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  1. Parts of the states could see record breaking cold coming up. 850s below -35....insane!
  2. ECM has very low 500mb heights in cold air at 216.....snow in places for sure.
  3. Hoping for a chunk of cold to dive south a la ecm....expecting flat as a pancake like gfs. Reverse psychology, prove me wrong!
  4. Just looks like a higher ground event to me. Can't see any widespread snow at lower levels in the short to mid term output on offer this morning. Showing 5-6c maxes here, which is just normal for January. The wait goes on...
  5. Another day where nothing has got any closer than day 10+. It'd be nice to see something start to appear within the reliable soon, we seem to have been stuck in limbo at day 10+ for what seems an eternity now. A very slow process if we're to get anything out of this that's for sure.
  6. I'd be expecting more runs showing a more amplified picture around the N Hem to be honest....the circulation still looks fairly flat for the most part.
  7. I like how quickly the afternoons lighten up now we are through Christmas and new year. You pick up 1-2 minutes of light per afternoon....and go from a 4pm sunset at the start of the month to 4:45pm by the end. A nice cold spell too would be ideal!
  8. Not sure i agree with that. ECM is almost identical at 144: By day 10 it has lifted the PV lobe out of scandi and spun back up in its usual unwanted spot:
  9. Looks like after the chunk of PV blows through around day 10 the overall picture is much better, and more amplified across the northern hem. Short term pain for long term gain. By the last 7-10 days of the month we could be finally quids in.
  10. No 168 available sadly. Blame that orange buffoon currently in charge across the pond.
  11. An unsettled spell was always on the cards....if things don’t improve after that, then the boat may have been missed, and this SSW may go into the non downwelling pile. Sit back and wait for a few days more I’m afraid folks.
  12. Not so sure about that. It's looking increasingly likely that as the high breaks down we will have to endure a period of unsettled weather - meaning any potential cold could be now pushed back into week 3 (at least) in January. If last year was the quick response and jackpot, then this year will be the sit and wait game, if it happens at all. Patience required!
  13. It’s a watery weak easterly that won’t do much. Let’s get the real deal please!
  14. He’s hoping this ssw fails so he can say I told you so about his prediction of a mild and wet January. If people like dr ventrice and strat experts like dr Amy butler still don’t know what’s happening, I wouldn’t be too worried. Looks ok to me.
  15. People looking for cold scenarios need to remember it probably won’t show until week 1-2 in January. Not surprised to see nothing at the moment.