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  1. What a ridiculous argument. If people weren't allowed to enjoy things because of freak incidents then we'd never be allowed to enjoy anything. For example; please change your profile picture. It may be offensive to the family of Hillsborough victims.
  2. All Lightning now removed from my forecast. Fuming. Every bloody time.
  3. The rain is here in South East Essex, need it to hurry up and move on. Storms forecast for 9 - 12. Would love to stand at the front door with a beer and watch a storm roll through tonight. It's been so long since we had one here.
  4. We've gone from the heart of the severe storm warning to not in it at all. Fantastic.
  5. Well if this cloud and drizzle doesn't bugger off I can't see anything happening.
  6. I just stubbed my toe, it might have been that.
  7. Tuesdays was about 5 miles to the west of me, tonight's is about the same to the east of me. Seriously. Give me a break.
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