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  1. First day of Chorley Flower Show tomorrow: it's bound to linger.
  2. There's no dawn chorus in New York City. Just hectic traffic noise and constant hooting 24/7. I don't know how they endure it.
  3. Or the West Pennine Moors, and what about Pendle? Then there's the coastal areas too. I have a particularly soft spot for the Fylde, and for the Arnside/Silverdale area. We have everything in the NW.
  4. I remember July 14th, billed by the credulous as "Independence Day". Chilly, drizzly, damp all day. Not a glimpse of the sun, just this clinging mizzle. Got back from a walk soaked through. An omen of what was to come, pandemic wise.
  5. There's a real sparkle to the frost here, now the cloud is clearing! Looks gorgeous. Winter Hill living up to its name in the best way.
  6. BTW, did anyone else notice the name Ridley Scott on the credits, as I think "designer". Could it be that Ridley Scott? He was born in 1937. He must have started his career somewhere.
  7. It was perfect walking weather around Rivington - there was plenty of sunshine, but it wasn't hot and there was a light breeze, which was very refreshing. Had a lovely day out.
  8. Real cloud burst on the Horwich side of Winter Hill right now.
  9. My friend in Maine had four inches of snow yesterday - on the coast.
  10. The rain is coming in as snow (mostly big wet flakes) and turning to instant slush as it hits the roads and pavements.
  11. Regardless of what the BBC is saying, we have snow on Winter Hill.
  12. We had a thin covering of snow on Winter Hill at midnight, which had started to disappear by 6 am and is now nearly gone from roads or pavements. The showers in a brisk wind continue, coming down as snow, sleet or rain and not settling. A sunny interval would be nice.
  13. On the Western flank of Winter Hill, we had a smidgeon of wet snow about an hour and a half ago. Just having something which briefly turned sleet, went back to rain and is now snow. Nothing settling.
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