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  1. Second downpour of the day is rolling through Southend at the moment. Lots of surface water and a couple of rumbles of thunder. The heat and drought this year's summer is seeming increasingly distant.
  2. We’ve had one Crane Fly make it’s way in, but that’s it. Absolutely horrendous in Southend today. Lots of surface flooding/standing water on the roads. Awful.
  3. Cold, wind, cold, rain, cold, hail, cold and snow. Cold snow ideally.
  4. Spikey M

    What did you think of Summer 2018?

    It was absolutely brutal here in South East Essex. May was glorious, then a couple of duff weeks in June but after that there was 2 full months of literally scorching heat, I have never seen the grass that colour in this country. The summer finished with a bit of a whimper in August but otherwise outstanding. well, outstanding by day, AWFUL by night.
  5. Don’t know why the video quality is so bad, but all hell just broke loose here.
  6. Not a bad storm here. Not a classic by any means, but heavy rain, a fair few flashes and the loud stuff.
  7. ‘Shall we have a barbecue dear?’ ‘Best not, there’s people that can’t afford barbecues’ sorry, but that’s ridiculous. I guarantee the OP doesn’t live their life that way either.
  8. Fair bit of rain here last night. It did little to make the night more comfortable. I am really struggling with this summer, the days are great for me and my kid, but less so for my 6 month pregnant wife. None of us are sleeping much at night either. Eugh.
  9. The rain we’ve been promised has disappeared from my app. I WANTED TO DANCE IN THAT!
  10. It’s feeling a bit chilly out there this morning in South East Essex, with thick cloud. Hoping it starts to break up soon, or there’s some forecasters with some ‘splaining to do.
  11. Impressive storm this morning in Southend. Torrential rain with some flooding near my work, and thunder and lightning pretty much over head.
  12. They’re doing the splits to miss us.
  13. Today looks interesting to say the least. My weather app has ~50% chance of thunder all day from 10am - 10pm.
  14. Spikey M

    Model Moans, Ramps and Banter

    Early October is often very summery by that measure, but it always leaves me feeling a little... uneasy(?). It’s like when Christmas is warm. Everyone loves going for a walk after dinner, but it doesn’t seem right to me.