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  1. At least 5 days of dry weather ahead from Friday for my location. At last.....
  2. Drains and rivers round here are so full. Country roads are like ponds as no where for the insane amount of water to go. The HP this weekend into next, is going to be a welcome relief to say the least.
  3. Miserable day here. Dark with slate grey skies and wet everywhere. At least last week was dull but dry. Hoping a whopping HP sets up over us for beginning of December to send the rain away, if it isn’t going to snow and turn colder.
  4. Fair dos. I wasn’t getting you to like anything just pointing out when you said like ‘variety’ yet your downbeat when it’s not raining or storming for a few days. anyhoo.. the rains back tomorrow and your definitely living in the right country for it
  5. We’ve had 4/5 days of dry weather, 2 of those included frost mornings and beautiful sunrises this week. Today was cloudy and cold after weeks of cold rain and floods. How can 1 day of nothingness drain the spirit? For folk that work outside (me) and to all the homes and businesses flooded this week has raised our spirits. Not much variety so far this autumn, the game leader is cold rain, grey and miserable. Default reset tomorrow....
  6. At least it would be dry. An Atlantic dominated, barrelling low pressure systems with endless cold rain is even more disgusting.
  7. Beautiful crisp frosty morning here. Making the most of the few days of dry weather this week before more rain sets in.
  8. Ah I could do with a nice Malbec right now to warm me up. I done Go Sober for October and carried it through to November. But with all this rain I don’t know how much longer I can last
  9. Just back from a long dog walk. Can’t believe how wet and bogged the ground is here. Well I can actually with the relentless rain just didn’t realise the severity of it. Need a very long dry spell to balance things out now, but with 4 more winter months of this, it’s only going to get worse.
  10. Pouring down here. Desperate for a break from this relentless rain and it’s only beginning of November. 5 more months of this....
  11. Blue Sky overhead now. That’s better. Gusty breeze drying out pavements and roads which is good.
  12. Nice clearance coming in from west now here. Time for a later than normal morning dog walk.
  13. Gusty strong winds and heavy rain easing off. Nothing unusual. Heavy rain more of feature here than wind.
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