunderstorms aside! So, a transition, probably by the weekend, to high pressure still having plenty of influence from the west in an overall cooler but still plenty warm by day regime. Then, the highs are likely to tend to become restricted further west with time but not necessarily with much haste - a gradual slide to unsettled conditions during the 2nd half of August.
  23. Reached 25*C just before noon here. It is weird, expecting a max in the 30s from this position - the ‘hot day normal pattern’ here is a rapid rise until near midday, then the sea breeze slows things down or even lowers the temp slightly. Spying a bit of thin high cloud to the southwest. Let’s see how that behaves.
  24. Observation-wise, it’s a stunning morning here now - pleasantly warm with the breeze feeling fantastic after the warm night indoors.
  25. Another unusual day ahead. Not only does the low cloud burn back to the North Sea coasts, the wind veers from northeasterly in the morning to east-northeasterly in the afternoon. Maybe even easterly within 10 miles or so of the south coast. This arcs in an area of hotter air, beneath the 850 hPa level hence not visible on those charts, while also setting up a flow from the major urbanisations of the SE across Hampshire & toward Dorset. This is where the high model predictions for max temp come from. If they’re right, the temp rise should accelerate a lot during the next few hours
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