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  1. Beautiful stunning day here. Hot and fairly sunny. Infact sky turning more blue now. Currently 28c here Not a drop of rain or thunderstorm as expected = perfect
  2. Absolutely stunning day here, hot and sunny. Perfect lead up to my holiday. Great news seeing the lastest BBC weather with Philip Avery. Really playing down any heavy torrential rain tomorrow morning with " Not expecting any great swathes of wet weather over the South East, wouldn't rule out the chance of damp weather in the SE Thursday morning , You may well here the odd rumble of thunder" he then goes on to say "risk of any showers in the SE pushing north to leave another hot day" However, more emphasis on thunderstorms for the north tomorrow afternoon :-) Friday looking hot and dry as well. Love it
  3. Awful day here. Cloud, rain on and off and temps around 13c 35c heat last this time last week. Only in the UK. Probably more winter like today than in actual winter 2017/18. Soaking wet across fields and woods this morning on dog walk. Improvements into the weekend, well at least not so wet and muddy under foot come my 10k run on Saturday. (One hopes)
  4. I think you might be right Jimmyh... lol
  5. Yes I read on news the other day about a water shortage, but couldn't remember which area of country was affected.
  6. Shouldn't you be outside dancing in your raincoat in the rain Dami? You've been banging on about 'rain' since it rained last... get out there any enjoy it with hubs & bubs - it's summer after all.
  7. Back to the usual mind numbing UK dross. Looks like winter outside. Steady rain and dank... oh joy!! At least the 'no rain' whingers have their wish. Greece in 12 days... can't wait! Return to sun & heat.
  8. Massive blobs of rain for all of 5 minutes here an hour ago. 1 crack of thunder and now it's becoming brighter thank god. Usual UK storm efforts, a measly 1 crack of thunder after 5 consecutive days of 30c+ = only in the UK. Dry for rest of day now here with temps up to 24/25c in afternoon = luurrvley!!
  9. Ahhh I wish I could share your optimism. I will never wish for rain living in the UK. But I guess it has it happens sooner or later.. it is of course the UK pretty sure your wish will come true by this time next week. Atlantic wet muck = oh joy
  10. Agree Staines. Quite remarkable how anyone could wish for this weather to be pushed back to Southern Europe. Clear skies and 22c.... Er im either reading the charts completely wrong or that never happens unless you are in mid May. Bog standard Atlantic rubbish greets us next week... still if the normal English weather climate floats your boat then each to their own! Hopefully July can give us more of this stunning hot and and humid weather.
  11. Peaked At 32c here about half hour ago. Now 31c..... Wowsa! As each hour passes it feels more and more oppressive and humid
  12. Just back from a run. Feels really fresh out there, freshest it's felt for a few days.
  13. It's 5 days come tomorrow with temps around 30c Its hardly what I would call an apocalypse and making comparisons to Spain where is usually 30c plus for 3/4 months of the year. Think a little perspective and realism is needed. We live in the UK with a northern Atlantic wet climate, most including me will never wish a hot dry spell away with rain and cool weather. Nothing to do with moving to Spain, it's about finding the abnormal exhilarating and not wanting it to end, however like most heatwaves, it never lasts more than 7 days anyway... so I will never understand what all the fuss is about with folk moaning and demanding 'we need rain' because of a bit of hot weather.
  14. Lots of it?? Im sure your desires for rainfall in summer will come true. We live in the UK after all. You won't have long to wait before it's pi**ing down days on end.
  15. #Didyouknow the hottest #SummerSolstice was 31.7 °C at Camden Square London in 1936? Tomorrow we are likely to beat this with highs of 34 °C *Met Office Tweet