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  1. Early October is often very summery by that measure, but it always leaves me feeling a little... uneasy(?). It’s like when Christmas is warm. Everyone loves going for a walk after dinner, but it doesn’t seem right to me.
  2. The warm days can stay, but the nights can absolutely do one.
  3. A marked improvement on yesterday today. hoping for a chance to get the bbq out at the weekend. Will a Bank Holiday weekend really permit such a thing?
  4. What an abysmal day. We’ve had the odd spell of sleet. It’s May tomorrow. Crazy.
  5. Hoping for some activity creeping up over the Thames later. Would love to stand in the door way with a beer tonight.
  6. ‘orrible out there. Chucking it down since about 2. Which is a shame after a promising morning. Similar expected tomorrow.
  7. I’m aware of that, but if it hasn’t managed it at night, I can’t see it during the day. Not in March with the sun packing a punch. Possibly tonight.
  8. It’s been snowing lightly for hours. The floor is soaking. Absolutely no chance of it settling.
  9. I go to the Canaries on Monday and return the following Monday. Am I likely to catch any of this? Or have I done something to upset Mother Nature? I recycle, damn it. I don’t deserve this.
  10. I haven’t checked the snow real in Tenerife, but I imagine it is significantly worse still.
  11. I go on holiday next Monday. i want to cry.
  12. I go away next Sunday, so of course this will happen.
  13. We had an intense Graupel shower with strong winds earlier. The radar also tells me that something is falling below, but the window disagrees.