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  1. It's cloudy and cold here. BBC breakfast forecast for this morning: "sunny skies and temperatures reaching 17c perhaps 18c and it will feel very pleasant" No words....
  2. Maybe it has something to do with more continuous rainfall here but lighter. Lisbon and other cities are more dramatic, meaning a soaking wet day with torrential rain followed by a week of boiling sunny conditions where as London is a borefest with more rainfall days but intensity is lower. Thats my theory anyway, having lived in Lisbon for 2 and half years I did not experience the continuous wet days this country can have.
  3. Well there you go. Who would have thought London receives less rainfall then Mid South Portugal. Taxi for Ben.....
  4. A lot of these statistics do not make sense. Lisbon wetter than London? Eh? I lived in Lisbon for 2 and half years, I can tell you now that although a Atlantic Ocean city is does not get more rain than London. With my partner being portuguese and from Lisbon I can confirm that it rains more here in the SE of England. Amsterdam more snow than Gdansk, Warsaw and Berlin...? the list goes on! Also it has Lisbon down as Number1 for sunlight hours with London no where to be seen. Are these statistics from an official source?
  5. Really nice day today. Sunny pretty much and felt warm in the sun. A 2 day blink of unseasonably cold weather next week before recovering quickly to feel pleasant in any sun. Fingers crossed the warm weather returns and the dry weather continues into May!
  6. Great Astro tough fitness session tonight. Dry and cool. Looking at the above pictures at the vegetation, it looks really good to me. I'd much rather see pictures like that than floods and bogged ground. Trees and grass looking green & lush round here, pretty sure May will deliver the rain you all crave and this dry weather will be a distant memory. Im enjoying every minute of it and making use of the outdoor fitness training before having to retreat back indoors. What a change to have a dusty dry ground in April - anyone would think we are a wet country - oh wait!
  7. Dami, I think you need to go back and read who's being rude here. You'll find I was replying to comment calling me 'deluded' I was never rude to anyone, nor did I call them a name. I suggest you block my posts, I'll do the same.
  8. Deluded? Ok Daniel. Enjoying walks with my dogs and my outdoor fitness training and Saturday football training without trying to tackle buckets of rain killing your plans makes me deluded? If you want to sit there worrying why one of the wettest countries in Europe is having a prolonged dry spell then go ahead. Try enjoying it instead, you'll soon get your rain. Trust me.
  9. Hi Snowray, I'm in St Albans, Herts. The farm is based in Kensworth, close to whipsnade zoo.
  10. Well Dami, at least you live in the right country. UK top of list if it's rain you want. Maybe another couple of weeks dry weather (poor you) then I'm sure your beloved rain will return and return for a while
  11. Said it last summer during a dry period and the few weeks dry period the year before. Plug a hose on a tap or fill a watering can, problem solved. My friends parents and family, have run a farm for over 70 years, cattle, crops and harvest are doing really well so stop wishing for rain in a country where it's wet & miserable a considerable amount of time. It will soon enough be pi*ssing down for weeks on end & you'll be complaining that it's raining to much!
  12. Another clear sky morning. No sign what so ever of any frost here in rural Hertfordshire. Once that sun rises it will again, continue to be another pleasant day in any sunshine Quite the opposite as is always the case when you read the MAD thread, if feels like an eternity reading their snow day posts at Day10. Laughable really. Temps possibly up to 17/18c on Friday in our part of the world. Love the fact there's been no rain either - what a change it makes having to tackle bogged fields on dogs walks and soaking rain on the commute to and from work... long may it continue!
  13. 22c possible today to the West of our region. BBC TV weather forecast going for 25c possible tomorrow- lovely! Doesn't get much better. I wondered when the panic 'no rain' posts would start. Bit of dry ground and no rain for a week and all of sudden we are the Sahara. Makes me laugh every year. Just enjoy it instead of worrying, it's not often you get to walk through nature trails and fields in this country without getting soaked and caped in mud!!
  14. I'm in North Harpenden this morning, at least a 1cm on cars and grass but the drip drip sound is in full swing.
  15. Snow covered here in Hertfordshire this morning away from pavements. The last hoorah from this dire cold spell.