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  1. I go away next Sunday, so of course this will happen.
  2. We had an intense Graupel shower with strong winds earlier. The radar also tells me that something is falling below, but the window disagrees.
  3. Is it just me that thinks it’s been an ok winter? We’ve had 2 instances of laying snow (3 if you include the tiny amount this week) and lots of non-settling snow on top of that. By the standards of recent winters, that’s a Winter Wonderland.
  4. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/video_and_audio/must_see/42982886/skiers-and-snowboards-in-the-paris-snow Paris is what, 2-300 miles away from me? I hate this Swearing AGAINing country.
  5. I’d be very surprised if anything at all from the main band falls as snow other than over higher ground perhaps. The showers behind it may, but as with all westerlies, we are unlikely to get an invite to that particular party.
  6. Snow on the ground and falling in Southend. Barely thicker than a thick frost, however.
  7. It’s all going straight over Kent. Argh!
  8. Skirting agonisingly past Southend at the moment
  9. I think I’m going to stop visiting here so much. I’m not going to flounce off in a strop with talk of never returning, but for the past god knows how many years the Mod thread has been serving up the sort of dramatic crap that the Daily Express would be proud of. Taking only the most extreme output and running with it as if the majority don’t show something more mundane, then consigning the model to the bin when it doesn’t follow through 3 or 4 days beforehand. Rinse and repeat. I think I’ll stick with some of the more seasoned posters (and ex-posters) on Twitter and leave the rest of you to it.
  10. What’s this, heavy snow, THE MOST FOR YEARS? AND ITS ONLY... 5 days away. *Puts shovel back in shed*
  11. I can barely remember what a good frost looks like. They were common when I was growing up, I barely see them these days. I’ve had to scrape my car twice this year.
  12. I’ve had 4 snow events. 2 that settled. By recent standards I’m walking in a winter wonderland.
  13. The Met absolutely dropped the ball with this. When I went to bed we weren’t even in the warning zone. I awoke at 4am to howling wind. The bins are all over the road, and - as you say - there are many without power in my neck of the woods. it was far worse than the storms that we have been given names and warnings for so far this year.