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  1. BBQ lit here too. No sign of any rain and no huge cloud build up either... Bless the folk praying for a storm, It’s not going to happen. It never does!
  2. Yep, quite the opposite of humid here. Wind is cold.
  3. Overcast, grey, misty and it’s drizzling. What a difference to last bank holiday weekend.
  4. Chilly, grey, misty dank weather this morning. Feels like a January morning. This so called forecast heat with sun & storms is doing really well
  5. Just back from dog walking. Fields bogged, very wet, huge puddles. Grey and miserable... it’s like we’ve rewinded back to November
  6. Business as usual. Steady moderate rain with dull dank skies this morning! Hope the sunshine returns this afternoon.
  7. Glad I’m in the middle of the dry slot with rain to my north and south. The garden and fields certainly do not need anymore rain around here after the weekly deluge that only finished 3 weeks ago. Farm at the back of my house loving this weather, he only told me yesterday that this dry spell is just what was needed. Looks like we are all going to get wet this weekend at some point though, so that should cure the fears of folk thinking we are living in the Sahara because it hasn’t pi**ed down all day for 2 weeks.
  8. Crikey.... drove through that tiny shower cell south of MIlton Keynes at 5pm. The Rain was intense, real tropical with massive drops. Thunder/lightning and the roads were terrible. 5 minutes down the road and bone dry, car thermometer went down to 15c under the rain and 10 minutes later back up to 22c.... Crazy!!!
  9. Just back home from an afternoon at primrose hill with friends. Felt like 30c there today with nothing but blue sky. Not as warm or sunny (although London still within a chance of reaching 28c tomorrow) the next couple of days looking very decent and still feeling very pleasant in sunshine. No washout in sight in the reliable, I’m sure the farm round the corner from me is estastic, rain been a real problem for them this winter.
  10. Standard... this is the UK, no warm dry, wall to wall sunshine is never prolonged. But to have 3/4 days of it in early May is something to cherish. Of out in Camden today today meeting friends to enjoy the heat and sun. Have a good bank holiday everyone.
  11. Yes latest obs show Northolt approaching the 26c mark today as the warmest. A chance West London could hit 27c tomorrow - stunning for the first May bank holiday. Will it repeat for the end second May bank holiday? Let’s hope....
  12. Don’t get much better than this on a bank holiday weekend. Another cloudless day with strong sunshine. Temp at 24c currently. Spent yesterday around Windsor and Henley. Dont care what anyone says, after spending many times traveling European countries in the summer, the beauty, scenic landscape and nature of the UK is one of the best. Imagine if the sun shone like this all summer, Europe would be empty with the rest of the European nationals flocking to the UK to live permanently.
  13. Relieved to see the day out dry here. Was thinking today would be a wash out and worse out of the 3 horrid days that have been... Cloudy & cold, bit breezy this morning but nothing of note now. “Now weather gods”.... please please please get warmer & sunnier. Ah heck... whilst I’m at it... give me a month with no rain for a chance to the ground to dry out...
  14. Let’s hope so @Surrey Dry, cold and breezy here. Hoping any heavier rain does stay out East today.
  15. Absolute dire day here. Temp only reached 9c today and it hasn’t stopped raining! We have bogged sodden wet ground that if I’m honest - not quite sure how my area is going to cope with yet more rainfall. Yet let’s talk about goats and melons on a weather forum... Really hoping for an improvement later in week, hopefully taking us into sunnier, warmer bank holiday!