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  1. Hopefully that chart is correct. Got 6 months coming up with endless rain, any delay of the wet stuff in September is more than welcome here.
  2. Agree @stainesbloke with the end of the world apocalypse over a few days of heat you would have thought at least a mobile air con unit over the constant ‘it’s too hot’ would be a decent investment for those that think a few days of hot weather out of 365 days of the year is to much.
  3. Lots of distant thunder but passed to the east of me and now back in late evening sunshine. Although a work colleague lived right in path of it and reported over head thunder & not much else. Now for a evening trip to the local for a pint in the warmth.
  4. Beautiful boiling August bank holiday Monday. Long overdue... May squeak another early 30’s tomorrow. Loving every minute.
  5. It’s a beaut CS lapping up every minute after my holidays. Back to business as usual in no time I’m sure.
  6. Arrived back from Almeria Spain yesterday after a 3 week break. Wonderful to return to sun and heat, makes those holidays blues a little easier. Warm and sunny today in Bedfordshire No problems with humidity or heat feels after being in Spain. Very pleasant evening yesterday and now compared to Almeria. In fact it’s nice to feel comfortable
  7. Bog standard showers here today. Certainly didn’t warrant any warning. But I guess this all ties in with the low pressure systems into a storm name. Take me back to the 90s when today was a usual day in the British Isles before social media hype took over.
  8. Beautiful day here today, sunshine and warmth with temps up to 26c More rain forecast tomorrow which should please the Wellie brigade.
  9. Fantastic weather. Around 33c already and actually feels like Andalusia in Spain out there. Even has that abroad smell if you know what I mean. What an incredible day for us weather enthusiasts & if we do break the all time temp UK record and talking point for many years to come
  10. Fan pointing at me all night on full blast and slept perfectly. Really looking forward to experiencing what could possibly be the hottest day the UK has experienced. Cloud amounts going to play a big part today whether it reaches 39c
  11. Imagine the moans in here of a week @ 35c+ A 4 day heatwave of temps in the Low 30s and it’s a catastrophe to some folk. Heaven forbid the UK summer climate gets something note worthy for 5 days before returning to business as usual.
  12. In Uxbridge tomorrow working. Last time I experienced 39c was 2 years ago in Dubai. What a wonderful experience (if it happens) to have it happen on homeland, on an island that borders the North Atlantic, truly astonishing.
  13. Make that 2 Lauren - loving every minute. Fan on - cold beer - feeling comfortable. Wish summer days like this were more frequent.
  14. Great post. Climate change/ people who don’t like heat/ people who have to work with no air con (me included) and people who have to sit on a sweaty train... etc - are there in front of us every day. But by no means, will I let someone put that shoulder of guilt on me for liking extreme record breaking heat.
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