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  1. people claim they live under a snow shield, they should try thanet, im the other side of sandwich and can be snowed in and you get nothing
  2. netweather radar showing something over us, other two ive checked dont
  3. I live about 3 miles inland from deal, in the late 70s early 80s it was like an easterly nailed on every year, roads blocked with drifts, always off school for a few weeks
  4. far east of kent, steady snow with heavier bursts with large graupel mixed in
  5. according to alexa the last few days I should be under a foot of snow, got nothing at all
  6. we ended up in the gap overnight, slightest dusting this morning, that blob will probably just miss again
  7. heavy snow give way to a sleety mix here deal/sandwich, can hear dripping, very windy now
  8. check the netweather radar, looks like nice little clump of showers heading right over thanet
  9. raining here, my mums 2.5 miles away heavy snow and settling
  10. quire a bit of hail just up the coast from you, no snow
  11. yeah the orange sky is mad, the wind had slammed my windows shut and snapped bushes
  12. really strange skys, black in the distance but close white clouds just building and spinning out of no where and moving really fast, its so still at ground level
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