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  1. Back from gym. steady Snow falling and settling.
  2. Snow really setting in here in Ampthill now. 1 inch level / up to 3inches in the drifts.
  3. Possibly up to 10c today. Hopefully the rain pushing north stays to the west of us. Could end up feeling pretty decent if so.
  4. Snow but almost vanished here. So what did this cold spell give me: Powder snow = check Ice days = check Extreme wind chill (UK terms) = check Decent snowfall (6 inches in total) = check See you soon hopefully ‘beast’, don’t leave it so long next time and please make sure it lasts longer than a week. Now back to UK standard = soaking ground and mild rank!! The dog walk today was business as usual, wet/muddy and green. I miss the crunchy frozen ground and most of all not having to rinse my dogs in the shower after every walk... lol
  5. Herts, Beds & bucks in for another 1cm = 1 hour accumulation according to radar Could Ampthill get 6cm out of this?
  6. Moderate snow here still, a few brighter echoes on radar building north London moving NW. could I get another cm here?!?
  7. Great snow today. Good depth in drifts and easily another 4cm fell this afternoon still snowing lightly Not at all bad at all to finish off this cold spell
  8. 4cm of fresh snow here since 3pm Snowing very lightly now but what a way to finish off...
  9. Easily the best snowfall from the ‘beast from the east’ 4cm of fresh snowfall since 3pm with maybe another hour to go which would bring my town up to 5cm on top of existing Nice one cold spell... at least you didn’t finish on a damp squib
  10. Snow amounts really building up here, 2 inches easily on top of existing cover if not more from 3pm and still snowing heavily winter wonderland in Ampthill
  11. Full on blizzards conditions here since 3pm easily scraping up to 2 inches further accumulation lovely jubley
  12. Incredible snow here. Best of this cold spell
  13. @bluearmy I’m noticing the band beginning to slow over the last few frames. Whats your thoughts blue? Already an inch of snow here fallen within the hour.
  14. An inch of snow fallen here in the space of an hour. nice to see the cold spell leave with some dignity....