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  1. Waiting for the hottest week to start, 31-36°C all week! :)

    1. Nouska


      Enjoy! :)

      I'm quite glad the heat of late June has not been repeated - I tolerate it less in my senior years. In the fifteen years we have been in southern France, this has to be the most cloudy July we have witnessed.

  2. humid hot 25-28°C here with some thunder storms...

    1. lassie23


      too far away for anyone to care lol

    2. El Nino

      El Nino

      lol you have to see the european weather in its whole context. Oh I forgot you guys are not Europe anymore. ;)

    3. lassie23


      yes nobody cares about europe or its weather:oops:

  3. El Nino

    Swiss Winter 01

    I was walking on the mountain "Passwang" which is part of the Jura mountains.
  4. El Nino

    Swiss Winter 01

    Great view to the alps, seen from the passwang (1200m)
  5. El Nino

    Swiss Winter 02

    Wonderful day
  6. El Nino

    Swiss Winter 03

    So nice!
  7. Day number 22 with snow, day number 8 with all day temperature below 0°c.

    1. CanadianCoops


      I once went 61 days in Canada without getting above freezing. It gets tedious after a while. The snow however is always great. Enjoy

  8. super cold day number 23 in this month, minimum -8.2°C, max -4.6°c, current -6.1°c, foggy
  9. It is still only russian cold "light", thanks to high fog, whtch does not want to move. Otherwise I would have got -20°C, like other places in Switzerland do have ,but now ist just -4°C as a minimum.

  10. -2.8°C, with cold wind from east, windchill about -8°C, cloudy, some snow flakes falling from the high fog.

    1. Spikecollie


      I have to admit, it is nice having a taste of a proper Continental winter! Nothing too extreme to cause problems, but some nice crisp, clear, proper cold.

      The media here have reacted in the same way as they do in the UK, as this is the first real "vague de froid" since 2012 (nothing like as intense as back then). How to cope in the cold, what to do and not do. And the usual unfortunate and sad stories about attempts to make sure that homeless people stay safe. It's the windchill here rather than the depth of cold that is significant. I'm surprised there aren't more fallen ears on the pavements!!!

  11. Thank you! Very impressiv! They say that they get an other 1-2 m snow! Horrible! I think te only good thing about that snow issue is that you won't have any water Problems next hot summer...
  12. crazy snow falling down there! Chieti is just at 300m? How does it look like there at 1000m? or sea Level?
  13. great alp snowing still continuous: http://www.kaikowetter.ch/berneroberland.html Fresh snow amount in Switzerland:
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