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  1. Fairwell snow, until next time (don’t leave it another 4 years please) Id prefer that chart over mild wet, windy Atlantic gunk.
  2. I didn’t call ‘any’ mother jobless I called the 4 yummie mummies at the bottom of my road jobless. Which I can confirm over the past 3 years “they are!” bobby I wished you read my original post properly! Of course there are strong working mothers (my mother) i was mearly pointing out the arragaonce of jobless mothers in 4x4s in my area. Im sorry if I caused you offence, no intention. Apologies
  3. My mother also washed, cleaned etc, outside of school hours but still didn’t speed down an icy road without a care in the world (my original post) feel free 4x4 Mother’s - to rip me apart how you justify speeding down an icy road whilst us (mere mortals) take care!
  4. True, of course their are differences . Good for her and respect... as long as she drives sensibly on icy roads ;-)
  5. Oh I have and I would. Yummy mummies are quite different from my mum. Still working at 61 years old and get a bus to work 5 days a week and worked during my whole childhood.. no yoga pants/ no coffee meetings/ no Pilates/ does have a job and no 4x4 thinking their invincible to icy conditions! ‘Theyve done well in their marriage’ married a well off husband - which means they don’t have to work - which makes them jobless... I don’t quite follow your point? Anyway.. I feel this has got a bit beyond my original post - “the 4 jobless mummies speeding down our non grit road carelessly in the 4x4” lol
  6. Haha... Ed I have a BMW (night pack edition) in black. lol im pretty sure all the jobless yummy mummies in their 4x4 in my road on the way to drinking their gallons of coffee before Pilates - think that of me!! LOL 😂
  7. It’s not assumptions. Alot (not all) 4x4 drivers think their invisible to all weathers (the ones that I see anyway) Starting with the 4 jobless mums that live at the bottom of my road who all drive a 4x4 and speed like its a summer evening with iced snow melt on the road. Owning a 4x4 is no issue for me, it’s their mentality that annoys me.
  8. I know what you mean Dami. Took the dogs out earlier, Christmas light backdrop against piled up snow on a driveway = very Christmassy! really seasonal and a lovely sight!
  9. Of course not. Unless you where yoga pants to a coffee shop and drive a 4x4 whilst thinking you own the world with no job :-) St Albans & Harpenden = full of em! Jokes aside, I agree with you, a lot tend to love a wheel spin in winter weather.
  10. Getting stuck in heavy snowfall on roads wheel spinning is allowed (be it Male or female) Speeding down a road that is clearly icing over is NOT... Yummy mummies once again thinking their supreme to everyone and the environment - standard!!
  11. Haha... SQ ... The yummy mummies round here annoy me most of the year... now even more... LOL
  12. Living on a side road that doesn’t get gritted - the yummy mummies in their 4x4 whizzing down with not a care in the world. Absolute numties... I hope they smash there 67 plate ranges into a tree tomorrow on their way to Starbucks in their yoga pants. Pffft... My road is so icy already - at 6pm
  13. Snow melt beginning to freeze up here already. Fields, grass and pavements will be rock solid by dawn tomorrow
  14. Raining in Ampthill, Bedfordshire. snow melt underway. What a difference a day makes. Only in the UK
  15. Slush fest in Mid Bedfordshire going on right now.... drip drip drip