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  1. It’s been raining buckets, hailing, windy and even some sleet & snow for the past few weeks now. You can still be interested in extreme weather but enjoy the quieter periods. Especially if you enjoy getting out & about. Why is it, that 5 days of settled weather has you feeling so tedious? This is the UK, generally a boring country to live in weather wise regarding extreme weather. What’s new!!
  2. Core that wind Saturday was threatening I saw a twig blown across the road. Much more settled weather on the way this week if rather cloudy at 17c possible. Chance for the soaking wet ground to dry out a bit.
  3. 45mph max gusts for areas central/ north of region tomorrow with perhaps 50mph gusts more towards the south east according to BBC look East. A normal UK winter windy day - as you were. Thank god the wind gusts are not storm named - another embarrassment to the rest of the world that actually get proper storms.
  4. One more windy day tomorrow before things settle down next week with at long last dry weather. Ground bogged here. Gusts of 50-60mph expected tomorrow - a windy day known back in the day and thank god weather authorities haven’t named yet another gusty spell into storm. *cringe (it’s not a storm, it’s wind gusts) nothing new, we haven’t experienced in this country before.
  5. My cringe feel, continues this evening of the media hype of naming a low pressure system as a storm. Max wind gusts to 55mph over the next couple of days according to BBC Look East across our region Wish we could go back to the good old days when it was just known as a Gusty/windy period. Nothing more. Storm Gareth might manage to lift my wheelie bin lid - watch out!!!!
  6. Hi Surrey. Agree 100% I have voiced my opinions on here before that giving a 60 mph max gust (not sustained winds) low pressure system a name and referring to it as a storm borders on cringeable. Then look at today, yes not catastrophic and the scaffolding in London being a localised event, however not even a mention from weather authorities about a warning proves this. A heatwave is not given a name, a deep cold spell isn’t given a name ~ both equally can cause as much damage in their own right. I hope the UK ditches the low pressure - (let’s give it a name and make out it’s a storm) nonsense Go back to the good old days = “A windy day” with appropriate warnings without a stupid name.
  7. Getting a bit blowy out there past hour but nothing abnormal. 50mph max gusts tonight for here / 65mph max further north. I wonder what Asia & America think of our naming of locally 60mph wind gust- low pressure systems, into a storm name. Surely they must be cringing as am I.
  8. Storm Freya: 50mph max gusts for our region tomorrow according to BBC with a drier interlude, late morning into the afternoon 50-60mph further north with persistent rain. Wasn’t this just a very wet, very windy spell back in the day? Or am I missing something
  9. Blue sky overhead now and looks to be a decent day ahead. Tomorrow’s looking a bit grim (AKA Freya) oh the good old days of the 90’s when it was just known as a wet and windy day & everyone got on with it before media hype set in.
  10. Much milder this morning. Gone are the beautiful blue sky mornings, hello dank grey Atlantic crap.
  11. Well exactly Its wash out Britain, it always balances itself out.
  12. Look East on BBC just now reporting from Anglia water Huntingdon. Reservior levels are 12% lower then normal. Do we have to worry; In a nutshell- NO Anglia water statement: “Water supply’s are totally secure, some of it is due to the weather but part of it is because we’ve being doing some maintenance over the winter on our pumps, we purposely turned off that water for about 3-4 weeks so we can do the work~ and now it’s back on and the resovior is now re filling” ”There is no suggestion of any water shortage or any hosepipe ban this year”
  13. If it’s not pi**ing with rain and a wheelie bin lid being blown open it’s boring apparently. Or so I’ve heard.... Another beautiful day to come tomorrow
  14. Stunning day after a cold a frosty start. The warmth feel from the sun come 1pm was quite something for 26th Feb. Up to 19c here at 2pm with cloudless sky’s. Hopefully a taster of another scorchio summer. Back to business as usual next week with bouts of rain & wind. What a cracking fine spell Mother Nature has given us though.
  15. I was thinking the same too mate. Hope this gorgeous weather isn’t ploughing us into an awful summer. Another beautiful day ahead tomorrow, it’s my day off so I’ll be out and about enjoying it, not caring less when it’s going to rain next. March into April can be a very wet months, longer it stays dry the better.
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