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  1. Looks to be weakening just a heavy band of rain. Gone of the White echoes over france. Usual stuff
  2. Another beautiful day here if rather cloudy for a few hours. Loving every minute of this beautiful lockdown weather (forgetting the rainy miserable blips) Much needed from that washout rainy winter past!!
  3. Hope so Mark. Bring it on after that soaking wet winter we’ve just endured,
  4. Wish these rain showers would do one. Back to dry and pleasant next week thankfully.
  5. After a 4 month wash out and floods. A true Brit right there because it hasn’t rained in 4 weeks ?
  6. Hopefully that ppn over the Channel dies out by the time it reaches here. Had enough rain here to last months after that wet winter. Cool and drizzling outside currently. Roll on next week = Sun and dry
  7. Beautiful. The ground deserves to be cracked and dry after the flooded wash out winter of 2019/20 Stunning scenery this lockdown. Lush green and blue skies = perfect. More to come next week ?
  8. Cool, slate grey skies and drizzle here. Looking forward to a dry up and sunshine next week.
  9. BBC 6pm weather just now by Louise Lear: “Rain ahead come Friday for SW U.K. - there has been no rain in 4 weeks so gardens starting to look a little parched” Is she for real? The U.K. has just had one of the worst washout winters. Rivers still flowing over normal levels here and shaded areas still bogged/soft. Get a grip BBC!!!! The “No rainfall” spells in this country via media is beyond cringeable!
  10. Amen Oh do we deserve it after that appalling flooded, washout winter.
  11. Can’t wait for to enjoy Sunday’s warmth. Dog walk plus a run followed by spending time in the garden. Roll on summer
  12. Some dry settled weather showing for next weekend as well. Fingers crossed. My god do we deserve it, after that atrocious Washout winter.
  13. Beautiful start here. Clear blue skies. Very much needed after months of heavy rainfall & floods. Can’t wait for summer
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