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  1. snowing in Weston super mare and avonmouth/Bristol...
  2. Driving from Bristol To Weston on A370 a small flurry on snow on the top of the hill near congresbury....
  3. Video posted on local papers website showing storm over Bristol last night, woke me up at 4am http://www.bristolpost.co.uk/news/watch-spectacular-scenes-lightning-storm-214812
  4. Blue skies here is Weston super mare, very light high cloud so we shall possibly see nothing this time around
  5. thunder and lightning with heavy rain here now, same in parts of Bristol too....
  6. I'm in Weston super mare-haze and sky now grey plus a moderate breeze building, hopefully the start of a storm building
  7. ChrisWSM

    Model Moans, Ramps and Banter

    Funny how Thursdays produce amazing winter weather then by Friday morning its all slowly disappearing...the charts below were being posted in the model thread last Thursday 5864e97c4703b_ScreenShot2016-12-29at10_45_19_png_5023a58e1f28ee36e58d6d9df888271f.bmp gens-0-0-276.bmp
  8. ChrisWSM

    Model Moans, Ramps and Banter

    Another Hokey Cokey, From Front to Back loaded winter in the uk again. Hard to see where model watching begins and ramping ends. I use this when I want to see what's coming as the charts always backtrack or disappoint. https://www.ventusky.com/?p=51.5;-0.1;4&l=temperature&t=20161107/12
  9. ChrisWSM

    Model Moans, Ramps and Banter

    Click heels together.... There's no place like home There's no place like home There's no place like home The cold/snow is only 10 days away The cold/snow is only 10 days away The cold/snow is only 10 days away It's the same every winter..............................
  10. Rain/hail/thunder/lightning for last 20minutes in Weston super mare
  11. Coming out of Bristol this morning, Thunder, Lightning then a good quarter inch of hail from the portway through avonmouth and onto M5...currently is Weston super mare with gusty winds and rain/sleet....
  12. just like they tweeted about snow last week...BBC weather is as bad as The Voice...more about the presenters that the reality.....
  13. Thanks alexisj9---good job I don't base business on the forecasts then.....because its changed again since I last posted.....more mobile that the real weather outside....
  14. What I find most confusing is that the forecast both on here and WHO show that on 11/12 snow with minus temps-in fact the feels like on this website is minus all the way virtually to day 10...the 12th says -6.7 feels like for my area...so are these forecasts based on solid evidence or speculation.....
  15. We had around 5 frosty mornings...more than last year, but it appears that according to most weather forums winter is now over?....funny I don't see any sun outside and the beach certainly isn't busy where I am....