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  1. I have been gardening all day in glorious sunshine.....yet 6 miles away the game at AFC Totton was abandoned!
  2. Large bolt across the sky just then in southampton followed by loud deep thunder
  3. Can see the anvil from the reading storm here. Would try and get a pic but it's very faint
  4. Well that was a great night. Woken up at 1.45am by thunder/dog barking at it. Regular lightning, mainly elavated but the odd CG. Lasted a good 50 mins or so. The rain however was something else. Dont think ive seen anything like it for such a long period. Went outside and recorded 88mm from 11pm untill 7am.
  5. Very tempted to head into the new forest to see if anything come of the cell to the west. Looks like it will head Bournemouth/new forest way
  6. Mass of pitch black clouds rolling by, suggests something could happen but not a drop of rain or any sparks.
  7. http://m.dailyecho.co.uk/news/14565274.T20_match_cancelled_after_groundsmen_failed_to_cover_the_square/ Looks like the unexpectant rain caught the groundsman out at the rose bowl to. Its about a mile from me.
  8. Unsure if they can be made out but some beefy cells visable from by view. Probably 70+ miles away
  9. From nothing to monsoon rain and thunder in 5 mins! Literally formed overhead!
  10. Southampton weather shield is in full effect recently, hopefully something this afternoon/evening.
  11. Alot developing north of me around Winchester but at work till 5! Argh
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