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  1. According to the Bolton News, we'll be getting that at Christmas! Nathan Rao has apparently moved on... http://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/news/16611359.met-office-says-heatwave-could-return-and-last-till-december/
  2. Some rain on Winter Hill late last night and maybe overnight too. It's still overcast - there may be more rain today.
  3. Nothing for Winter Hill yet. Glad you're getting help on Saddleworth, though.
  4. https://www.inbrief.co.uk/neighbour-disputes/hospipe-bans/ Aside from the legal consequences, in my experience people who breach hosepipe bans are unpopular with neighbours who observe them doing so. I suppose one could send the lads round to threaten anyone frowning on your use of the hosepipe - depends what sort of place you live in.
  5. That tells you how tight our water supply actually is. We are used to thinking we don't have to worry about water, since we have the rain, the reservoirs, the ground water to draw on. But we forget how much water we use regularly, more and more every year. It seems we are only just staying ahead of demand, even when it rains every week.
  6. I think I am like Terry Pratchett's kind of troll. I need cold weather for my brain to work properly! Incidentally, our walk took us by the Entwistle and Wayoh reservoirs - I was shocked to see them so low. Right on cue, BBC North West warned us to start using water responsibly. The Jumbles was topped up though, fortunately for the lads jumping into it.
  7. I've just driven home from Turton through Bolton. The bank of smog extends west through Bolton onto the East Lancashire Plain, as far as I could see from the highest point on Chorley Old Road.
  8. Horrid start to Wednesday, but by 10.30 the White Coppice and Brinscall area was bathed in sunshine. I have never seen it looking more beautiful! Perfect for our club walk.
  9. First BBQ of the year sitting out (well, in two fleeces) on the patio overlooking Astley Park. Perfick!
  10. I enjoyed reading that - much more than the weather! Very cold on Winter Hill, but the strong, freezing wind yesterday seems to have disappeared a lot of the snow round mine, thank goodness.
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