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  1. Green/red starting to show on radar. Anything that falls will probably lay, ground isn't as wet as it was the last 4 days. Icy out though care needed
  2. Shower activity... of rain! These warnings are ridiculous as Neiller said, when will we start giving out Reds for no reason? Already seems to be happening with the ambers
  3. Radar is definitely wrong. Nothing falling as snow not even hail or sleet lol. Just cold rain here
  4. Nout in Derry either. Just had a shower'a rain come by most of the dusting that came this morn washed away again. Big blob coming in.. time will tell
  5. We got the most snow this morning than Tues and Wenesday too bad theres a rapid thaw out there. Whats that trough all about?
  6. I apologize to all for my incessant whining! It just can get a bit frustrating especially this year when it was all chop and switch. Anyway everything set ground definitely is not as wet as it was last night not sure about the temperatures but thats a story for another day..
  7. As far as I seen Antrim got dlobbered not sure about Bangor though no word
  8. It really has been a cruel few days. No snow on Tuesday until the evening, by then it had melted overnight. Same story last night too. Only hope my snow fix would be tonight though yet again not hopeful, only the east seem to be doing well for tomorrow night lol EDIT: But I have to say the east really did get pasted this time around nice to see the pics.
  9. Looks like another one for those on the east though. windward coasts and west could see little..
  10. Lol I was astounded by that last night the snow was disappearing while It was falling lmao. Couldn't make it up
  11. All the snow last night melted again overnight what a tragedy so far this January no daylight lying snow lol
  12. Though seriously that is a quite the bit of snow behind that line.