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  1. Tuesdays was about 5 miles to the west of me, tonight's is about the same to the east of me. Seriously. Give me a break.
  2. The radar says it's raining. My phone says it's raining. The weather on TV says it's raining. WHY ISN'T IT RAINING?!?!?!?!
  3. Our first barbecue of the year is late this year, but I may have to pencil one in for Easter Sunday if the weather is as suggested. Minted lamb steaks at the ready.
  4. Awesome day here. In a time where many of us complain about the Met Office issuing warnings too easily, we have had the opposite today. We had a yellow that should have been at least an orange, possibly even a red. Trees down, roofs damaged, flights cancelled. All from out of the blue as far as I was aware.
  5. If so, I didn't get notified by the app. But even so, it is still very windy out there, so I don't think it should have been lifted. Also, I don't think a Yellow warning was enough judging by the damage round here.
  6. No idea how there's no warnings in place here. Numerous trees down, a house had its roof lifted a few roads away, the roads are covered in debris. Southend Airport has had to cancel flights and Adventure Island has had to close. No warning at all in place. Ridiculous.
  7. Absolutely glorious out there. I'd prefer The Beast to visit, but in the absence of cold, this is nice.
  8. It turns out that my new job is absolutely fantastic for storms. The office has skylights so the rain is very audible and, better yet, the wind whistles through the vents in true Hollywood sound effect style. It's also in an elevated position over looking the sea, so it's nice and exposed. A lively spring, please.
  9. Maybe the beast will want to pop over again before he needs a Visa?
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